The letter P!

Happy Monday to all!  I woke up a little later today again because of the time change.  No one was at my gym either, maybe because it was still a little dark when I got there.  That just seems too early, even though it was near 7.  I jogged a mile on the hamster wheel to warm up, then moved some heavy stuff:   P is for Power!

  • Pull up:  0 (see below)
  • Chin ups:  2 sets of 4, 1 set of 3 (see below)
  • Barbell deadlift/row combo 3 sets of 8 at 65#


  • Stationary lunge:  3 sets of 8 with 35# plate
  • Pushups:  3 sets of 10.


  • Dumbbell Pliet squat: 1 set of 10 with 35# DB, 2 sets of 10 with 40# DB
  • 1-point dumbbell row:  3 sets of 8 with 20# DBs.
  • Planks: 1.5 minute hold, then two 1-minute hold
  • YTWL:  3 sets of 4 (each letter) with 10# DBs

Giant set:

  • Cable woodchop:  3 sets of 10 at 40#
  • Bicep curl with EZ curl bar:  3 sets of 10 at 30#
  • Overhead triceps extension:  3 sets of 10 with 10# DBs.

Yay!  It felt great 😀  I attempted a pull up just for kicks.  That was quite amusing, I have to say.  I dangled like a fish on a hook before giving up.  I moved to chin ups, but I went back to the way I did them before from a box with bent arms instead of dead hang and that is why I was able to do more.  I am getting stronger.

I was ready for breakfast and started the day with the letter P for pumpkin!  Pumpkin custard oats, to be exact.

Yum!  Work started off slow today.  That is always annoying because it means I have to work later into the evening to make my line commitments.  It’s not like a job where I go and work for 8 hours no matter how busy or slow it is.  If there are no files, I don’t get paid.  The not so glamorous side of working at home.  P as in Pfffffftttt…..

Lunch was an egg puff (just scrambled in the microwave) on a tortilla with laughing cow and hot sauce.  I am so into the hot sauce.

And on the side? P is for Plum!  This is called a lemon plum.  It’s yellow on the inside and has a lemon shape to it:

Interesting.  More sweet, as I find plums to usually have a tart side to them.

Afternoon snack – P is for protein!  I remember when Starbucks offered a protein shot with lattes, so I asked John to put 1/2 a scoop of protein powder in the milk when he steamed it.  He used chocolate PP and it looks like this:

It kind of was like a mocha.  This baby packed in 21 grams of protein!  I think I would use plain next time (which we don’t have on hand at this moment).  I am not used to sweet lattes, so this was a little odd for me to drink.  I know you are all probably proteined out, but I need to up my protein for snacks (meals are fine).

Dinner time.  I love how with daylight savings, dinner pictures have plenty of natural light.  Behold my plate:

Stir fry with chicken, broccoli, and sweet Potatoes!  This was excellent.  And these strawberries are like candy, seriously.  (There may have been some P for Peanuts snacked upon while cooking, too)

Does anyone else think it’s earlier than it really is at night now?  I keep getting surprised when I look at the clock and see how late it actually is.

Getting settled in for my evening snack.  P is for Pomegranate!

A couple squares of the new Hershey’s Extra Dark with Pomegranate.  Yum, yum.

The last P for today? P as in Publish post!  😀

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18 thoughts on “The letter P!

  1. John

    You know you couls have added a few more P words like the #1 &
    Good post. I bought the pumpkin for my oats but haven’t tried it yet…keep forgetting I have it!
    .-= John´s last blog ..Running Slow is Hard =-.

  2. Andra

    I tried the custard oats for the first time this morning. I like the way it looked but could not stomach the smell of the egg white liquid when it started to heat up. I added a very ripe banana at the end to make it palatable and it ended up being quite delish. I, too, am upping the protein wherever I can aiming for over 100 grams per day. I made 130 grams today! I also made some home made protein snack bars. I mixed chocolate protein powder with flax meal, raw almond butter and rolled oats. They came out looking like Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo (P is for Poo!) but hopefully they will taste better.
    .-= Andra´s last blog ..Office Project V. 2.0 =-.

  3. Josie

    LOL at all the P’s!

    What a workout! I didn’t know there was a difference between chin up and pull up. I’m gonna hafta google it. Can you tell I’m such a noob at this??

    Hey, I have another P for ya! Pledge! I’m doing a workout pledge on my blog where you can help determine my workout on Wed, all it takes is a comment. please? LOL!
    .-= Josie´s last blog ..Workout Pledge =-.

  4. Kelly

    Hi Lori. I’ve got Galloway’s book Half Marathon: You Can Do It! and I’m joining a Galloway Training Team in Houston on May 1st. There are teams all over the US. They’ll help me with pace and training. But I’m always open to recommendations if you have any! 🙂
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Weekly Workouts =-.

  5. Heidi

    You took me back to the Sesame Street days with this post and I love it! Your stir fry looks too yummy – do you use a pre-made sauce or your own mix?
    .-= Heidi´s last blog ..bloggers on tv =-.

  6. debby

    You made me look. I’ve been wondering about exactly what a pull up and what a chin up is, so I had to google it to find out the difference when you mentioned both. Vicky has me doing something which is I guess an attempted pull up. Attempted being the key word here…

    Yum on the food today. Like the combo of sw pot, broc and chicken.
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Decision! =-.

  7. michelle

    Cute post! The chicken, broc + sweet potato dish looked fantastic! Can’t wait until berries are fully in season. We have been getting some great strawberries recently too …

  8. Amy

    This post was brought to you by the letter P – love it! I didn’t know those were called Lemon plums – we have them here too and I love them.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Hey Big Spender! =-.

  9. Susan

    That chocolate bar reminds me that I saw a Lindt bar with Pear! I’ve been on the lookout for it since that first spotting, but I haven’t been able to find it since 🙁

    On to more topical stuff, awesome work on the pull-up! Yes, I know you hung there like a fish, but it’s the effort that counts! And that’s awesome you’re getting stronger with the chin-ups too 😀
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Out of Hibernation =-.

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