An Egg-cellent day!

The end of the work week has arrived for me!  It’s been a busy week, that’s for sure.  I am so ready for New Orleans and the cruise (9 days and counting…..).

Today was a run day at the gym.  Seeing more new members, which is good (as long as they don’t take my favorite treadmill!).  I noticed it is definitely lighter out in the morning now when I leave the house.  Spring is coming! Right?? 😉

I put on Harry Connick Jr today (25) and hit ‘start’.  While I like this album, I think it was too mellow for running.  I did 6 miles, and did the last 3 miles at 6 mph.  Felt good!  I was incredibly sweaty today, though, more than usual (which is already pretty scary). I’m getting used to 6 miles as a base distance now….. maybe.

Came home and wanted oats today, and decided to make them custard oats!  I used 1 serving of liquid egg whites.  I almost used a regular whole egg, but I wanted the fat on top in the form of peanut butter!  One thing I love about the egg white in the oats is the volume you get out of the bowl.  For only 30 calories and it about doubled in size.

Cooked with a banana mashed in and topped with peanut butter and some peach grand marnier jam that was made locally.  So awesome!

One of the reasons I posted my snacks yesterday is that I do worry that there are people who copy what I eat or who email me saying I don’t eat enough 😯 , and I want to make sure that people understand that I actually eat a lot of food, particularly because I work out so hard, or just because I eat too much sometimes :mrgreen:   I don’t like how I tend to snack so much, because it isn’t always hunger.  It’s not really boredom either, since I am working.  It’s one thing to bring snacks to work and eat them, but since I work from home – there is *always* stuff around to eat, cause I live here!

I was in the mood for a waffle sandwich for lunch, so here comes the 2nd installment of eggs:

There was an egg in the waffle mix, plus the egg/egg white fluff on the sandwich with laughing cow.  Plus an awesome red pear.  I think red pears are my very favorite pear.  Bosc pears, not so much.

I rocked on the football picks again.  Okay, I just squeaked out a win this week, but I’ll take it!  I decided on dinner instead of breakfast out.  Our original plan was to go to Rock Hill Bakehouse, but when we pulled in it was incredibly crowded.  I think it was open mic night or something?  So we went across the street to Wholy Crepe.

I already had eggs for breakfast and lunch, so why not dinner, too?

I had a chicken and broccoli crepe.  How sad that I can’t get out of my rut even when eating out 😳  It had a dill sauce with a tiny bit of cheddar cheese in there.  Served with a side salad.


Of course, when you are at a crepe place, you must get a sweet one.  We decided to split an apple crisp crepe.

Not sure how they formed this to be a bowl, but it was a cool presentation.  The crepe was filled with apple crisp, drizzled with caramel and had a most fantastic whipped cream with it.  Sooooo goood!  I wish they would get rid of the florescent lighting, though.

Now for a relaxing evening and Project Runway!  I have a lot of things to do on the day off, including working on the rental house to get ready for the open house and broker open.

Question:  Have you ever had crepes?

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27 thoughts on “An Egg-cellent day!

  1. Whole Body Love

    I haven’t had crepes for years! Mallard and I used to go out to breakfast a few times a week and I would get Bob Evan’s Fruit Crepes. Then we tightened our budget and the breakfasts out are no more!
    .-= Whole Body Love´s last blog ..Change Of Plans =-.

  2. Heidi

    MMmm crepes. I adore them and make them for hubby (from Williams Sonoma’s mix) every weekend if I can. I worked at Baker’s Crust here in the area for a while and they have some delicious dessert crepes ( They were great to eat, but I think I enjoyed making them more so than eating them!
    And I don’t blame you on the egg white/whole egg choice. I’d choose PB over whole eggs for fat any day!
    .-= Heidi´s last blog ..Body hate. =-.

  3. sophia

    Oh my Goodness, I ADORE crepes. They are my favorite things, well one of many anyway. In Singapore, I used to visit this crepe place all the time, and they had the most wonderful savory creations. I don’t like the sweet ones, though.

  4. Pink Panda

    That’s definitely a good reason to post all of your food.

    Never been a fan of project runway. My roommate loves it a lot though, and he is the straight one. go figure.
    .-= Pink Panda´s last blog ..Fat Fish Fry =-.

  5. Alyson

    Love mixing egg whites into my oats, gives it such a fantastic fluffy texture! And crepes are amazing. There was a place shop near my undergrad, I would also get it with deli Turkey & Avocado.. so good!
    .-= Alyson´s last blog ..Soup’s On =-.

  6. Ang

    The only crepes I’ve had were at Bob Evans…not really authentic. I’ve always see cool crepe places on Food Network and want to try them but I guess that’s kind of out for me now with the gluten issue.
    .-= Ang´s last blog ..Bacon cupcakes rock! =-.

  7. Foodie Girl

    I had my very first crepe at Coquette Creperie in Manitou Springs, CO. I had a Rise and Dine South of the Border crepe and some amazing butternut squash soup. Totally fell in love with that place!
    .-= Foodie Girl´s last blog ..Still High =-.

  8. Flo

    Is that a new restaurant? Can’t wait to get back to Glens Falls and try it.

    Enjoy your cruise! Warm weather. Yay!

    1. Lori Post author

      It is new. It’s right across the street from Rockhill bakehouse. They opened up in the fall. Nice addition to downtown.

  9. Barb

    Yum! I’ve had crepes, but none as good looking as you get! Football season is nearly over…then how are you two going to decide on your meals out?

    I thought of you this morning when I decided to head to Panera for a bagel. First one I’ve had in a long, long time. I went with cinnamon crunch and 1/2 a container of reduced fat cream cheese. It was delish! Next time I’ll go with something else…when I got home and looked at the website I realized it was one of the highest calorie options.

    Your running rocks! Have a fabulous weekend!!
    .-= Barb´s last blog ..Saturday Again? =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      We won’t eat out as much with no football on the line. Guess that’s the bummer part.

      That cinnamon crunch is good, but you are right, it’s pretty caloric.

  10. Susan

    Damn straight spring is coming!! That’s what I’m telling myself anyways 😉 I can’t believe you leave in 9 days! Will you still be blogging?

    I loooooove crepes. And you’re right you can’t got to a crepe place without dessert – looks delish!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Clearing the Air =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      I will be blogging – can you believe it? They have wifi on the ship, but not free, so I need to get livewriter set up and going.

  11. Jane

    Mmmmm…crepes! You really did have an eggy day. I love crepes. My favorite way to have them at crepe restaurants is with nutella because nutella is an almost perfect food. My favorite crepe experience was at a roadside buffet place in Mexico (I was taken there by a botanist I was visiting and most of the other food was pretty bad). He and his wife never go there without having their crepes with cajeta, so we ordered them for three. Yum! Cajeta is a traditional Mexican sweet, often called dulce de leche. True cajeta, though, is made with goat’s milk, so it’s got that goaty under-flavor that I adore, even when it’s sweet.
    .-= Jane´s last blog ..Perfect 10: Week 3 Update =-.

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