Garden time and giant nose

Happy Glorious Friday!  The very last day of winter, too!  I hopped on the bike and went to the gym.  I’ll be glad when the mornings are a little warmer for the ride there 😕

I took it easy on the legs today, since we have a big ride coming up tomorrow:

  • Chin ups:  2 sets of 2, 1 set of 1
  • Barbell dead lifts:  10 x 45#, 10 x 75#, 8 x 95# 6 x 105#, 4 x 115#
  • Incline dumbbell chest fly: 3 sets of 8 with 20# DBs
  • Cable squat to row: 10 at 60#, 8 at 70#, 6 at 80#
  • Lying dumbbell pullover: 3 sets of 8 at 35#
  • Face pulls:  10 at 30#, 2 sets of 10 at 40#
  • EZ curls:  3 sets of 10 with 35# bar
  • Bent reverse fly: 3 sets of 10 with 15# DBs
  • Nosebreakers:  3 sets of 10 with 30# EZ bar
  • Reverse crunches:  3 sets of 15

Biked home and set to making banana oat bran!  My arms were feeling so weak after my workout that I could barely smash up the banana LOL.  Good thing that feeling doesn’t last all day:

40 g oat bran, 1 medium banana, 2 egg whites, cinnamon, topped with jam and almonds.  Perfecto!

Garden time today on my day off!  Spent the morning getting rid of the old.  I leave all this up for winter interest and for whatever snacks the birdies can find in it.

All cleaned up.

Lots more tulips nubbins coming up, too 🙂 I still need to prune 1 rose bush.  Those are hard to me to hack away because I always worry I will take too much off (which is pretty hard).

Came in for some lunch.  I wanted some color!

Baked sweet potato with laughing cow and sauteed broccoli.  And strawberries.

If you think it looks good, you can be rest assured that it was.

Pixie shot of the day.  John dubbed this “The last thing a mouse sees.”

I know a lot of people have gone to FitBloggin’ this weekend.  I so wish I could have gone.  If it was a month later, I would have been there.  Make sure everyone sends updates!  I’m jealous looking at all the people traveling in my google reader….

Snack time!

This latte might have included a shot of Kahlua…. just sayin’….  And there were a couple clementines on the side.

More garden clean up before dinner.  It was 66 degrees and fabulous outside.  Love it!

More colors for dinner:

Today was one of those days where all of my food tasted so good!  Tonight is going out and meeting my folks for a beverage, so I’m hitting publish early and going to be social 😀 .

*Note * Anyone interested in some Amazing Grass – Jessie is doing a giveaway on her blog for some!

Stay tuned for a giveaway on my blog on Monday!

Question:  Do you like blog giveaways?

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18 thoughts on “Garden time and giant nose

  1. Ron

    Looks like you had a great day, It’s all I can do to try and keep up with reading my favorite blogs, sometimes dont seem to even have enough time to comment, so I don’t pay much attention to blog give aways!
    .-= Ron´s last blog ..What a beautiful day today =-.

  2. Pubsgal

    All of your food *looked* good, too…well, except perhaps the clam strips. (Amazing. A fried food I *don’t* like!) But, mmm, almost dinner time around here!

    I’m bummed to not be at FitBloggin’ either. I would so have loved to try and meet some of my favorite bloggers there…I was amazed at how many are going! And running a 5K with a bunch of people I actually “know” would have been a blast!

    Blog giveaways are fun! I ought to try doing one myself sometime. 🙂
    .-= Pubsgal´s last blog ..Help Some Friends with Hearts of Gold Grow a Pot o’ Gold for LLS =-.

  3. michelle

    Gorgeous colorful food Lori (and yum! Kahlua ;-)! We have been eating A LOT of strawberries this week.

    I like blog giveaways esp. when it’s something I’ve had my eye on to try. I am keeping my eyes peeled for a Tera’s Whey giveaway – have you seen this protein powder? I saw it on a blog today and am excited to try it!

    1. Lori Post author

      Oat bran is pretty much like oats, but creamy and really filling. Kind of like a bulked up cream of wheat.

  4. Fran

    I do love giveaways but am most of the time excluded since I live abroad.

    We have a gardener coming every Spring to clean up our garden, he’s coming next Saturday. From that point on we do it ourselves but have to say that I love sitting in it but don’t like working in it 🙂
    .-= Fran´s last blog ..A day in my life: Friday March 19th 2010 =-.

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