Duathlon Recap!

Woke up in the dark hours of the morning and took a peek outside, expecting to see snowy rain, but it was dry.  Fingers were crossed at this point.  Cold, though!  Showered and put on my layers then came down to the breakfast I had set up and ready to fix:


Tried and true race fuel.  Banana oats with protein powder and nut butter (okay, I drizzled a little chocolate sauce on there, too).

I was getting nervous on the way there.  See how early it is?


Cold and gray, but no rain.  Starting to have the feeling like “What am I doing???”


Bike racked up and very chilly right here!


There were about 80 competitors.  They all looked quite into it too, and I felt funny with my 10-speed clunky bike with all the speedy road bikes.   I also was wondering if there was a height requirement, since everyone was taller than me 😉


Ready, set, go!!!

First run went well.  My legs were nice and fresh and the cold didn’t bother me after the first half mile.  One mile in and they called out times – I was at 9:26, which surprised me.  I was thinking I was going to do 10:30, but I guess that’s what fresh legs do for you.  At the 1-mile point the course went uphill for probably a 1/4 mile.  Killer hill and there were a lot of walkers (right at the start!).  I just put my head down and plodded up the hill.  I was falling towards the back, which is what I expected.

Here I am coming in from the run and transitioning to the bike.  2.2 miles done!

I didn’t waste any time, but chugged some water, popped on the helmet and went.  I decided against the fleece jacket because of how hot I felt at that point.  That technical turtleneck is amazing!

About 1/2 a mile in was a really steep hill.  So hard, and a lot of bikers were quite slow on this hill and weaving around.  I thank my Lake George rides for making it up the hills.  The wind started to pick up at this point and it was blowing either into my face or into my side for all but the end of the bike run.  I really pushed it for the ride.  I kept chanting “Go big or go home” and “Leave it all on the race course.”   Good thing no one was very close to me to hear all this LOL!  All the while, I kept thinking of having to run that stupid hill again in the last leg.  I was breathing hard for most of the ride, so I was happy about that because it meant I was working hard.  People had passed me at this point on their speedy bikes and I actually assumed I was in last place.

16 miles done! Again, speedy.  I just left my gloves on, chugged some coconut water, put on my running hat and set out.  I knew I was on the last leg (and my legs felt it!).

Hit the one mile mark and the hill.  I was struggling a bit here and just put my head down and jogged.  My calves were burning!  All of the sudden I noticed that I was just walking really fast up the hill, my pace had slowed down so much.  And then I got a stitch in my right side.  This never happens to me.  I took a few deep breaths and actually had to press my hand into my side, which relieved the stitch while I did that.  Then I started thinking “Is this my appendix bursting?” LOL.  I said to myself I was going to finish no matter what.  Plus I knew there was only a mile to go.  The rest was downhill and I tried to go faster.  Hard to do that while holding your side, but it felt so much better to do that.  As I passed the loop around, I saw a few people just starting the run, so I realized that I wasn’t last at all (although only ahead of about 5 or 6 people).  The stitch left with about 1/2  a mile to go.  Here is as much of a sprint as I could manage – and a big smile cause I was done with the other 2.2 miles!

Note the time – my goal was to be around 2 hours and I finished in 1:55 and change!  Yes!!!


Totally wiped out.  This is one of the hardest things I have ever done.  It was harder than the triathlon and I really laid it out.  I am soooo happy and pleased!

GoWear fit shows this –


Post race coffee and egg sandwich and a pumpkin scone.



I am totally wiped out now.  This is my plan for the rest of the day:


I am all settled in for the after the race watching football and probably a nap with a special treat for myself.  One of those days where I can get away with 2 bakery items in one day LOL!


I’m still trying to digest that I actually did this today 🙂

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41 thoughts on “Duathlon Recap!

  1. Jodi Jones (jodiojo)


    I just stumbled upon your blog from twitter but wanted to say that I truly enjoyed reading this post. This was awesome! Job well done! Go you, for sure!! And breakfast looked uber yummy, too! Thank you for sharing and your cat is gorgeous!:o)

  2. Jen, a p riorfatgirl

    What an amazing accomplishment, Lori! You have set goals and pushed through every obstacle to get to them. You are acting like a true role model, like a true inspiration for everyone around you AND everyone reading. Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment!!!!!!!!!!
    .-= Jen, a p riorfatgirl´s last blog ..Falling off the wagon. =-.

  3. 266

    I am so proud of you! What an inspiration that you completed this duathlon! Lori, you are amazing and I hope you know what an accomplishment today was!!!
    .-= 266´s last blog ..Fading Afterglow =-.

  4. Susan

    CONGRATS Lori!!! You are amazing!! And totally inspiring me to do a duathlon next year 😛 That pic of you surrounded by the tall racers is hilarious. Looks like a jovial crowd though when you started.

    I just bought a technical turtleneck and I’m with you – they’re amazing!

    Enjoy resting up with your kitty and some football, you deserve it 🙂
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Cleaning up and Clearing up =-.

