NROLW, drive by post

Sounds like most of you love cheese like I do!  Yay!

Going to a Tupperware party later, so thought I would squeeze in a partial post in case I don’t get by later.

Preworkout snack today:


My chewy granola bar.  This was good for over an hour, so I am happy with that!  Biked to the gym under gray skies this morning to do NROLW:

  • 1 arm dumbbell snatch:  4 x 4  at 25 pounds
  • 1 legged dumbbell deadlift:  4 x 4  at 30 pounds
  • Bent over barbell row:  4 x 4 at 75 pounds
  • 1 arm overhead dumbbell squat: 4 x 4  at 15/30 pounds
  • Incline dumbbell bench press:  4 x 4  at 25 pounds
  • Planks:  3 x 2 minute holds
  • Reverse wood chop:  4 x 4 at 50 pounds
  • Leg matrix

John arrived just as I was finishing the matrix and I had to get on the bike for bagels!   This workout took me an hour to do, which I don’t like – too long!

That was a tiring ride after that.  Need to rethink bike rides after the matrix LOL  (maybe I won’t be doing the matrix much in the future.  It’s not my favorite).

Had some delicious coffee and a bagel which I could barely wait to nosh on as I was so hungry!


So good.  I love eating after a workout because it is so satisfying!

It started to rain on us as we left.  That was no fun.  I don’t mind running in the rain, but when biking the rain blows into my face and is irritating.  It wasn’t heavy rain, so we just continued on to home.  My legs were filthy from a dusty backsplash.

Gotta get a lot of work done early. Talk to you later!

Question:  Do you own Tupperware?

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10 thoughts on “NROLW, drive by post

  1. Dawn

    I do own a little tupperware, I like it and it does seem to last forever. Just seems I buy stuff I don’t use that often though lol. Way to go on all that exercise. I love that you and hubby ride your bikes together to get breakfast.
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..This is my life… =-.

  2. Alissa

    I LOVE tupperware. I only have a few pieces because of how expensive it is though. I have a lot of small containers that are perfect for snack size. I recently purchased some that are marked up to 2 oz. I’ve been wanting to get cups with lids for smoothies, but haven’t gotten those yet! Have fun!
    .-= Alissa´s last blog ..My Birthday Weigh In =-.

  3. Shelley B

    I grew up living next door to a Tupperware lady, and she gave me a ton of stuff over the years. Sadly, between moves, microwave accidents, lunches taken to work, and kids, I have very little left. I do like it, but as it’s pretty spendy, I use Gladware and it’s cheapo cousins.
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Food! =-.

  4. Susan

    I don’t like gym workouts that take me longer than an hour either. I remember some of the NROL workouts were over 1:15 and it just felt like soooo long. Plus, my tummy would start to grumble! 😛

    My “tupperware” consists of empty yogurt and cottage cheese containers 😛 Have fun at the party!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..To my mom… =-.

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