Thank you and duathlon hangover

Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart for your comments on my duathlon recap from yesterday!  I am thrilled that it inspires anyone to go out and do something more.  Proof positive that anyone is capable of so much more than one might think.  You just need to get out of the comfort zone and do.

I really am beat today.  My legs are fairly sore and I definitely feel like I really pushed it yesterday.  Certainly did not feel like this after my triathlon.  Isn’t that funny? I am also an eating machine today!  It’s hard not to overeat, but my tummy is just growling all day.  Only a walk outside today and that was it.  Still not sure if I am going to the gym tomorrow or not.  I am also really tired, the kind of tired where I can’t keep my eyes open.  I had taken some Tylenol PM last night and got almost 8 hours (super rare for me), and not sure if I need more or what.  I have to stay awake for the Broncos game tonight, though!  :O

Started off the day with some waffles and pumpkin butter plus craisins.

waf1019This was tasty, but only lasted me about an hour before my tummy was growling, so I had a zone bar.

Then the computer problems started.  My laptop power cord has been acting funny and the computer blinks out.  The battery is so old that it won’t stay charged, so I have to use the power cord adapter.  The adapter itself started beeping (who knew it could do that??) – so now I cannot use that computer.  And it is set up for all of my work stuff.  I am able to hijack John’s computer to do some work, but I am having to do it bare bones without all my medical software on it (so productivity suffers).  Ugh!  New cord is on its way at some point.  Did I not say last week that I have some kind of electromagnetic issue?  (I am writing this post from John’s computer as well)

Needless to say that has made me a bit grumpy today and then more snacking on chocolate chips and peanuts.  I think it is also a little bit of the letdown after yesterday.

I forgot to mention yesterday that even when you do careful planning for race day, things can still go wrong.  We had driven a good chunk of the way and I realized that I forgot my water bottle!  It was full and sitting on the counter waiting to go with.  I was a little upset because I knew I couldn’t go the whole race without hydrating.  I had a carton of coconut water, but that was only 12 ounces.  We hit a McDonalds and bought a bottle of water (yay plastics…), but when I put it in the bottle cage on my bike, it was too small and was flopping around.  One bump and that would have been out of there.  So, I tucked it into my front bag.  Do not ever try to ride and unscrew a bottle at the same time.  I thought I was going to wipe out!  Not sure why it didn’t occur to me to just stop LOL.  But, at least I had some water.  I also learned that cold Balance bars are like rocks.  Halfway through the ride, I grabbed the unwrapped bar out of my bag and bit into it and it hurt my jaw to chew!  Normally they are soft and go down easy, but the weather was so cold that the bar was really firm.  Plus I was trying to chew while out of breath.   Lessons learned for the next time 🙂  Weather can change everything about race day.

Pink picture of the day!


Limiting the pictures today because of using John’s computer.

Fingers crossed for the Broncos!

Question:  Are you dependent on a computer?

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12 thoughts on “Thank you and duathlon hangover

  1. Barb

    Would be completely lost without my computer…not to mention my new BlackBerry that is always by my side! Hope tomorrow brings more energy! Have a good and restful night.
    .-= Barb´s last blog ..Sprouts! =-.

  2. Susan

    I’m of course a fan of the waffles 🙂 I find I need to add fat and protein to them to be filling though. Same with oats. Or any carb, I guess 😛

    I am soooo dependent on the computer! The one I have now has broken THREE times and I’ve had to send it away to be fixed. The first time it was gone for 6 weeks and I nearly lost my mind 😛 Especially not fun when you work from home or depend on it for writing school papers!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..I’m not dead! Just dyed. =-.

  3. JINX!

    Not at home for work like you but i would have to reprioritize without one. 🙂 Share computer with hubby. Mostly because i don’t like to use the laptop we have. Apparently neither does he so we share. Ususally not a problem until we have the day off together.

    Have to file away those lessons learned on race day. Wonder what you could pack that would stay soft in cold weather??Or maybe wear it closer to your body to help keep it warm.

  4. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    It wouldn’t occur to me to stop and drink the water, either. “Keep riding!” I’d say. I’m glad you’re listening to your body, both in terms of food and rest. Your mojo will come back in a day or two, I’m sure of it.

    And yes, I’m dependent on my computer(s). It’s kinda sad.
    .-= Lynn Haraldson-Bering´s last blog ..The Best Seat In The House =-.

  5. Ang

    I am pretty computer dependant. My husband is an IT tech so basically if my computer has an issue it takes forever to get fixed because he doesn’t feel like doing “work” when he’s home!
    .-= Ang´s last blog ..A crazy couple of days! =-.

  6. Karyn

    I am lost without my comp. I have days when I don’t even look at it but, when it has been gone for repairs, I have been totally lost. All of a sudden, there are reason why everyone in the family NEEDS the comp! LOL

    Take the break your body is asking for. I just helped you do something to be so proud of and has been through a lot. Another day or too will not hurt and will help you feel so renewed and refreshed.
    .-= Karyn´s last blog ..Imagine my surprise…? =-.

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