Day at sea

Woke up pretty early.  The boat was out in the middle of the Gulf by the time morning rolled around.

I hit the spa/gym and ran for 5 miles on the treadmill.  I was going to use the outdoor track, but it was wet and hadn’t had a chance to dry yet, so with safety in mind, I did it indoors.  John came up and met me there, and we headed out to breakfast.  We chose to eat on the Lido deck.   I was such a happy camper, because they had oatmeal available!!  I made up a plate of toppings to go with:  peanut butter, blueberries, and almonds.  With fresh fruit on the side and a little bit of scrambled eggs for protein.


The view with breakfast:



Then it was relaxing time!  On the deck:


John is ready for napping:



Don’t worry, I have 50 SPF sunscreen!  Wouldn’t want to burn those pasty legs 😀

It’s funny how there can be 2500+ people on board and it doesn’t really feel crowded.  The ship is just so big.  Here is a view down our corridor for the stateroom:


It looks like one of those fake perspective things with a mirror – but it really goes all the way down there!  This is just one level, too. 

Main atrium:



One of the 5 or 6 bars – called the Big Easy or Oyster bar.  Those are oyster shells embedded in the walls:


With a cool piano bar to sit at (no it doesn’t play – I tried)



The casino open 24/7 while at sea.



There is a coffee house here:



Espresso drinks are not included in the food package.  I may have to get a latte later in the week.  The food is good on the ship, but the coffee is pretty much swill.  Although the coffee is available 24/7 – which is nice. 

The cafe also showcases a bit of food art:


That’s all chocolate.  Plus this cool dragon.


This is the gym, or some of it.  Stationary bike area:


Nice view, eh?  Treadmills are the same way, although each of them has a personal TV.  This is the free weight area (taken in stealth so I wouldn’t get anyone working out.


The gym also has a sauna and steam room.  I took a steam and it was heaven.  Funny how in summer I complain about heat and humidity, but I willingly went into the room and enjoyed it.  The room was scented with eucalyptus, too.  I was sooooo relaxed after I got out.  I am going to do a couple more steam room times this week!

Lunch buffet line:



Interesting food available.  I am dying for some strawberries, though.  Not a one to be had on the boat!  The fruit is all long lasting kinds like melons, apples, pears, and bananas.



Plenty of desserts available!



Some Mayan ruins on the agenda, then a day of beach time in Cozumel 😀

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23 thoughts on “Day at sea

  1. jinx!

    A cruise looks like the ultimate relaxing trip. Just like the one i need. But i’m so worried hubby would be so bored. Thats really what holds me back from a cruise. I’d be out there on deck snoozing my butt off and he’d be pacing the boat bored out of his brains………He doesn’t read…….basically he doesn’t relax….LOL!

  2. April

    I love working out on a cruise ship! I saw a whale one time. I had my HR on and it shot WAY, it was pretty amazing.

    Have a GREAT time and enjoy a chocolate souffle or three for me 😉 I’m leaving out April 3rd for my Priness cruise WOOHOO!
    .-= April´s last blog ..Who’s First? =-.

  3. Desiree

    Looks awesome! Your giving me a glimpse of what I am looking forward to when we go on our first cruise in May! Have a blast and thanks for taking the time to share with us! BTW, are you using the computers on board or wifi in your room?
    .-= Desiree´s last blog ..Games, Grandkids, Good Times =-.

  4. debby

    Thanks for the cruise tour! A cruise is definitely in my future sometime. They seem to have really good deals if you can be flexible in your time.

    I was really excited to hear about how you enjoyed the steam room. There is one at the gym and I have not used it yet. I am going to try that, along with the treadmill!!
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Everything’s All Better =-.

  5. Ang

    That ship looks so nice. I would love to cruise again! 🙂 I loved the Mayan ruins. We went to Tulum. I get really excited seeing something that was built by people thousands of years ago for some reason! The day I went it was so HOT. That was the only drawback.
    .-= Ang´s last blog ..Bacon cupcakes rock! =-.

  6. ptg1002

    Oh, your cruise looks amazingly wonderful! THanks for taking so many pictures and keeping us along for the ride! 🙂

    Did you have any trouble running on the treadmill?? The last time I was on a cruise (which, granted, was about 5+ years ago) I had a horrid time keeping on the treadmill because I got so disoriented from the ship moving in a different direction! I am praying that in October it’s different because I can’t imagine NOT running, you know?
    .-= ptg1002´s last blog ..emotional wreckage =-.

  7. Susan

    Oooh, I’ve always wanted to see the Mayan ruins!! I saw the Aztec ones when I was in Mexico which were pretty neat too. I’ve never been on a cruise but it definitely looks like the way to go for a relaxing trip! Having a gym and coffee shop close by at all times is definitely a nice perk 😉 Now stop reading comments and go put more sunscreen on!! 😛
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Body Love =-.

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