The day the camera died

(The new power cord arrived this morning, so I am up and running again with my own computer – happy, happy day!)

Rainy day. Got up and it was cloudy, but not raining and J and I were going to go out running. By the time we got dressed and had a prerun snack – it started raining. So, I popped down to the gym and hit the treadmill with pace music for 45 minutes.  Not going to get off schedule!  John went for a walk.  Then I look out the window of my gym and see him outside! He walked all the way to the gym (1.7 miles) and then hitched a ride home with me. Silly guy.

Came home and made Cream of Wheat with a mashed banana and cocoa powder. Topped with some chocolate sauce and toasted pecans. Tasterrific!
John offered to go to the mall today to shop since it’s rainy – what a great hubby! Returning these to get a bigger size for my niece.
Pink item:


I put on my long rain coat and put my camera into the pocket. As I got in the car and pulled the door shut, I didn’t realize my coat was dangling out the door and I had slammed the door on my camera that was in the pocket. Sad me… the LCD display is cracked and nonfunctional. It takes pictures, but I can’t see what I am taking a picture of. I am so sad! I loved this camera and it was such a bargain when I got it. The same camera now is $40 more. 🙁 What is a food and fitness blogger to do without a good camera? I have a crappy backup one to use until I get this one replaced.

Here are some photos I took not being able to see.

Looky what I saw at Target:


Candy Corn soda!  It’s a Jones Soda brand.  I would have bought 1 if they sold single cans, but we would have had to get 6.  I loves me some candy corn, so I was all over this 😀

Hopefully some successful new slippers bought.  We stopped at Starbucks for some coffee:


Almost in camera field 😛  Not doing too bad for not having a viewfinder.

John and I had a long talk about possiblities for the future with a new business.  I have to think a little bit about this.  Okay, a lot.  It’s a food-related business (not coffee).  We do so much pondering over coffee.  It’s a good medium for that.

My parents went out to see Jeff Dunworthy (???)  today – (whom I don’t find funny at all).  That meant I had to do a little puppy sitting!

Lizzie says “Hi – aren’t I cute??”


Now it’s an evening in, or maybe some grocery shopping.  I have batteries charging for the backup camera, so hopefully I can start taking more pics tomorrow.  It’s too hard to guess what is in the viewfinder frame.  I can’t imagine it would be very cheap to replace the LCD screen in the camera.  I just have a tough time with technology, this week was rough between the computer and the camera.

I did finish up an ornament this morning.  I am pleased at how sparkly it is!  It’s going to be purty on the tree. (That 42 you see is my duathlon bib!)


Question:  Where do you do your best chatting/philosophizing/pondering?

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12 thoughts on “The day the camera died

  1. Barb

    Bummer on the camera. I’d be lost w/o mine. You did alright with no viewfinder. 🙂 A possible new business…oh..can’t wait to hear when/if you share. Since we have 2 toddlers running around, hubby and I tend to do our best chatting when we lay down in bed…no kids (hopefully), no tv, no computer…
    .-= Barb´s last blog ..Pumpkin Yummy! =-.

  2. MB

    I’m so sorry about your camera. I recently broke my point and shoot that I keep in my pocketbook. Luckily I have other cameras to use but the rest are bulky SLRs that aren’t so easy to carry around all the time. Yours doesn’t happen to be a Nikon does it? I need the shutter button for mine.

  3. Susan

    That sucks about your camera 🙁 Does it not have a little eye hole? My digital camera has one. It’s still not as good as the digital viewer on the back, but it’s good for when it’s sunny out and I can’t see what’s on it anyways.

    I was thisclose to buying cream of wheat yesterday, then decided against it because I already have three kinds of hot cereal in my house! I’ve also never had candy corn before. Actually, I’ve never even SEEN it. I think it’s an American thing…
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Giveaway AND Video Post!! =-.

  4. Fitcetera

    Well I’m happy about you getting your power cord! 😀

    What you did to your camera? It’s the kind of thing I would do.
    I can’t even imagine being without a camera now that I blog. I feel your pain about breaking your favorite.
    The pics were pretty good though, you must admit 😀
    Breakfast as usual, ROCKS. You make the best brekkies!
    .-= Fitcetera´s last blog .. =-.

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