Beignets and boats

I cannot believe all that we crammed into today.  After that breakfast at CC’s this morning, we headed out to the French Market:

I found fresh fruit!

This market has everything from fresh foods to handmade items to total made in China junk.  It’s a gamut!  I got a couple souvies for myself.

Our lunch stop today was the Praline Connection in Faubourg Marigny.   John and I split a cup of Gumbo Zaire, which had crawfish and greens in it.  Plus a side of homemade cornbread:

Excellent soup.  I have only had greens once in my life at home, and never in soup.  Quite good!

Then some red beans and rice:

These were decent, but I think they needed some sausage or something.  After eating, I picked up a couple pralines at the attached candy shop.  Didn’t get those pictured, though.  Bad blogger.

We did some strolling around.  Passed by the most photographed place in New Orleans, so I will add to that tally:

The famous cornstalk fence.  I wonder how nice this hotel is inside.  It is very beautiful outside.

Then a stroll around the Riverwalk, where one of the paddleboats was on it’s way out:

Some beignet snackage happened near here :mrgreen:

As we were doing some browsing, we bumped into another parade!  This was some sort of cross dressing/Saints celebration parade.

There were so many people!  It was crazy.   John wanted to rest, so we headed back to the hotel, but then I popped back out because I really wanted to try an absinthe drink.  The place to get that is the The Olde Absinthe House.  This was a strange green brew that had a strong anise flavor and something else I couldn’t put my finger on.

This was really strong and hit me like a ton of bricks!  Now that I have tried one, I don’t think I will ever have another.  😕

We have walked so many miles today.  Too bad it isn’t enough to burn off all the food! LOL!

We had some trouble deciding on where to have dinner, but ended up at Deanies.  This was a most excellent choice!  It has a bit of a retro feel to it:

Our server brought us out not bread, but some boiled cajun spice potatoes:

These were fun!  John and I decided to split an appetizer and then split an entree.  That helps with budget, but also because of portion sizes.  We started with some grilled oysters:

Topped with garlic butter and parmesan cheese.  Yum!  Our entree was a crawfish quartet.  It had crawfish balls, etouffee, au gratin, and some fried crawfish.

We didn’t bother eating the fries.  They were good, but I didn’t want to wast stomach room on them LOL!  This picture isn’t the best – but this was the best meal :mrgreen:

Listened to some great Dixieland music tonight.  There is always something wonderful going on in this town!  Tomorrow we will spend some more time in the city and then board the cruise ship.  Guest post coming up tomorrow, so please enjoy.

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12 thoughts on “Beignets and boats

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes – although not as much because the internet isn’t free on the ship, so it will be judicious. Several guest posts will happen during the week to fill in some gaps.

  1. Ishmael

    Red beans and rice! Yum, that sounds mighty good right about now, in tundra-like NY weather conditions. Sounds like you are having a great time. And very smart approach to eating. I like the idea of splitting dishes with a partner – saves money and calories. Going to try it myself next trip out.
    .-= Ishmael´s last blog ..Check This Out…What Super Sizing Costs Us =-.

  2. Jane

    Another great day of food! I love places that have a true local cuisine, and NOLA is one of the best. It’s been a very long time since I made it, but I just might have to make a tempeh etouffee. It’s delicious!
    .-= Jane´s last blog ..Swimming!!! =-.

  3. Susan

    My gosh – the food!!! I need to go to New Orleans asap 😉 That’s too funny that they brought you cajun potatoes instead of bread. Also, I bought absinthe in Montreal the last time I was there. With you on the anise flavour, very much like black licorice. Disgusting nonethless 😛

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