More thanks and my camera is back!

Hope you are all having a great holiday week so far!  I woke up and noticed the temp was around 40, so I went out for a quick 3.2 mile jog.  I normally do not jog 2 days in a row, but tomorrow will be a rest day in case I run the Turkey Trot on Thursday.  It might rain Thursday, and if so, I will run at my gym.  Odd that my gym was closed on Columbus Day, but will be open for Thursday morning. ❓   Try to figure that one out….

Had a beautiful crepe this morning, only used Aunt Jemimah wheat pancake mix instead of Bisquick.


Topped (and filled) with blueberry sauce with a tablespoon of ricotta cheese on top.  Yum!

My camera arrived right before lunch.  Olympus is fast!  The camera left my hands last Wednesday, and it is back in my hands today.  Now that is customer service!  (All under warranty, too 😀  )

You know you want to see the macro:


More things I am thankful for:

  • John (did I already say that?? I will again!)
  • That I live in an area with 4 seasons
  • I am so thankful for all of you blog readers, both lurkers and non!
  • That I have the ability to move around every day
  • That I have been able to maintain a 100 pound weight loss for almost a year and a half.

Snack of homemade granola bar:


Delicious!  Pixie could not care less about the excitement of having my camera back:


She was sleeping next to me while I was working. 🙂  Our nickname (one of many) for her is Pixie Peanut Butter because it looks like someone wiped peanut butter on her nose.

We were having trouble with the router for our internet connection today.  I work via the internet, so that was really frustrating – but I am so thankful (another thankful!) that it was just the router and not the laptop, which is what I thought it was.   Funny how I realized while I couldn’t get on the internet that you can actually use the computer for other things….

For dinner, I had some brussel sprouts with scrambled eggs and feta cheese.  Simple stuff, but delicious!  Plus a little Forelle pear.  Isn’t it the cutest thing?


For those that don’t know – I work as a medical transcriptionist from home.  That’s why I am working on Thanksgiving.  Even though I don’t work actually in the hospitals, they are open 24/7 – and the medical files for every visit need to be done within 24 hours.   I work Sun – Thurs, so Thanksgiving falls on one of my regular work days (although we get paid extra).  Lucky for me, Christmas and New Years fall on my days off this year!

Agenda for tonight: I will be making my special cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving to bring to dinner.

Question:  Do you have a dish that only you can make for special occasions?

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21 thoughts on “More thanks and my camera is back!

  1. Karyn

    What??? You can use the computer for other things???!!! LOL.
    Pixie peanut butter. That’s so cute. My sister calls my son her little Jeppy peanut butter!

    Have some turkey for me. Our Thankgiving was in Oct. long gone! I always have a turkey for Christmas too and boy, is that coming up fast!

    Hope you can get out and do the turkey trot. Ours here is called the turkey chase and I have every intention of running it next Oct.
    .-= Karyn´s last blog ..dizzy…. =-.

  2. Diane Fit to the Finish

    Too bad you have to work on Thanksgiving, but at least you get paid extra for it. I think I always assumed you were a nurse! I love the pictures and know you are so glad to have your camera back.

    I’m doing a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. The forecast is for sunny and 37 so that should be great running weather. (Or really slow jogging weather for me!)
    .-= Diane Fit to the Finish´s last blog ..Prepare Mentally =-.

  3. Heidi

    Oh my goodness.. your peanut butter face fluffball is so beautiful! I’m looking forward to having my own furry company while I blog!
    I actually have a couple of “special occasion” dishes – pineapple stuffing and cranberry sauce (from scratch) with mandarin oranges. Oh so yummy!

  4. Susan

    Ohmygosh, that picture of Pixie made me MELT!! One of the cutest ones yet (if that’s possible).

    Your crepe looks so perfect! I’m still too scared to attempt them.

    I suppose the health sector is a lot like news – two areas that don’t take vacations when everyone else does! Part of the reason why I chose to leave my job so soon is because I’d otherwise have to work straight through Christmas and miss time at home 🙁
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..You’re invited… =-.

  5. Karen

    Glad you got your camera back and I would love the recipe for your homemade granola bar. I would really like an option with not so much junk in it. Thanks in advance

  6. Fran

    We’re having 4 seasons too. I love it too, I couldn’t live somewhere where it’s always summer f.e. Today I went for a run with a very strong wind and I love it.

    Loved hearing about your job, I was wondering indeed what you did. Seems like an interesting job to me especially since you can work from home.
    .-= Fran´s last blog ..A day in my life: Wednesday November 25th 2009 =-.

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