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I got a lot of questions about my running, so like with the weight lifting post, here are my all my secrets 😀

How did you start running/How long have you been running? I started the Couch to 5K program in April of 2008.  Here is the post where I talked about my running evolution last year.  This is still one of my favorite posts. 🙂  So that makes almost 2 years of running now.  Where does the time go, anyway?

When did running become an enjoying experience DURING the run, and not only afterwards? Hmmmm…. this is hard because I don’t always enjoy the running.   When I first started out, I was actually nervous for the jogging sessions of training, literally palm sweating nervous. How bizarre is that?
There are days where it feels really good and I feel fit and the running is easy.  Those days I love.  Then there those days where my legs feel leaden and I think, “What the hell am I doing? This isn’t fun.”  Then I just get over it and keep going, unless I feel something funny that would lead me to believe I might get injured if I continue.  Most times that feeling of yuck dissipates after a while, but sometimes it stays the whole run.  That is usually when I refer to it as ‘slogging it out.’   I do have to say that I love, love the feeling when I am done running.  Knowing that great feeling is coming always outweighs the wanting to stop.  I don’t know if it is the endorphins or the feeling of accomplishment (or a little from both columns), but that is part of what keeps me running.  Ermmm….. is that called addiction? 😯

Did you run as a heavy person?  Sort of.  I tried running when I weighed over 200, and I made the mistake of going too hard, too fast, so I stopped (I still had that all-or-nothing mentality then).  I weighed in the 160s in 2008 when I started again.  It is easier when you are lighter, but there certainly are people much heavier than I am that do 1/2 marathons!  It’s all in how you train.  I do still need to wear compression on the bottom, because I don’t like the feel of loose skin when I run.  It just makes it more comfortable.  My trisuit was the best purchase ever!!

Why do you say you don’t consider yourself a runner, as it seems like you run a lot? I consider myself a biker and a lifter first, because those 2 things I love, and I would bike all the time if I could (and did last summer).  Running is just kind of something I do, but not necessarily what I am.

What shoes do you wear? I have become a convert to Saucony shoes.  I have wide feet and they fit me really well.

What do you eat before you run? Depends on the length of the run and the time.  Usually a protein bar or some type of bread with nut butter on it.  Sometimes dates with nut butter.  Nothing really heavy.

Do you have any running goals this year? I had a mileage goal in mind of 750 miles for the year.  A minimum of 500 (I am sitting at 166 the day of this post).  I had thoughts of doing a 1/2 marathon, but I realized that I don’t love running so much that I want to do it for 2.5 hours.  I think I might get bored, not to mention that it would be really hard.  It’s funny, we are going to do a 100-mile bike ride this summer and that I look forward to that.  I was not looking forward to a 1/2 marathon, so I think that is reason enough to not do one.  And that is okay.  Sometimes I feel like I *should* because there is no reason that I can’t, and it seems like so many others are having fun doing them.  It certainly would be a challenge. I can always change my mind on that one, though.  I am doing the duathlon again, though. Yay!

So, those are just some musings on running.

My first 5K ever in July of 2008 (with my sister)

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24 thoughts on “Running FAQ

    1. Lori Post author

      I run on opposite days I lift most times. It’s hard to run on days I lift, although I can do a mile or 2 if I feel I need to.

  1. Dawn

    What a great post Lori!!! I loved learning about how you started running and how you stay running. I wish I could get the swing of it but my knees limit me. Maybe some day I’ll be able to. I love how passionate you are about everything you do.
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..Moody blues =-.

  2. Pubsgal

    I loved reading this, too! Thanks for sharing the info. I know what you mean about running, but not considering yourself “a runner.” I like bike riding better, too, but outdoor rides are harder to work into my schedule during the school year. (I think I like it better because the scenery changes more quickly…maybe if I ran faster I’d like running better. 😉 )

    When’s your duathlon? Definitely would like to hear more about it. Do you think you’ll do another triathlon?
    .-= Pubsgal´s last blog ..I’m Back (With Photos and a Race Report!) =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      The duathlon is not until october – a long way away!

      I am not sure about another tri. I don’t have access to a pool now, so that puts a crimp in swim training 😀

  3. Nicole

    I love reading all your questions and answers. I am still on the fence about doing a half marathon. I want to, but it just seems like so long to run. Some days I also get bored running, especially on the treadmill, but I try to put on some good music or tv and push through!
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Whole Wheat Pita Bread! =-.

  4. Jane

    It’s nice to read a bit more about your running. I’m going to check out Saucony shoes because my feet are wide and my current walking shoes pinch a bit and are really awful when I try to add short running segments to my walk.
    .-= Jane´s last blog ..The Good And The Bad =-.

  5. Aimee

    You’ve come so far with your running, it’s amazing! I have always hated to run but I kind of wonder what it would be like to run a mile. Maybe I’ll change my ways. lol

  6. Shelley B

    Thanks for this! I am still struggling with what to eat before a run – I did my Dash 5K on a banana – had a protein bar with me, but could not force myself to eat that much so early in the morning. Maybe I should try a little peanut butter with the nanner?

    Oh, here’s another question – I’ve read that after about 45 minutes you should re-fuel…do you use GU or anything like that?
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Armadillo Dash 5K Recap! =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      You might just try eating 1/2 the protein bar, but honestly, if you are okay not eating it and running, then you don’t need it.

      I never take those GU things or stuff like that. I don’t fuel during runs, except when I ran 8 miles, I had some dates with nut butter and then another time I had coconut water. That is what I prefer rather then gels or gatorade.

      6 miles or less and it is a snack before and breakfast after, but not during.

  7. Susan

    Funny, this post just made me realize I AM a runner! 2.5 hours seems like nothing on my feet, but it can be pretty brutal on the bike :\ Hm, maybe we need to do a relay race!

    I’m a Sauconys convert too, although I’m a strong believer in that shoe brand is based on the individual foot.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Three Generations =-.

  8. Katie

    Thanks for this post! I read the one you linked to about your running progression, which was terrific as well. I am just starting week 7 of the C25K, and it sounds like I am at about the same pace as you were when you did it!

    A few questions – How did you get up to 5k? I’m sure after week 9 I’ll be able to run for 30 minutes… but that will probably only get me 2 miles! How do I get up to 5k?

    Also, what kind of training did you do to get your 5k time down?? I am running a 5k in May, so I will have some time to work on speed between finishing C25K and my race. Any pointers would be great!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..A Sunday kind of love… =-.

  9. Leah

    I LOVED this post as I am a new runner. I have just completed the C25K program and found out yesterday that I can indeed run 5K, but (like you) it took me over 30 minutes. I am going to sign up for my first race soon, but just to finish it..not to win time wise.

    This is a post I will come back to for hints and helps. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

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