Green eggs, Sam I am

The last day of my work week – yay!  I woke up this morning and decided I could not do the treadmill when the sidewalks were clear.  I had a banana and walnut butter for a pre run snack.

This was a tiny nanner!

Then I hit the road. It was colder than I was expecting outside.  I keep forgetting that the daily high for the day does not occur at 7 a.m. (duh).  It was about 25 when I went out.  Nice thing about the cold is that I don’t sweat as much as indoors.  I did a 5K loop twice around, so it ended up about 6.4 miles.  I was doing fine until the last 1/2 mile or so, and I really had to slog it out to finish.  I was tired by that point.  Not used to running outside anymore!  And no more bananas for a workout.  They make me burp!  What is up with that?

Since it was so cold out, I felt kind of fall inspired with my oats and brought out a can of pumpkin from the stash, plus another freezer stash item!

Cooked these up into pumpkin custard oats.  Topped with 1 tbsp of walnut butter.  I was so happy eating this breakfast.  I love food! :mrgreen:

Confession time – remember how I said we had an embarrassing amount of oat products?  Here is the shelf! 😳

I have had a chill all day.  Can’t seem to get rid of it even after a warm breakfast, hot shower, and being dressed in a sweatshirt and turtleneck today!

I experimented with lunch.  I wanted warmth – so a wrap was out.  I decided to put some broccoli in the magic bullet with an egg and some egg whites and blend it up.  Then I used the GT express to make omelets out of it, with some laughing cow tucked inside.  Check it out – green eggs!

Should have saved this for St. Patty’s Day……

So, the cereal box in the house experiment has turned into a big fail.  I snacked on that a lot today.  And it was Kashi, so my tummy is paying me back for that.  I was okay with the box in the house until I actually opened it.  D’oh!

Another FAQ, since this ingredient is in Kashi:

I saw flax seeds in your store and know I can sprinkle them on oatmeal and just about everything else. I take it you are supposed to grind them first? What’s the difference between golden and brown flax seeds (and others)? Do you have any recommendations for a newbie just starting out with flax?

Flax really needs to be ground for your body to digest it, otherwise it just passes on through.  There seems to be conflicting views on whether there really is much difference between golden and brown flax, but brown is the most easy to find in stores.  Both kinds will give you Omega 3 and alpha linoleic acid.  Just buy it whole and grind it in a coffee grinder.  Once ground, it is best to store in the fridge.  Flax is the basis for the 1-minute muffin, too!

Dinner time was more experimenting.  I cooked up a sweet potato (and saved half for another day).  Topped it with some cooked chicken, BBQ sauce, and cabot reduced fat cheddar.

This was good!  Sounds funny, but it was a nice mix of flavors.  I have gotten in some good superfoods today.


News around the internets:

Interesting post on good food versus bad at Healthy Foodie

Added some handmade soap to my Open Sky store.

** Important Food Recall – If you eat vegetarian meat analogs or use dip mixes, please check the FDA website here for product recalls on these products**


Question: Are you ready for spring?

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20 thoughts on “Green eggs, Sam I am

  1. Kimberley

    The sweet potato surprise looks like it would be tasty.

    I am very ready for spring. I am happy the days are getting longer already. Today I almost forgot to leave work because it was still so light out.

    Great job on your run. I am always so impressed at your awesome level of fitness.
    .-= Kimberley´s last blog ..Short Post =-.

  2. Leah

    Yes, I’m ready for spring. 🙂 Well, kind of. I’m ready as long as it stays around REAL long, thus putting off summer and heat and humidity. 🙂

    You inspire me to try new things with your food.

  3. Alissa

    I love your oat stash! I really need to try some different varieties. Wasn’t it great to run outside? I’m so happy the weather is getting nicer!
    .-= Alissa´s last blog ..NSV’s =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      I do use the bullet a lot! I have had it for several years now. It’s great for smoothies or doing my protein pancake batter.

  4. FatFighterTV

    Yum, it all looks so good! I’m ready to get back to working out outdoors, too, but definitely not that early in the morning. 🙂 We had sunshine here today for the first time in months, it seems! It was sooooo nice to see it and feel it.

  5. Miz

    I looooooooooooooooooooooove winter in TEXAS.
    Its why I moved here and, in a way, I get sad when spring hits as I know quickfast it will be 100 degrees here.

    Now when I lived on the east coast I CLUNG to any sign of spring starting, well, with the onset of winter 🙂
    .-= Miz´s last blog ..I’m off and… =-.

  6. Joanne

    Great run! Good eats. Sorry to hear that about the banana. Hmmmm…better pay attn. to burp syndrome and hope it doesn’t happen to me because “nanas” happen to be my food of choice to fuel a race run.
    .-= Joanne´s last blog ..Beet Chips and Carrot Strings =-.

  7. Susan

    Woo for the outdoor run!! Funny, I always get so excited about the daytime high, then realize that I hate running at 2pm when it’s actually that temperature 😛 Ah well, summer soon, right? 🙂

    I’ve been making homemade granola and I was doing really good with it at first, but now I fail on the munching front. I may have to layoff on making it for a while!! Maybe we need electroshock therapy or something 😛
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Flashback Friday: Fitness Edition =-.

  8. MB

    I’m never ready for spring. We never really got winter and I think I may have taken my last snowmobile ride today unless we get more snow soon. It’s melting quick.

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