Black Friday and no shopping here!

I ruminated a little on Jinx’s comment about whether or not I ever let my guard down.  The short answer to that would be no, not ever completely.

I actually ate a good amount of food yesterday.  I did not record the food I ate (except what showed up in picture form 🙂  ).  In fact, I even took off my GoWear fit for the day when I got back from my run. I just wanted to enjoy the day.  With that being said, I have learned some things.  I despise feeling stuffed.  I don’t like it when I am so uncomfortable after eating that I can feel my stomach bulge (something that I could not notice at 250 pounds) or that I wished I hadn’t eaten something.

That last part is so important to me.  I have made it my mission to not feel guilt or remorse over food anymore.  To do that meant to conquer the part of me that would just eat and eat because it was the holidays (or whatever occasion) and the food was there.  I don’t have to eat 5 slices of cranberry bread because 5 slices are available to me.  I don’t believe in deprivation, but I also know that is is okay to *not* want something.  I didn’t have any pumpkin pie last night because I didn’t want any.  I certainly could have had it because it was there, right?  What I really wanted was the cheesecake.  I knew that if I had both the cheesecake and the pumpkin pie, I would have been stuffed.  So, I didn’t have the pie.   I loved everything I ate yesterday (okay, the moose was a little overcooked, but anyway…) I nibbled on the cashews and chocolate pieces probably more than I should, but that happens.

As you all know, enjoying food on a daily basis is important to me to keep the weight off.  That way I don’t feel the need to gorge on particular days of the year, especially since I don’t restrict my calories to the extent that I feel the need to do that.  That is just what works for me.  Everyone is different in how they need to approach these things.

Maybe that is what is meant by everything in moderation?  I don’t know.  That phrase is pretty relative 🙂

Anyhoo, I woke up this morning and thought a nice walk was in order.  It was so foggy that I decided to go to the track for safety sake.  Crazy Black Friday shoppers and all that!  I couldn’t keep from a little running, though.  I did 3 miles and jogged one lap out of each mile.  Nice and easy.

Came back to protein pancakes!


Full of ‘cleansing oats’ as John said this morning :mrgreen:

John was off today, so it kind of feels like Saturday!  No shopping on Black Friday here.  I don’t like crowds and pretty much avoid the mall from here on out.  I will be participating in Cyber Monday, though!

I won the football picks last week, so it was my choice for a meal out.  I decided that I wanted some pizza for lunch!  We went to East End Eatery, which I lurve!  John and I split a calzone (I so love that he splits meals with me!).  Side salad to start:


And then the calzone.


Fresh out of the oven and delicious!

Now is the time to get into the spirit.  Time to put up the Christmas tree!  Pixie wanted to help:


The rest of the afternoon was spent assembling and decorating!


I love real trees, but John is allergic – so we have had a fake one for many years.  I would like a nicer one, but the ornaments are the important part!  I think I will showcase one a day via pictures starting in December.

After finishing up, we had lattes and a slice of sweet potato cheesecake.  How thin can you slice cheesecake and still have the slice hold its integrity? This thin 😆  :


I’ll have to get the link for the cheesecake recipe from John.  This is the real deal, though!  Good thing there isn’t much left.

I realized that yesterday was sorely lacking in fruits and veggies!  I had 1 banana and some cranberry sauce and a few green beans.  Ooops.  So, I decided on another salad for dinner.  2 in 1 day – that is pretty rare!  I had something similar to the other day:


Turkey (you think??) with BBQ sauce, feta cheese, and sliced almonds on hearts of romaine.  It really tasted so good!

Making more ornaments tonight.  These things take forever!  Staying warm and snug tonight.  Rain is moving in with likely some sloppy snow by morning.  Think I will be going to the gym in the morning to run!

Question:  Black Friday shopper?  And if so, did you score any great deals?

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26 thoughts on “Black Friday and no shopping here!

  1. Diane Fit to the Finish

    The tree is lovely! I agree 100% with your statement that moderation is relative. I have found that to be true in my conversations with folks who are on this journey. What I may consider moderate may be deprvation to someone else and vice versa. I love cheesecake – and will only splurge on the real thing!
    .-= Diane Fit to the Finish´s last blog ..Turkey Love & Turkey Hate =-.

  2. april

    I’m jealous of your tree! My parents won’t let me put it up yet.. I’m dying to get the christmas decorations out!

    I only went to one store.. it was a small one and nobody was there!

  3. Shelley B

    I hate that stuffed feeling, too – and while I didn’t feel it yesterday, I felt it tonight – we had pizza…real pizza, not made on a Flatout Wrap – and I feel like I overdid it. Still learning…

    We didn’t go out for any deals early, but just got back from a trip to Target and Wal Mart – we were looking to finally replace our old icicle Christmas lights with multicolored LED lights. They are both expensive and popular! Target was already out of what we wanted, so we ended up at Wal Mart – not my favorite place, but it wasn’t crowded at all…plus the lights were $2 cheaper per set, so that was nice. We are decorating inside and outside tomorrow – should be fun!
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Cooking Light Winners – And My Thanksgiving in Pictures! =-.

  4. Foodie Girl

    You are right about the food. It doesn’t have to be about what you can and can’t have. It is about control.

