Biking and bagels and health watch news.

The rain finally ended overnight with the low at 47 when we woke up.  That is within the bike riding threshold, so we hit the road.  Decided on street route only, as the path probably would have eaten us alive like quicksand!  I don’t mind the road riding on an early weekend morning when the traffic is very light.  We actually go a little faster since the road is smoother.   Interesting how much the gravel path slows you down.

Panera bread for a chocolate chip bagel and 3 cups of coffee!  :O


The ride home was a little slower.  John just wasn’t feeling fast today, so I let him go ahead.  I tend to really push the pace, but didn’t want to leave him behind (aren’t I the good wife??).

Sigh… back to work today.  It is nice working at home and can have the football on in the background.  I just pay attention when the good stuff happens LOL!

Speaking of work in the medical field, I was contacted by the Healthcare Association Watch about preventing health-care associated infections.  Here is a link to more information on that where you can watch some videos and read more about what can be done.  While it is important for those of you that are health care workers to follow these guidelines, it is also extremely important for all of us to take our own protective measures.  When you see your physician – don’t be afraid to ask him/her to wash their hands before examining you!  There is no reason for you to leave the office with an illness you didn’t come in with.

Regarding my camera – it does not have a viewfinder hole, just the LCD screen.  I can actually buy the same camera refurbished for $85, which is less than it would be to actually get mine repaired.  What is up with that?  So, I am going to do that.

Here is what my camera looks like turned on:


Isn’t that lovely???  This will also be my pink item of the day!

Snackage today:


I really miss the macro function on my camera.  All of my pictures look so ordinary on the old camera (Okay, done whining!).

Candy corn has entered the house, but it is under lock and key.  I have allowed myself to have 1/2 a serving (which is 10 kernels) at a time, which John dutifully doles out to me.


I am making an internet confession here that I eat candy corn in a strange way.  I love to bite off the bottoms and save the white tips for last.


I don’t know why, but I think the tips taste the best.  Or maybe I am just weird.

On a great note – I won the football picks today!  I’m on a roll thanks to the Steelers and the Bills.  Now I just need to decide where to have my football dinner this week heehee!

Question:  Do you have any strange food mannerisms?

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18 thoughts on “Biking and bagels and health watch news.

  1. Susan

    My boyfriend had the same camera! It was a pretty good one. He got rid of it for no reason other than he wanted a fancy Canon for taking pictures at car races.

    Hmm…I chop all my bars up into little bite-sized pieces. Do it with everything from Kashi to Luna bars! Makes them last longer, and I take a huge gulp of water between bites to make it more filling.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..The Forbidden Fruit =-.

  2. MackAttack

    I laughed so hard about your candy corn! Dan would parcel out the candy corn to me too! And I eat them the exact same way except that I don’t save all the whites I eat an entire candy corn in three distinct bites.
    .-= MackAttack´s last blog ..Better now.. =-.

  3. JInx!

    Hee, hee, i like to pick apart my pizza……first all the toppings then the cheese and finally the crust.

  4. m i c h e l l e

    lol when I was little, I used to eat candy corn the same exact way. I don’t eat it anymore (only because I don’t absolutely love it and would rather have snickers or a kit kat ;-))

    Weird food mannerisms, hmmm, I know I must have some but can’t think of any at the moment. Oh wait! I close my eyes whenever something tastes reallllly delicious! My husband is the one who told me this because he sees it most often when sitting across from me at a great restaurant. I must savor the taste and close my eyes while doing so!

  5. debby

    That IS weird, Lori! The white tips are the worst part, and must be eaten first! The yellow and orange are much more caramelly and chewy! And I am jealous that you have someone to dole your candy out. I can’t have any because that is something I would just keep eating!

    That is a nice looking camera, and only $85 to get a refurbished one?? Where do you find something like that?
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Good Morning. Its Raining. =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      I got the original camera on Amazon brand new for about $90 – which was 40% off list price. This camera is on ebay. I’m a little nervous, but I actually don’t think refurbished is a bad thing since Olympus is the one doing the fixing.

  6. Ishmael

    Candy corn — yummy! I have to avoid entirely, or it’ll be gone. I think it’s the most Halloweeny of all the candies (the colors help, obviously). Sounds like you are steady and on track. Need to try and mimic your consistency, I think.
    .-= Ishmael´s last blog ..The Girl with the Curl =-.

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