All the bits and pieces

Wednesday!  Only 2 more work days for me.

Had a date with peanut butter (while frowning at my finger) before hitting up the gym.  I did 10 minutes on the stationary and then hit up the weights:

  • Chin ups:  1 set of 3, 2 sets of 2.  These are not getting any easier.
  • Dumbbell pliet squats:  3 sets of 15 with 25# dumbbell
  • Arnold press:  3 sets of 15 with 8# DBs
  • Wide grip lat pull down:  3 sets of 15 at 50#
  • Split squats:  3 sets of 15 with 25# plate
  • Bent over dumbbell row:  3 sets of 10 with 20# DBs

Then I got on the treadmill for walk and run.  I just stuck 1 mile of running in there with no intervals.  My hammies are still pretty tired from all the dead lifts I did on Monday!  I listened to Gaelic Storm today.  Talk about making you want to move!  45 minutes went by in a snap!  I think I may need to find some more podcasts to listen to just to mix things up.  Anyone have favorites to share?

Then I swung by and picked up John, who was on his way walking to meet me and got our Wednesday staple!

And some of this:

To answer a couple emails – I do not put everything I eat onto the blog.  Just most stuff.  I doubt that you all would be interested in seeing the 3 or 4 chips I grab or bite of something John is eating LOL!  I haven’t been putting my pre workout snack for a while because it is dark in the morning when I get up.   However, just to show you – today will feature a snap of everything that passed my lips.

While decided what to make for lunch, I had this:

Lunch was a smoothie made with 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, oat fiber, fresh pineapple, coconut, and cinnamon.

I should have used ice, as it was somewhat lukewarm, which isn’t really to bad on a cold day, but maybe not the most refreshing.

Afternoon snack was the standard latte:

and a protein hit of this:

I wasn’t the only one snacking:

Pixie was sitting all pretty for a picture forever, but then she yawned just as I snapped this!  At least she is awake.

While thinking about dinner, I snacked on some of these:

Food Should Taste Good chips.  I lurve this brand.

Dinner was my world famous BBQ chicken salad!

Hello Rutville – population: Me 😀

Plus a tart American kiwi.

Finished up work later tonight and made a nighttime snack of chocolate chips and pretzels.  Unpictured on this are the few peanuts I sprinkled on there.  See my snacking problem?

I have an announcement to share tomorrow morning 😀 Stay tuned!

I will leave you with something that I say a lot, and it happened to be in a newspaper article I was reading this morning!

It’s true!  Do you speak to yourself positively all the time?  You should 🙂

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25 thoughts on “All the bits and pieces

  1. Pubsgal

    That’s a great quote! And so true. I do my best to practice it, but I still have to catch myself and “rephrase” some of my thoughts.

    Wanted to say the other day that I *love* your new hairdo! It looks great! And I’m impressed by your pull-ups; I can manage a teensy shrug, but that’s about it…yet.

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s just chopped up cooked chicken breast that I mix with 2 tbsp of BBQ sauce. Top a bed of salad with it and sprinkle on feta cheese and sliced almonds. Super easy, fast, and good 😀

  2. Kimberley

    I am definitely trying to be positive!!!

    I am excited about your announcement, but I won’t get to read it until tomorrow night…can’t wait!

    Love the food pics and great workout!!!

  3. Jane

    I try to talk positively to myself, but it doesn’t always work.

    So funny to see that Schroon Lake mug; very good friends of my family live up that way, so I’ve heard about it for years and driven through it just once the summer I worked in the Adirondacks.

  4. Amy

    Hi Lori – I have never listened to a podcast while working out, I will have to try it. I do like the podcasts by Sandra Ahten at but they are pretty short, so I guess I would have to load up a few of them on my player!

    I notice you still do NRL4w type workouts for your weights…that is a good sign! I appreciate how straightforward the plan is.

  5. Miz

    I actually finally do only (for the most part :)) think the positive.

    Im such a firm believer in the notion we are what we repeatedly think I figure why not.
    caint hurt and I was, um, well lets just say I was AROUND lots of negative people growing up and I sure saw that neg. thoughts beget more neg.thoughts.

  6. South Beach Steve

    Do I speak to myself positively all the time? No, but I do most of the time.

    By the way, your blog isn’t updating in my reader. It is possible that it is on my end, but I just thought I would mention it here just in case.

    1. Lori Post author

      That’s weird about the reader. It shows up in my feed. Maybe if you unsub and resub? You know I don’t want you to miss a single word I write LOL!

  7. Jody - Fit at 52

    OK, tomorrow is my sleep in day so that means I will not hear/read your news till later!!! Bummer! But I do need those sleep in days!!!

    I try to talk positive & it has always been a hard one for me but I try… some days are better than others.

    Cute cat!!!

  8. cammy@tippytoediet

    I want so badly to say, emphatically, YES! I do speak to myself positively all the time. But I’m guessing we’re supposed to tell the truth. 🙂 I *do* use positive self-talk most of the time, and I’m much, much better at recognizing when I’m on a backward slide. My go-to turnaround mantra is “We see what we believe”, and then I start looking for the positives. Works every time!

    Btw, that salad looks scrumptious! (Seriously, I drooled a little bit even.)

  9. Joanne

    So good to see a fellow snacker. I pick, pick, pick all day. Mostly in the afternoon. For some weird reason, I have to make myself eat after a work out or run. Hunger doesn’t kick in until about 1:30pm.
    I try to think positive and say positive things to myself but most of the time I am very critical of me. I can think of everything in the world to say to other people and see all of their fantastic qualities, but when it comes to me, it’s usually a criticism. I know – my bad!

  10. debby

    Those chips remind me that Trader Joe’s has a new whole grain chip that tastes great–I need to pick some up next time I go!
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Still =-.

  11. Ang

    I love the FSTG chips…especially the olive ones which is weird because I don’t really like olives! lol!

    I do good with being positive for a bit and then I fall into a Debbie Downer slump! lol!
    .-= Ang´s last blog ..Bacon cupcakes rock! =-.

  12. Susan

    It’s impossible not to snack and munch on things! And to be honest, I hate how I feel when I try to force myself not to. Feels too controlling in my mind 🙁 I just try my best to keep good munchables in the house. A few raisins here and there are at least better than a few peanut butter cups 😉

    We don’t have Balance Bars around here, but that yogurt honey peanut butter flavour sounds awesome!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Waffle Wednesday – An Ode to Waffles =-.

  13. m i c h e l l e

    Congrats on the Open Sky gig! I am going to check it out in a bit … Those look like pretzels my girls love (and their mama), are they the butter-flavored ones? Try topping those with chicken or tuna salad. Delish!

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