Comfort zone challenges and big broccoli

Happy Thursday and the start of my weekend!  I managed to consume a fair amount of dark chocolate chips last night.   🙄 It was one of those evenings where I couldn’t seem to make myself stop.  So, I got up for a treadmill run today.  I ate a toasted waffle with a bit of jam on it before heading to the gym.  Then it was 5 miles!  I decided to have a little fun (??)  and push out of my comfort zone a bit.

Mile 1:  Gradual increase from 4 to 5 mph.

Mile 2: Upped to 5.5 mph.

Mile 3:  At 3.5 miles, I started increasing the speed on the treadmill by .1 after each minute, so that I was up to 6 mph by mile 4.

Mile 4:  Spent 1/2 a mile at 6 mph and then did the same trick to increase by .1 after each minute to get to 6.5 mph by mile 5.

Mile 5:  Here was my challenge.  I stayed at 6.5 for a couple minutes to get comfortable, then increased by .1 each minute to 7mph!  I stayed at 7 mph for 1 minute and then backed down to 6 mph and finished out the mile.  Then cool down.

Funny how when you go at 7 mph and back down to 6, it seems so much easier.  This made the time go by really fast, too.

Since we got cheated out of bagels yesterday (thanks mother nature!), we decided to go this morning!  I picked John up and had my multigrain.  Sure makes it feel like Wednesday to me.


Had a hard time staying focused at work.  Ever have days like that?  Just kind of blah and knowing it’s my last work day of the week.  Plus, my sister’s elderly cat passed away today and I feel very bad for her.

Wanted something comforting for lunch, so I decided on protein pancakes.  Topped with mashed banana and a tablespoon of maple syrup.


Sure was good….  I love nice filling lunches.  Lunch always seems to be the meal that doesn’t stick with my very long.  Not sure why that is.

John won football picks *again* this week (stupid Ravens!!! 👿  ) and he decided on Chinese.  We went to an inexpensive little takeout place that has brown rice.  What else do you do when waiting for your food?  Take pictures!


Love the neon lighting :mrgreen:

Now this is a bowl of broccoli I could get seriously into!


My meal was teryaki chicken.  Hello sodium bloat! It was actually a little m’eh.


My stirfry last night was much better.  Sometimes I love eating out and other times I am very disappointed.

Ornament of the day:


Mr Grinch! I love this ornament.  Of course, it is my favorite Christmas special, too 😀

I am so glad it is my weekend!

Question:  When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

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12 thoughts on “Comfort zone challenges and big broccoli

  1. Kimberley

    I out of my comfort zone with every step I take these days. My hip may snap at any moment.

    I love the big bowl of broccoli. I also love the Grinch ornament. That is one of my favourite Christmas shows. I no longer have cable so I may have to buy the DVD.

    I also have to remember to get FF cottage cheese to make those delicious looking pancakes.

    I am exhausted tonight and headed straight for bed. Good night!

    Sorry about your sister’s cat. It can be hard to lose pets.
    .-= Kimberley´s last blog ..Joania’s Journey – One Year Anniversary =-.

  2. debby

    First of all, I usually don’t pay any attention to the little yellow faces, but that one at the top where you ate too many chocolate chips still has me chuckling!

    Mmmm! the pancakes with the banana/maple syrup topping–breakfast is calling tomorrow already!

    That treadmill challenge sounds seriously fun. The few times I have worked out on a treadmill it was fun to try to do that stuff. Do you change the elevation (can’t remember what its called, like you are going uphill)

    The big bowl of broccoli cracked me up, because that’s what I had for dinner last night–a big bowl of broccoli and an apple.

    And last, I LOVE the grinch. The original cartoon one! Whew, I had a lot of commenting to do!
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Water!!! =-.

  3. 266

    It’s been a couple of days since I checked in! I love the new look on your blog – very festive!

    Sorry to hear about your sister’s cat. I have a kitty that’s over 16 and I love her so much! It’s hard when a beloved pet passes.
    .-= 266´s last blog ..Another Fly-By Posting =-.

  4. Miz


    (and so sorry about your sisters cat. we lost both dogs recently and it was just too much for me. no new pets for a while)

    and my comfortzone?

    lately Ive been LIVING outside it…need to scamper back in 🙂
    .-= Miz´s last blog ..MizFit’s Favorite Things. =-.

  5. Ashley

    Those protein pancakes look absolutely fabulous! I agree with you about filling lunches – I tend to have ‘bigger’ meals at breakfast and dinner and lunch is always that little bit less smaller in comparison and therefore not as filling.

    Last time I stepped out of my comfort zone? Every time I have a training session with my trainer I feel like he’s trying to push me over the edge. But I guess that’s what I pay him for!

  6. Susan

    LOVE the 5 miles speed session!! I always do something similar with my runs. I love how as the speed climbs, what would typically be a “fast speed” for me feels like a recovery compared to the higher speeds. It’s a great way to push myself on the treadmill (something I don’t always do when running on the trails).

    I’ve been going out of my comfort zone in spin class lately. Sometimes I struggle with working hard enough in it because there’s no numbers to tell me if I’m pushing enough – I just turn the resistance dial. So sometimes I have a tendency to not work as hard as I can in those classes. Except for lately 😉
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Tips for Working Out in the Morning =-.

  7. Cindy

    nice on the treadmill challenge…I love hitting 6 mph and how 5 seems slow after a bit but I have had to slow my runs down to keep up the the couch to 5k

    it bums me out but my total run time is improving. That’s cool

    I love your grinch ornament…I have a similar one!

    I hate going out and the food is Meh!

    (that made me laugh when you said that)

    Enjoy your weekend!
    .-= Cindy´s last blog ..WHOA to the Sugar Gods =-.

  8. Foodie Girl

    it’s not much of a step for some, but I have increased my jogging time from one minute to three. It’s not a lot, but I am trying to get there one day at a time.

    of course… I thought I was going to die those extra minutes, but heck, it was out of the comfort zone and I survived!
    .-= Foodie Girl´s last blog ..Weekend Plans =-.

  9. Jody - Fit at 52

    So sorry about the sis’s cat!!!!

    As always, I love the pics on your blog & HUGE congrats for getting out of the comfort zone!! YES, we were on the same wavelength!!!! I get out of my comfort zone every workout no matter what in some little way but I sometimes make it really hard like when I pushed myself to go faster on the treadmill like you did or when I added plyometrics & intervals… and those dang pull-ups.. you & I are both there! 🙂 Now with this boxing.. big time out of the comfort zone!!!!

    Congrats & love the ornament!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Out of My Comfort Zone! Thank You’s! =-.

  10. Karyn

    Great job on getting out of your comfort zone. I did while doing the marathon week challenge. I ran a lot longer than I am used to. It was great and feels very rewarding. I have just started pushing myself to do at least 5 miles with each run. Tough.

    Love the Grinch ornament! So cute.
    .-= Karyn´s last blog ..Hot 100 update time…only 20 days left! =-.

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