Progresso and Mayan Ruins

Breakfast on the boat!  I am loving the freedom of casual dining.  I do find I am eating more food though, because it is available. 


Our ship does 2 stops (Carnival Triumph), one is Cozumel and the other is Progreso.  Progreso is a relatively new cruise ship port, I think 5 years old?  Progreso is growing in size, although still poor from an American perspective. 

We docked along side another Carnival ship, but a smaller one (that’s relative, though….)


The 2 ships made a giant wind tunnel here – it was already windy as a cold front was passing through, and it funneled in between the ships.



Pretty beaches in Progreso:



The water was a little cool to swim, but the beaches were nice to walk around in.  Here was me getting a little shock of the cold water!



Not shown here are the dozens and dozens of people offering massages on the beach.  $10 for 60 minutes, which is quite the deal!  They all say “Massage, Lady?”  That struck me really funny for some reason because most times you hear the term ‘lady’ not used in a friendly way. 

Port market:



We took a tour to a smaller Mayan ruin (Xcambo).  We decided not to do one of the big ones, as it would take 1.5 hours each way, and we didn’t want to spend that much time on a bus. 


We could climb to the top of these pyramids, maybe 20 meters?



View from the top.  Amazing how they could put all this stuff together without modern equipment.  These ruins are 2000 years old.




That thatch roof building is actually a Catholic church that was built on this site in 1930. 

Our tour also included going through a flamingo area!


It was really cool to see these without them being in a zoo! Our tour guide was calling this area a swamp, but it wasn’t the type of terrain I think of as swamp.


Here are a bunch of iguanas soaking up the sun on a wall. 

All in all, a nice day.  Our tour had only 12 people on it, so it was quite nice.

Back to the boat and to some food!  They really do have wonderful food artists on board:



The late afternoon was spent with a book and a view:


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  1. Susan

    Really pretty pictures Lori! Thanks for sharing your vaction with us. I just found your blog not long ago and I love it.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..TIRED =-.

  2. Susan

    Oooh, breakfast with fresh fruit is always my favourite thing about travelling where there’s buffets 🙂 I am so living vicariously through you right now – that last shot with the book looks like heaven!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..An (dot) Announcement (dot) =-.

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