Bagel day and Fiber One coupon!

You know it! One of my favorite days 😀 We had decided last night that we wouldn’t bike since the temp was supposed to be 30 degrees this morning. I was actually 32, and I think I would have biked if I was by myself, but John didn’t want to. I was not at the gym this morning since I am done lifting until after the duathlon. Just easy stuff the rest of the week.  So, bundled up with the first wearing of a turtleneck this season!


I look pretty chipper here for not having had coffee yet….. What’s up with that?

New mugs at the coffee house!


Plus carby goodness. Yum, yum.


Spied my pink item for the day while there.  I am not totally sure what this is, I think it is a dinosaur?


Worked hard today, although I had a case of feline disease, which makes it a little hard to type. I just don’t have the heart to make her get up.


(Yes, I still have the word ‘sucker’ tattooed to my forehead thankyouverymuch).  If I could bottle this cuteness, I would be a millionaire.

Lunch was a Fiber One banana chocolate chip muffin crumbled over some greek yogurt with a little peanut butter.  It’s in a gigantic bowl because it was time to run the dishwasher 😀


Nice combo, but I would have liked more!

Had a Larabar as an afternoon snack.  Last week’s bar wasn’t this small.  I wasn’t sure if it was the kind (peanut butter) or if they just are getting smaller?


Maybe it is just thicker.

Took a brisk walk after this.  All the while I was thinking that it’s going to be pretty cold Sunday morning!  I wonder how many layers I should wear?

Lucked out with dinner tonight.  John’s choice was to go to Long John Silver (ick), so I grudgingly went with wallet in hand and found out they are discontinuing the healthy grill items.  So, we left (yay!) and went to O’tooles instead.


This place is fun with a sports bar atmosphere and perfect fire for today!


I didn’t think I got that guy in my shot, and is he picking his nose???

I was wanting something warm and saw a baked potato on the menu, so that is what I had.  It was yummy!


Only $5.99 for this.  What a bargain!

Hoping to be productive tonight and get some writing done.

Here is a coupon for $1 off Fiber yogurt.  At least I hope it works.

$1 off Fiber One yogurt by Yoplait

Question:  Do you get enough fiber?

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9 thoughts on “Bagel day and Fiber One coupon!

  1. Susan

    I’m pretty sure there is some law about kicking a sleeping kitty off your lap anyways 😛 Too cute!!

    Wow, that really IS a small Larabar! I had one that I brought on the plane with me, so it got a little vacuum sealed in the wrapping from the air pressure. I swear, it was half the length of the wrapper. Same nutrition info though – so they’re still cramming those calories in there somehow! 😛
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Food Rules =-.

  2. debby

    I try to eat 30-45 grams of fiber a day. But unless I am intentional and count, it is hard to get that much in–I don’t like the ‘hi-fiber’ things like fiber one and la tortilla factory, so mostly from fruits and veggies, some from grains like oatmeal.

    That fiber one muffin looks good. Did you make it or do they sell them like that now?
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Yumm! =-.

  3. Ang

    How terrible that Long John’s discontinued the grilled stuff! My husband loves to eat there but I can’t do the fried stuff anymore!

    I get a lot of fiber through whole grains, fruits, and veggies. I’ve not tried the fiber yogurt before though!
    .-= Ang´s last blog ..Early to Bed! Way Early! =-.

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