Muffins and mini meltdown

If you missed my recap on NROLW the link is here.

I actually slept until almost 8 am today!  This is really late for me.  We decided on some muffins for breakfast and I adapted a lowfat recipe from The Complete Muffin Cookbook


Recipe here.

Delicious!  I think I would add some cinnamon to these, though.

After eating, we decided on a run for the day.  I asked John if he wanted to go for 4 miles and he reluctantly agreed (he has never run more than a 5K).  We normally do not run together.  We sometimes run at the same time, but he is quite a bit faster than I am.  Today we kept the same pace at the track, which was more my pace (obviously).  I could tell he wanted to go faster and after 3 miles, he picked up his pace and went ahead.  He finished about 1/2 a lap ahead of me. I am not sure why I started to feel bad.  Actually, I know what was wrong, I am PMSing and woke up today feeling bloated and the scale was up, and the fact that John was doing 4 miles for the first time and was faster than me, plus the fact he is at goal and I am not.  For whatever reason this got to me and I was getting tearful for my last 1/2 mile and started crying when I was done.  Of course, the worst part was knowing that John felt bad (which made me feel even worse).  I was feeling very selfish and atypically non-radiant.   It’s just one of those days, you know?  I got over it pretty fast – a nice hot shower helped with that!

Before hitting the stores, I had to take John out for his football meal, and he chose Red Lobster.  I really ate very smart there, and I was so proud of myself!  I had 3/4 of a cheddar biscuit.


Side salad to start with FF vinaigrette:


and ordered the woodfired grilled  shrimp with broccoli and rice.  I left half of the rice.


These were good, but too salty for me.  All of the meal was too salty.  I used to love the biscuits and could eat 4-5 (Keep em coming!).  We have not been to RL in probably at least a year, maybe 2.  My tastes sure have changed.

Shopping commenced and John got a whole bunch of clothes at Kohl’s.  He really needed new ones (budget be damned) as his were so baggy after 43 pounds.


Stopped for some refreshments!  A locally made granola bar (which we split) and a skim latte for me!  Yum!


The crowds are starting to show up for shopping now.  It’s going to be internet shopping for me pretty much after Thanksgiving, along with some local art and craft shows.

We came home and made a yummy on the fly meal.  Cooked chicken with cheesy grits (and 1 strip of bacon crumbled), brussel sprouts and strawberries.


This was so satisfying!  I actually think I liked the meal we cooked at home better than the one out at lunch!

Hot 100 update:

1. Duathlon.  DONE!!!
2. Limit the number of eggnog lattes this year to 2 or 3.   Gonna wait until Thanksgiving to have the 1st one!
3. Keep a redline of weight in mind to not go over during the holidays.  I am over redline by a pound now.  It’s water weight, but I must be careful.
4. Complete the New Rules of Lifting for Women.  DONE!!!!
5. Enjoy time with family during the holidays.  Met with my mom yesterday!

6.  Better organization of time to be productive.  I had a great productive week since last Saturday.

7.  Do some freelance writing.  Lame

8.  Run at least 2 more official 5K races this year.  1 down, 1 to go – should be Turkey day!

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17 thoughts on “Muffins and mini meltdown

  1. Elaine

    I’m sorry you had a bummer run. You know you’re looking and feeling wonderful, and men do have more muscle mass and longer legs. I work out way more than my husband but he is still faster and stronger and has lower blood pressure and a much slower resting pulse. The good part is, you get to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of your sweetie being at goal, right? So there’s a silver lining 🙂
    .-= Elaine´s last blog ..Hottie Update & The Plan =-.

  2. Shelley B

    Scale plus PMS always equals bad news. Sorry it was a rough run – not normal for you at all! I think it would be hard to workout with my husband for the same reasons – things just come so easily to him, and I’m ok (most of the time) with my pace, but to be shown up, even nicely, by him would really bother me. Glad your day got better.
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..My 100 Pound Gift to Myself… =-.

  3. 266

    Sorry you had a blip in the emotion department. Remember that you are a fabulous inspiration to so many people! We all think you’re great!!!
    .-= 266´s last blog ..Too Funny! =-.

