NROLW and bagel day!

Back to the gym today!  It was dark when I got up, so I put a reflective band on my leg for biking.  Then I realized that I forgot to put my bag rack back on my bike after the race on Sunday.  D’oh!  So, by the time I got done fumbling that on, it was much lighter out. 😀

I have missed my lifting!  I am backing up into stage 6 a little since I took a week off.  Workout A:

  • Negative chin ups:  3 sets of 1  (still just dangling there).
  • Lat pull down:  10 sets of 2 at 60 pounds (slow release)
  • Barbell split squats:  2 sets of 10 at 65 pounds
  • Pushups (the real way!):  2 sets of 10.

John arrived just as I was finishing the pushups and off we biked to bagels!  Oh how I missed my bagel. Haven’t had one since last Wednesday!

Come to momma!


And le cafe.


Really nice day for biking.  I wasn’t sure if my legs were a little twingy from the workout or a little leftover duathloning, but it was so great to be back on the bike!  My favorite sport.

Spied my pink item while at the cafe:


I love Wednesday mornings.  I don’t have to start work until 10, although sometimes I start early – but not on Wednesdays! I enjoy the time with my hubby and relaxing.

I decided on something way different for lunch:


Microwaved sweet potato topped with pan sauteed broccoli and chick peas with a wedge of laughing cow (plus some cumin seeds thrown into the saute pan).  I give this a thumb’s up and it was very different for me.  I never used to like sweet potatoes.

I was having so much fun playing with food today that I decided to carry that on for dinner!  We had cooked chicken and I had made the cranberry sauce last night. Well, in the spirit of fall, I made a sandwich panini style!  I used an Arnold sandwich thin, sliced chicken breast, cranberry sauce, and Cabot light cheddar cheese and smashed between 2 hot pans:


All that was missing was some stuffing and it would have been totally perfect!

And you know a girl needs her chocolate! Love those Attunes!


Question:  Are you a meal inventor, or do you follow recipes?

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12 thoughts on “NROLW and bagel day!

  1. Diane Fit to the Finish

    I tend to follow recipes, but will on occasion just make something up. I’m a big recipe adapter though. Not only to get the calories/fat down, but to add in ingredients I think we will like better.

    I’ve never had an Attune bar. I may want one now!
    .-= Diane Fit to the Finish´s last blog ..Eat It All Mentality =-.

  2. Jinx!

    I’m definately a recipe person. About the only thing i will attempt without a recipe is chicken soup. Hubby on the other hand likes to fly by the seat of his pants and it always comes out delicious. 🙂

  3. Susan

    I am very happy that you like sweet potatoes now. Saves me from having to yell at you 😛

    I’m a mix of both. When it comes to large meals, I like to follow recipes, especially when it’s a new-to-me dish. But if I’m just throwing together a single-serving, then I typically make it up as I go along. I figure out what I’m craving, what ingredients I have, then go from there! 🙂
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Going with the Flow – Food Edition =-.

  4. Josie - 35 and shrinking

    I’ve never been a recipe follower…but I think I’m realizing that at least for now (since I’m just starting my weight loss journey) maybe I should be. Just to make sure I’m not using too much butter or salt, etc.
    .-= Josie – 35 and shrinking´s last blog ..This is me today =-.

  5. Ang

    I’m a little of both meal wise. Even if I have a recipe I’ll usually tweak it to make it healthier. Sometimes I just see what’s in the fridge/pantry and make something up.
    .-= Ang´s last blog ..Lazy evening! =-.

  6. Deb

    Recipes are merely SUGGESTIONS, correct? This is why I LOVE to cook but dislike baking – have to follow the recipe when baking (sometimes, ha!). Some of my favorite meals have been made up craziness.

  7. Carla

    Yay, your site is working for me today! For some reason your site always crashes my computer… 🙁 And I love your blog so it bums me out!

    Anyways, your eats look SOO good, yummy! I love baked sweet potatoes, sooo good! I’m a creator now! I made some Pumpkin Spice bread tonight and it was delicious!! Going to be posting the recipe tomorrow!
    .-= Carla´s last blog ..The End of the Line… =-.

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