Sore and protein power!

I took a Tylenol PM last night both for the back and the pain at the Broncos loss last night. 😡   I slept really well for almost 8 hours (go me!!).  Opened my eyes and took inventory:

Sore legs? check

Sore butt?  check

Sore arms, sides and chest?  Check, check, and check.

My back injury actually felt pretty much gone, just a tiny twinge.  I was slow getting out of bed and John commented on how weird it was to see me moving so slow.   I guess it does happen on occasion LOL!

Only went for a walk today as I decided to let my body rest up since I have NROLW on Wednesday to do.  I also decided to stock up on protein for repair.

Protein pancakes for breakfast!


Along with cafe au lait (I use 1 cup of milk to make 2 drinks for breakfast).

Without a workout, I got right down to typing and worked steadily.  Sometimes I can get distracted by things, and I had some trouble focusing today watching my squirrel buddy right outside my window.


Pixie was really enamored of him, too!  She chatters, which is so funny!

I made a fabulous protein packed superfood  lunch!


  • 1 container of french vanilla Oikos
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin
  • cinnamon
  • cranberry sauce
  • 1 packet of teddy grahams (into the pool!)

It was so delicious.

John made lattes and brought me a little treat with it.


Candy corn kisses!  These actually remind me more of a canned frosting than candy corn, but I love the look of them.  Another thing hidden up high.  I should take a picture of what is hidden away from me – it is quite a lot of stuff LOL.

Took a walk before dinner.  It feels so funny just to walk.  I hardly ever do that anymore since I normally run or bike.  I kept catching myself wanting to start jogging.  Come on Lori – gotta relax!!

Dinner was more protein in the form of chicken.  I brushed some mustard on the chicken breast and coated it with almond meal and sauteed in a pan.


Super tasty, although the coating fell off.  Yummy.  And roasted brussel sprouts for a change.

Done with work, so that means the evening is free for something, although not sure what yet 😀

Tomorrow we are going to attempt a morning ride to bagels.  Upper 30s, so at least it will be above freezing!

Question:  What is your favorite way to get protein?

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12 thoughts on “Sore and protein power!

  1. PTG1002

    I love protein shakes – I’ve tried mixing protein powder in with a few things, but have never been successful. It was kind of gross, really – so I haven’t tried it since then.

    Other than that, I love chicken. probably my best way to get protein. Again, not exciting, but effective.
    .-= PTG1002´s last blog ..d1, w2 =-.

  2. Barry Hughes

    Lori, I am sorry to hear that you are sore after the game. The Broncos outta thank my steelers for keeping his passing rating up. We appreciated it 🙂 – Just kidding.

    On a serious note: Either you take fantastic photos or you are a great cook or both because those pictures look fantastic. I love strawberries. I don’t think I have ever eaten them with a meal.
    .-= Barry Hughes´s last blog ..CoinStar – Free $10 Gift Card =-.

  3. debby

    I am really glad your back is better! And hopefully the rest will be gone by tomorrow. Hmmm, my favorite way to get protein? Of course, I love the protein pancakes, because they are BAKED GOODS! I really like all kinds of meat, even though I don’t even think much about eating it any more. I am eating a little bit more on this carb cycling thing. Of course I like cottage cheese and yogurt, but I don’t really think they have as much protein for the calorie count as meat does. And I do really like edemame.

    Tomorrow is a low carb day and I am stocked up on veggies, including brussel sprouts, and of course…broccoli!
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Good Morning. And A Finished Quilt. =-.

  4. Fitcetera

    EGGS!!! I lurve eggs!!! boiled and in omelettes and egg salad and ON salad and poached and scrambed. EGGS!!!
    and protein shakes made with almond milk, cocoa and instant half decaf or espresso. or with vanilla and nutmeg for a kind of eggnoggy taste. kinda.
    Good to hear your back is better! 🙂
    .-= Fitcetera´s last blog .. =-.

  5. Susan

    I’m super sore today and I barely lifted what you did!! The worst is when my shoulders and chest get sore, makes driving even painful 😛

    Hmm, fave protein is tuna I think. One can is 120-140 calories, 30-32g of protein, and delicious. Can’t beat that!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..A Takeout Tuesday =-.

  6. Jody - Fit at almost 52

    OK, this food looks so dang good!!!! I am going to cope that protein pancake recipe too!!! Hey, I also use mustard on my chicken!!! I find different flavors of it. Heck I use mustard on lots of stuff including my veggies!!

    Fav protein… too many to count! I use all the ways.. chicken breasts, extra lean ground turkey, protein powder, protein bars, Greek yogurt… it goes on!

    Love the pics! Feel better soon!

  7. Crys

    Just found your blog and I’m totally bookmarking it! Your pictures look yummy! I’ve been doing Weight Watcher but I’m trying to do only whole foods for a week. Your blog gives me plenty of good ideas to start with.

  8. 266

    I’m finally trying to catch up!!! Great job on the Christmas ornament… it looks beautiful! OMG! Candy corn soda?! And candy corn kisses?! I am SOOO lucky I don’t live near you or I may have put all my weight back on stocking up on those! I am glad to hear that the kitten you rescued found a new permanent home. That’s great news. I love the shot of your wedding band, by the way. I think I have commented before that I like that ring. Nice job on you jack-o-lanterns and your Halloween costume; they turned out great. I think it’s wonderful that your mother-in-law told you that you inspire her… you certainly do the same for many people in the blogging community. Also, great post on plateaus!
    .-= 266´s last blog ..Short And Not So Sweet =-.

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