Lifting and apples!

John’s mom got settled in late last night.  I was up early to hit the gym.  30 degrees, so no biking.  I am thinking the biking might be over for the year 🙁

Did my own program today:

  • Barbell deadlift/row combo:  3 sets of 8 at 65 pounds
  • Pliet dumbbell squat:  3 sets of 8 at 35 pounds
  • YTWL:  3 sets of 4 with 10 pound dumbbells
  • Lat pulldown:  3 sets of 8 at 60 pounds
  • Split squat with 35 pound plate:  3 sets of 8

Then 30 minutes on the dreadmill.  I am going to feel this tomorrow!  Came home and picked up John and his mom because you know what Wednesday is!


I ate half before I remembered to take a picture 😳   Bad food blogger.

I had to work while John and his mom got to play and have lunch out 🙂  My lunch was a waffle sandwich with chicken, laughing cow, and cranberry sauce.  I so love this combo!


While I was hard at work, they went out to an apple orchard.  No picking going on, but the apples were awaiting!


And some sleepy bees:


The goats at the orchard had their own playground:



It’s like a giant Habitrail for goats!

John brought me a couple presents:


Plus a small snack:


Cider donut fresh made.  So good! Plus a fresh Honey Crisp.  Fresh apples just taste amazing.

I liked how this was a small donut and not a giant one.  Most cider places have ginormous donuts.

John also cooked dinner tonight and made his yummy clam chowder.  You all know what I had on the side!


I am so spoiled  🙂  We may not have a lot, but there are times when I feel very rich, know what I mean?

Question:  Favorite kind of apple?

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24 thoughts on “Lifting and apples!

  1. debby

    Those waffle sandwiches really appeal to me. Gonna have to try that soon. And you are SO putting me in the mood to make a trip to Apple Hill. Its only a little over an hour away, and I agree, the apples that are grown there are really something compared to store bought, which I still like. I am just a little afraid to go because I know ALL the best places to get apple pie, etc.

    Love the goat playground. What fun for kids to see.
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Stayin’ in the Game =-.

  2. Susan

    Oooh, that donut looks soooo good. I’m not a huge fan of coffee-shop donuts, but fresh bakery style one are amazing! I’ve been eating lots of chicken/jam/laughing cow combos lately too 🙂

    I think I go through phases with my apples. I’m oddly going through a Macintosh phase right now, even though they used to be my least favourite. Galas, red delicious and golden delicious will always be my top picks though.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..A Foodie Kind of Day =-.

  3. MB

    Honey Crisps are my favorite kind of apple but WHY are they so much more expensive than all the other apples? ;(

  4. Running for a Cause

    Lori- The apples look awesome! You know the saying “an apple a day keeps the bed bugs away” lol. I love Bagels but I hear one bagel is like 4 pieces of bread. But one won’t kill you. Laughin cow cheese I still haven’t found, wonder where in the cheese section it is.

  5. roxie

    There is an apple orchard in WA that offers apple tastings, much like wine tastings! What fun. My favorites have already been mentioned here – jazz, honey crisp, pink lady and gala.

    I love the goat trails! What fun. You do indeed have a wonderful, rich life that you’ve made for yourself. Thank you, Lori, for sharing it with us.

  6. jinx!

    Honey crisp hands down. But they are rather expensive here so most times i settle for jonagold, cameo, gala……only requirement they gotta be big! Some reason i hate small petite apples.

  7. Karyn

    LOL. I love the goat playground. I never would have thought something like that existed, or that a goat would like it too!

    It is always a sad time when we need to put our bikes away for the season. I really miss mine already.

    A pic of half a bagel is just as good as the full one! It still looks just as delish!

    I would love to have apple orchards close enough to visit. I would totally settle for an apple tree in my own yard. Hubby is totally against it though. Just wait until we finally get an acreage! He, he, ha.
    .-= Karyn´s last blog ..Yoga: a new workout. =-.

  8. Lindsay

    Your waffle sandwich looks so good!

    I love the goat playground! How cute is that!

    I’m super jealous of the cider donut! We went to two orchards this year and neither had them! How messed up is that?

    My favorite apples are honeycrisps. I just tried them last year and I’m in love!
    .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..What would you do-o-o…. =-.

  9. Lara (Thinspired)

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a cider donut, but they sound and look delicious!
    My favorites used to be pink lady, but I recently discovered honey crisp and love those, too! The only apple I really don’t like are the traditional red, red ones…I think they’re called macintosh? They’re too grainy for me.
    .-= Lara (Thinspired)´s last blog ..Keep Calm and Carry On =-.

  10. Carrie

    Great post! Dreadmill, ha ha. That’s an awesome set-up for goats…bet they love that. I love the waffle sandwich idea, what a great way to use leftover waffles!!!
    .-= Carrie´s last blog ..Green Machine? =-.

  11. Christina

    I finally got a chance to try my take on your waffle sandwich. I used a sandwich thin – but holy cow. This is my new favorite lunch. Turkey, laughing cow, and cranberry sauce are a killer combination.

    And to answer your question – Honeycrisps and Jonagolds take the prize.

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