    I hate Black Friday shopping! I purposely work on Black Friday because it’s the slowest day in the grocery business. All the stores I visited today were super slow. Thank goodness for me. I just don’t like fighting the crowds and waiting in line. Plus, people are never courteous drivers either. I saved myself from giving someone a post Thanksgiving bird!
    .-= Foodie Girl´s last blog ..The Day After =-.

  5. Susan

    I think you’re always pretty realistic in the way you approach your eating Lori. I mean, do any of us REALLY ever let our guard down? I’m not sure if I would want to, just because I want to make mindful choices. I want to make sure I’m eating foods I really enjoy and not just eating them because they’ve been put in front of me. It’s all about finding a way that works for you. Your reasons for being overweight were very individual and personal, so it only makes sense that your ways of dealing with weight loss and maintenance are going to be individual and personal methods too.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Hooked on Endorphins =-.

  6. debby

    Well, you know I’m with you on the food and control thing. The way I look at it is that I have a firm vision of where ‘letting my guard down’ got me, and I don’t ever want to go back there. Staying in control of my food choices actually makes me more comfortable and relaxed, if that makes sense.

    Good eats today! That cheesecake looks killer, and that is just the right amount of cheesecake to have with a great cup of coffee!
    .-= debby´s last blog ..I Wish You Peace =-.

  7. Alissa

    “I have made it my mission to not feel guilt or remorse over food anymore.” I absolutely love this comment. I’m going to use it myself- it’s so wise! I went out shopping at 2 AM but was pretty disappointed- next year I’m sleeping in!
    .-= Alissa´s last blog ..Black Friday Diary =-.

  8. Ron

    I usually hit Wal-mart after noon and Best Buy later in the evening. Most Black Friday Wal-mart shoppers are their ealry in the morning, as a matter of fact, the parking lot was about half full which is less then what is usually their on any given day when I go there.
    .-= Ron´s last blog ..Happy Thanksgiving =-.

  9. Fitcetera

    Pixie is such a helpful cat. 🙂
    I love your attitude towards food and eating. I’m not there yet. I still have a list of “bad” foods in my head that I feel guilty about if I indulge even a little bit. I hope to get to the place you are with this … a balance.
    Given a choice, I’d’ve picked the cheesecake as well … it looks delicious!
    Lori, I sometimes forget that you were ever heavier because of how you’ve completely transformed yourself. You really are an inspiration to me to keep going.
    No shopping here … I’m in Canada … but I do live in a border city so a lot of Canadians head on over to Detroit to do their shopping on this day to get the fantastic deals. We never have the kind of sales they do in the States. The only kind of shopping I love doing is grocery shopping so I’m never enticed to go.
    The tree looks faboo!
    .-= Fitcetera´s last blog .. =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      You’ll get there. It just takes time. I’m still working on it!

      It is hard sometimes to remember myself as big as I was, and yet there are days that it seems like yesterday.

  10. Josie

    No black Friday shopping for me this year…not because I don’t want to, but because the funds just aren’t there this year. Two years ago, however, I did go and that’s how I got the Christmas tree we have now…it was on sale at Sears for $99 (regularly $399). I got there before 3 AM to get in line though. It’s a beautiful tree and I’m so glad we got it at such a great price that year.

    I love the idea of showcasing ornaments daily in Dec. Would you mind if I did that on my blog too? I’ll totally give you credit for the idea! I’m glad you enjoyed the holiday and I don’t blame you for not wanting to let your guard down. You work so hard all year to maintain a healthy diet and I applaud you for not stopping for one day.
    .-= Josie´s last blog ..My Thanksgiving =-.

      1. debby

        Hey Lori, this could be fun. I’ll join in on the ornament showcase too. Maybe it will be the ‘in’ thing to do on the blogs this Christmas!

  11. karyn

    I wish I had a clue about making my own ornaments. I have no imagination or creativity at all and wouldn’t even know where to start!

    We are putting up our tree next weekend. Usually we wait until the week before Christmas but, my youngest just seems to LOVE Christmas and all the hype surrounding it so this year I will make her happy and put up the tree early. Maybe it will make up for the missing out on Christmas last year.

    Still need to try that topping! Just haven’t gotten around to picking up the ingredients for the protein pancakes!!
    .-= karyn´s last blog ..hummm… =-.

  12. Jody - Fit at 52

    Lori, I love your approach! Hey, you have to have a program & plan that works for you life long & you have found that! We are all different so one way is not the right way like many “experts” like to tell us it is their way or the highway… NOT! I know some people can’t do it your way BUT I love that you have found a healthy balance! It is about choices.

    As always, love the pics!!!!

    Oh, I have a post for Monday that was talking to your post here about how you made a plan to allow you to still eat but within reason so you still lost weight. I am going to mention this post since it matches with what I am posting Monday.
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Stress Relief =-.

  13. Fran

    I’m not there yet where you are Lori concerning food but I sure hope I will be someday!

    Is everybody in the USA this early with the Christmas tree? I think I’ll put mine up around December 15th or so.

    I never heard of Black Friday neither of Cyber Monday so I’m learning every time I read your blogs 😆
    .-= Fran´s last blog ..A day in my life: Friday November 27th 2009 =-.

  14. South Beach Steve

    Black Friday shopper? Only because of the love I have for my wife. Any great deals? Yeah, I scored a suit for $130. We also saved $20 on a video game for my son, and got some other good deals on clothes. Worth the hassle? Nope, not in my opinion, but I am sure we will be back at it next year.
    .-= South Beach Steve´s last blog ..Black Friday =-.

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