Brick and TBL thoughts.

Don’t forget to check in with the challenge!  I woke up wondering what the heck happened to me and then said, “Oh yeah, NROLW and the matrix”.  Owie!!!  I was super hungry and munched on a snack while I decided what to do.


I decided that I felt okay enough to try a brick for duathlon training.  It was a reverse from triathlon training, since the duathlon is run/bike/run.  So I did a 2 mile jog first.  My legs were complaining a bit at first, but after I warmed up they felt okay.  I was going slower for sure.  Then I jumped on my bike and did a 9 mile ride.  It definitely felt different than doing bike/run.  I have never gotten on the bike *after* running.  I am not exactly sure how much of what I felt was the result of lifting yesterday versus the new order.  It was definitely easier than going to running after biking, but I didn’t have a lot of push for hills.  In fact, I kept the gear much lower than I normally ride in because it felt better.

Sign of fall – the Virginia Creeper is starting to turn!


Came back to my patented oats and blueberry sauce.  Oats instead of oat bran today.


I tried a new brand – Silver Palate, since I had a BOGO coupon.  I really like these – they have more oaty flavor, plus nice and chewy.  It’s a bit of a thicker cut of oatmeal.

Am I the only one that truly dislikes Biggest Loser?  I have barely watched even a snippet of it, but the whole thing just bugs the crap out of me.  I don’t like number competitions and the booting of people off who don’t lose the most.  That just isn’t constructive, you know?  These people lose incredible amounts of weight at each weigh in and seem so disappointed!  Not to mention having a trainer in your face berating you when exercise is supposed to be enjoyable and something you will want to continue with forever.  They sure don’t make it look like any fun.  Maybe this is why the majority of the contestants gain weight back after the show.   And does this really inspire everyday people to lose weight in a healthy manner?  I ask this seriously and I hope someone will comment that it has helped them.  I just think a lot of people imitate what they see on TBL and then quit because it is too intense and not enjoyable to keep up.

It’s called reality TV.  However, it is anything but reality.


I tried something fun for lunch – adding PB2 to plain yogurt.  It was really good!  Made the yogurt really thick, though – check it out! Spackle anyone?


I added some cereal on top of this for crunch.  Will definitely be doing this again 😀

Had a latte and Special K bar for an afternoon snack.


I was really hungry.  I can’t quite get bars out of my life, even though I would like to.  What I need to do is make more of my own.  It’s not like I haven’t done that before LOL!  I’m just lazy…..

Omelets for dinner!  With feta cheese.  I so love feta cheese in egg dishes (or on pizza).  This was 1 egg with 2 servings of liquid egg white – makes good volume and protein for lower calories!


You can really tell fall is coming.  Once the sun starts to set, it gets pretty brisk.  We took the scooter out to Starbucks tonight – dang that was cold!  Had to warm up with a yummy latte (it was decaf 😀  )


Have a great night!  I am going to try my hand at a Wordless Wednesday tomorrow.  Should be fun!

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22 thoughts on “Brick and TBL thoughts.

  1. Michelle @ A Shade of Gray

    Hallelujah! on finding a fellow “non-fan” of The Biggest Loser. Couldn’t agree w/ your thoughts on it more. I feel it’s sooooo unrealistic and feel bad for people who watch it and think that type of hyper-weight loss is possible! I almost feel it’s irresponsible. (I do love the trainers and the life stories behind the participants. That’s where the *only* love is.) (lol at your soap box pic)

    Your spackle sounds (and looks) yum. Also a fan of feta and eggs. It’s such a good combo, isn’t it? Not loving fat-free feta though. Bought it the other day for a Greek salad creation and yuck! Would rather have half the amount of regular ole feta any day …

  2. debby

    Lori, first I have to tell you that I was wondering why you posted a picture of a pair of boots on top of a box of SOUP–LOL at me! When I scrolled my mouse over it, it said soapbox, and I really go† a big laugh out of that.

    Okay, biggest loser…I have to confess that I watched the whole last season. I think its the same kind of morbid fascination that I have for things like…okay, now I have to admit that I was obsessed with the O.J. trial. Anyway, I think its a horrible show–I did a rant somewhere last year about ‘for goodness sake, Jillian as much as broke that girl’s hip, and not one bit or remorse or responsibility was mentioned.’ BROKE THE HIP OF A 24 YEAR OLD GIRL…..

