Fall festivals and goodbye little kitten!

Woke up early and bottle fed the little kitten for the last time.  He was waddling around the floor after John.  So cute.

Tried something different with my oats today – I cooked them with some chopped up apple and then topped with peanut butter.


These were pretty good, although I love the creaminess that bananas and pumpkin add to the oats.

After breakfast it was off to drop off the wee one.  Here are a few more pictures of him.



I really hope I did the right thing.  Okay, I know I did the right thing. This woman has raised orphan babies and has all that is needed for this little guy.  He was so very sweet, too.  I didn’t cry, though – which is different from the last time I rehomed a kitty a couple years ago.

It was about an hour drive to meet this woman, and after that we stopped in Ballston Spa at the Village Bakery and shared these items.

villagebakeyA chocolate “heart healthy” biscotti.  Not sure how that is, but it was actually very small.  The other is an intense almond cookie.  It had to have been made with almond paste.  I need to get me some of that and try my hand at these.  Delicious!  This is the kind of thing that is worth spending calories on!

This area is always jampacked with festivals, and today was one at a garden center.  I just love the colors of fall!


A couple of cute alpacas.


I picked up a huge mum container for $2.99 – yay!  Plus 2 globe thistles for $2 each and a couple pie pumpkins.  Since canned pumpkin is scarce around here, going to try my hand at cooking my own.  Plus John will make a real pumpkin pie or custard with the other one.  Num, num.

John biked to Lake George while my mom and I were at the festival.  I was going to meet him there, but it gets dark early and my legs are a bit tired from yesterday, so I met him later on downtown by bike for dinner.  East End Eatery, which makes pizza wraps, so you can have pizza without all the crust.  Mine was on a whole wheat wrap and a fresh side salad.



Chilly ride home.  The evenings cool off so fast!  It’s supposed to drop down to 36 degrees tonight… brrrrr.   Going to have to dress warm to bike tomorrow!

Sitting down with a cup of tea and the snack of champions:


Have a great night!

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9 thoughts on “Fall festivals and goodbye little kitten!

  1. Diane Fit to the Finish

    Oh, you did do the right thing, but certainly the hard thing. That kitty is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. So sweet.

    The alpacas were amazing! How exotic. The most exotic thing we have around here are dogs.

  2. Susan

    SUCH a cute cat!! I like the one little lazy eye 🙂

    Beautiful photos from the festival! That almond cookie looks delicious too. Nothing better than eating something that’s worth every single calorie 😉 Enjoy your night Lori!

  3. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    What a yummy little kitty and such blue eyes!

    I’m with you on the chilly ride today. It’s not 50 yet, but we’re heading out to the trails anyway. I figure that’s what god gave us hats and gloves for, right? Have a good ride!

  4. Shelley B

    Wow, a cool weather bike ride sounds good right about now, although I wonder how I’ll feel about it in November, when I have to face it, lol!

    Glad the kitty has gone to a good home – you really went above and beyond the call of duty for him and it shows how big your heart is!
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Blenders… =-.

  5. Tena

    Sweet li’l kitty. How great for him that you came along when you did and CARED!

    I wish it was cooler here in Texas. There’s a hint in the air that things might change soon, but I think it’s just a tease 🙂
    .-= Tena´s last blog ..Sunday Snapshots =-.

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