  5. JINX!

    Yeeaah Lori!!! You look reeeaaally nervous in the prerace photo! But so strong throughout the race itself. I’m soo proud of you girl! John sounds so self conscious cheering you on in the background. Hee hee….Guess he knew it would get caught on tape. 🙂 So happy for you! JInx!

  6. runnin4fun

    WOW! You did it!!Under 2 hrs too! You are amazing!I am so impressed…I’m not even close to being able to do something like this.Great job.Relax-you definitely deserve it.

  7. Ishmael

    Fantastic job! I just watched the videos and am totally inspired. I have a race in mind that I’d like to be ready for next fall. Watching you go through this race is so motivating, and I’m truly impressed by how hard you work.
    .-= Ishmael´s last blog ..At a Loss (for words) =-.

  8. Carol

    Wow! I loved reading this and you looked so happy crossing the finish line. Congrats on your great accomplishment.

  9. Fitcetera

    Fabulous, Lori! Not only completing this but also doing it in the time you did.
    I loved the videos … seeing you in action was cool.
    I had to laugh too … everyone really WAS taller … lol

    I agree with Roxie … you are a machine!
    .-= Fitcetera´s last blog ..Life is Good, eh? =-.

  10. m i c h e l l e

    «:::C:::» «:::O:::» «:::N:::» «:::G:::» «:::R:::» «:::A:::» «:::T:::»«:::S:::» !

  11. Barb

    Lori!!! Congratulations! You did fabulous and should be so very proud of yourself!!! Loved the videos…I nearly broke out in tears watching you cross the finish line with that big smile on your face! What a great moment! 2 bakery items well deserved! 🙂
    .-= Barb´s last blog ..Time =-.

  12. Dawn

    I found myself all choked up reading about your duatholon Lori. I felt so proud of you and happy for you. You made me think to myself too maybe I’m selling myself short with not making more ambitious goals for myself. Looks like an amazing day for you. Big congrats!!!
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..Another rainy day =-.

  13. Pubsgal

    Congratulations!!! I’m glad you had a great race today! You’ve inspired me to keep an eye open for a du to do, that’s for sure; it looks like fun!

  14. debby

    I’m so happy for you,Lori! What a tremendous accomplishment. I went out for a run-walk today,and thought about you doing this race, It was a big inspiration to me. I only went 5miles, and I am so tired tonight I can hardly stand it. But because of you, I will try again tomorrow!
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Yumm! =-.

  15. Lara (Thinspired)

    CONGRATS! I am so completely impressed. You should be so, so proud! I can’t watch the video clips right now as I am at work, but I can only imagine that they are very inspiring! Which part did of the duathon did you prefer, would you say?
    Again, CONGRATS!
    .-= Lara (Thinspired)´s last blog ..Start to Finish =-.

  16. South Beach Steve

    Great job Lori! This was a great post – I loved seeing you actually getting on the bike and crossing the finish line! I feel like I say this all the time, but I sure need to make myself start running. The biking will come later, but I want to at least say I can do a 5k. Thanks for the inspiration!
    .-= South Beach Steve´s last blog ..Motivation for Monday – Is it Worth it? =-.

  17. Charyl

    YEAH! Those videos were amazing. I felt like I was there cheering you on. I skipped C25K this morning to walk with hubby, but I wont skip again. You inspire me to no end 🙂 I will run a 5K! Thanks Lori. You rock!

  18. Karyn

    Wow Lori, great job. I love watching the videos of your races. I hope you keep them up.

    After mentioning you and your duathlon to my daughter, she really wants to do a duathlon with me next spring. So much so that she RAN with me last night instead of biking so she can start her training.

    Do they let 13 year olds participate?

    Great job and looking forward to hearing about your next one!!
    .-= Karyn´s last blog ..Weekly ‘Hot 100? goal update and total love! =-.

  19. FatFighterTV

    Wow – way to go! Thanks for the recap. I am cracking up that you were chanting – that’s awesome! I hope you enjoyed those yummy looking bakery goodies. 🙂

  20. Josie

    Wow, congratulations! This is so incredibly inspiring to me!! I’ll hopefully be doing my first 5k walk…still so far away from running, but I’ll get there one day. Seeing people like you conquer your goals assures me that anything truly is possible if you work hard enough.
    .-= Josie´s last blog ..Week 3 – Weigh-In =-.

  21. my kashi diet

    WOW!!!! so awesome! I wanted to thank you for checking out my blog and more importantly for inspiring me!!! Your story is crazy awesome!!! And way to go on the run!

  22. Joania

    YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!! I am so totally impressed and inspired by you. I’ve got to tell you as I embark on this year of maintenance and healthy living, one of the people I draw inspiration from is you!! Thank you so much. This post was awesome…love the pics and vids..All the best in 2010!!!
    Wow!! Awesome!
    .-= Joania´s last blog ..The More Things Change…The More They Stay The Same =-.

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