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes – I love steel cut oats! Yum! I need to just cook them ahead of time because I don’t like waiting for breakfast 😀

  3. Chai

    oh, i’ll admit it! 🙂 I love biggest loser. I can’t say the twist and turns and production bullcrappy is the best thing for these people. BUT. I do get very motivated by it. Not so much by their weight losses, because that is just so extreme… but by their stories and their tenacity and their determination and their camaraderie with the other contestants.
    I enjoy watching people transform into healthier, stronger, more confident, more capable versions of themselves.

    Aaaaand, its just good TV 😉

  4. Shelley B

    I tried mixing PB2 into plain yogurt a while back and didn’t like it, but maybe I didn’t put enough in. It was the chocolate blend, so you’d think that would have been good!

    I watched the Biggest Loser for the first time last season, and while I totally disagree with the emphasis on the numbers, I did like seeing the workouts, as I was just getting started on mine and I would be all “Hey, they’re on the same rower that I use!” and also seeing them do the weight workouts inspired me to do more of that. But I am also a reality tv fan, so this type of show is more up my alley than I would like to admit, lol!

  5. Deb

    I agree with you all the way on TBL. I can’t see that that the constant berating of the competitors can be good for their already fragile egos. It seems to me that getting to the reason of WHY they are overeating plus adding in some form of exercise might be more helpful to them keeping the weight off in the future, but then that probably wouldn’t make for a good TV show!

  6. Jinx!

    I watched TBL the first season or two but the more serious i got about my weightloss the less i watched. Now i don’t watch it. Your right its completely unrealistic. And the more success i had with my weightloss the more i realized that and the less i wanted to watch the show. Jinx!

  7. Miz.

    nonfan here who TRIED to convert last night.

    I watched the opening and turned it off when 2 members were airlifted off the beach in an opening mile walk challenge.

    I GET what they’re doing (scare tactics) its just not for me…

  8. Susan

    I actually only just got into the Biggest Loser towards the end of last season, so I still haven’t developed a full opinion yet. I listened to Jillian Michael’s old radio show, and she talked a lot about how unrealistic the show is, so I guess that’s why it doesn’t bother me. To me, it seems everyone involved is aware of the extreme circumstances and the fact that they’re trying to make engaging television.

    Are you doing a duathlon!? Did I miss something!? 😛

  9. Elaine

    I can’t watch reality tv. Just can’t. Makes me think of that great line from the movie Soapdish. “Stable? I’m stable. Who wants to watch me on television?”

    You are so FIT, girl!

  10. Pam

    I have only been watching The Biggest Loser for the last two rounds it was on, and I watched last night.

    I do find it inspiring, in fact, its what started me on my current journey, and I have lost 85 pounds since January.

    Anyone with half a brain will realize that you cannot lose weight that fast at home on your own – you can’t live and breathe weight loss like they do.

    But, if you realize what they do in one week, you could realistically do in three to four weeks yourself, I think it can totally be inspirational. I thought, if they can do it, so can I, and I have.

    As far as them being kicked off, it IS a game show, after all, and they all know this going into it.

    Yes, there is made for TV drama mixed in. I don’t really care about all the drama and stuff, but the emotions and struggles are real and very easy to relate to me, and that is what keeps it real and inspiring to me.

    : )

  11. Diane Fit to the Finish

    I have watched parts of it for the last few seasons. An episode here and an episode there. I tried it last night, but was kinda put off by Jillian’s screaming. I also feel sorry for some of the people. Even though I know they signed up for it, I still wish it were more “uplifting” for them. Does that make sense?

  12. insideiamdancing

    I LOVE PB2 in yogurt! Did you mix it with water first? I just add the powder and it’s sooooo good. 😀 I have never seen The Biggest Loser (I live in the UK) but it seems…’wrong’ to me.

    Yay Starbucks!

  13. Ang

    I like to mix peanut butter and greek yogurt. I thought I was the only one that did that! lol! I top mine with Ezekiel cereal and sometime honey.

  14. Alissa

    I can totally understand what you’re saying about TBL. I enjoy watching the show because I find it inspirational to see how far some of the contestants come. I like to see their metamorphis as they lose the weight. That is inspiration for me. The means of doing so is completely messed up though. I could NEVER go through something like that. So I guess I’m on the fence!

  15. Pubsgal

    I suspect that the show would bother me for the same reasons you don’t care for it, but I haven’t watched it. (We’re usually too busy for prime-time TV, and then too tired after to watch any recorded shows! We can hardly get through our Netflix list as it is…) I did read a nice article written by one of the contestants, though, who had been sent home and had kept going with her success, and I found that inspiring.

    I must say, I get a lot of inspiration from folks like you, who have made the changes sensibly and are “sustaining,” as Lynn H-B likes to call it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your ongoing story!

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