  4. Susan

    I used to get SO frustrated with Chris when we were cycling together. The man is a speed demon and would leave me in his dust. There were a lot of moments like that where I would just break down a bit about how slow and weak it would make me feel. He was always really nice about it and would remind me I was comparing apples to oranges. It’s awesome to be able to work out and lose weight with your spouse/partner, but it can defintiely mess with your head a bit when you start comparing yourself to men. I think you’re both doing awesome at your own levels and individual goals 😀
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Nil, Nada, Zip =-.

  5. Alissa

    I can understand why you would get frustrated. My husband started dieting and lost his 20+ lbs in a couple of months. Men lose weight faster for some reason, SO UNFAIR! But you’re doing wonderfully and it’s just because you’re a girl that you haven’t quite made goal yet…no matter how sexist that sounds! haha
    .-= Alissa´s last blog ..Unveiling the Project =-.

  6. Fitcetera

    Sorry about the non-radiant moment you had in the morning. I might’ve felt the same way at times had I been in the same position.
    I echo what 266 has to say about you and also what Steve said … your update is impressive.
    I know we only see glimpses of each others’ lives here in blogland but from what you let us peek in on, it seems you’re truly blessed with yours.

    Your dinner at home does sound terrific but did a bunny poop on your brussels sprouts? 😀
    .-= Fitcetera´s last blog .. =-.

  7. debby

    That muffin recipe sounds fabulous, Lori!

    I am curious about your goal weight. Do you objectively think that you would be better/fitter/healthier at that weight? Because you look fabulous now, and seem very fit and very able to lift very heavy weights and run and bike and all that. I am not trying to talk you out of your goal weight at all. Because I have been 124 at one time in my life, and even though my goal is 130ish, I am not sure I will be completely content there, or will want to go down to 124. Mostly its that thing I have about wanting to be content, and not wanting to be so unhappy losing that I start regaining (that’s what happened at 124.) Hope this makes sense.

    Its funny and great how our tastes change. Your dinner and that homemade granola bar both looked better to me than the Red Lobster lunch. And I used to be a big-time Red Lobster girl! This came at just the right time for me as I am contemplating 2 days out of town and eating out both days!
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Underexposed =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      Debby- I am struggling now with deciding what goal is. I have maintained this weight for a year, so part of me says that is goal. However, it still has me in the overweight category (whatever that is worth). I am hoping for 135. I don’t think that is unattainable, particularly at 5’2″. Loose skin is some of it, and that is the hardest thing for me to get my head around.

  8. Kimberley

    Poor Lori. Those non-radiant moments can really suck. As I entered my 40s I found them happening every month. At first I thought I was cuckoo, but then I realized there was a pattern and for me it wouldn’t have mattered what the situation was, I would have found something to cry about…you got a thicker slice of bread than me, I wanted to sit on that side of the couch, why are you wearing a blue shirt etc.

    So perhaps it wasn’t really the situation, just the timing of it. My BF is pretty fit and can best me at anything. If we are going for a long walk I usually send him on ahead as he likes to do a bit of a jog. I don’t have one competitive bone in my body though, so it may be different for you.

    Enough about that. You are always inspirational and supportive. Reading about your hard core workouts inspired me to lift with my legs yesterday and I loved the feeling of power. Today my thighs and hips are screaming at me, but I am just smiling back.

    Great work on your goals!!!
    .-= Kimberley´s last blog ..My Week, "Hot 100" Update and Blog Award =-.

  9. Karyn

    I have days like that too, where everything gets to me no matter how trivial it is.
    Sometimes I will cry over myself at just the fact that I thought I was doing fine but, once I started going, my time sucked, ect… LOL. We all get through it!
    .-= Karyn´s last blog ..skinny’s?? =-.

  10. Ishmael

    Hey Lori, glad your mini-meltdown didn’t morph into something bigger. Sounds like you handled it well. Probably better to let the emotion out and acknowledge it so you can move on, right? Nothing wrong with the odd cry or two. I find ’em cathartic at times! Congrats to John on making goal, and to you for being such an inspiration to him. I’m sure the two of you are great source of support for each other, and the right partner is an important part of individual success — any kind of success. Looking forward to hearing about your next run!
    .-= Ishmael´s last blog ..This Week =-.

  11. SeaShore

    PMS does that (been there!), but you recognised what was going on and brought yourself back to the rational world 🙂 You have done so well, and continue to do so! I don’t think anyone would begrudge you a “moment” or two.
    .-= SeaShore´s last blog ..So far so good =-.

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