Cold eats

Kind of a gray day today and a little chilly.  We headed out to Panera so I could get my Sunday bagel fix!

Sorry for the flash.  The lighting at Panera Bread is terrible!

John had one of the new strawberry scones.  It was pretty good, may have to try it myself instead of a bagel sometime (gasp!).

I will tell you that yesterday was a horrible eating day for me.  I had 1 fruit and no veggies all day.  So, that was one day of my veggie challenge that doesn’t pass LOL!  I really need to give myself a little tough love on weekends.  Or a lot of tough love.  Maybe that will be my challenge for this week.

So today, bring on the protein and the produce.

Lunch was pretty orange!

I mixed some cottage cheese with strawberry protein powder and filled the cantaloupe.  This was good, but cold.  I had a serious chill after lunch.  Sat there in a blanket while I worked with some tea!

The only hot thing I had today besides tea was this latte:

Dinner was more cold stuff.  I am so happy to have chicken back!  We stopped at the smokehouse yesterday and got a plethora of meat for the freezer.

This salad had 4 cups of spring mix!  Now that is a lot of veggies :mrgreen:

With strawberries.  Look at this berry – I wonder if it was grown near 3-mile island?

Tonight’s snack? I mixed up 1/2 cup of water with a 1/2 scoop of protein powder, 1 tsp of cocoa powder (for richness) and some konjac powder.  Let it sit for a while and I got a pudding out of it.

Check it out!  Topped with a little marshmallow fluff – oh yes.  This stuff is crazy!  I might try some of those noodles, but I am a little scared.

Work is done and it is laundry time!

Produce challenge:

F:  1/2 cantaloupe, strawberries

V:  baby carrots, 4 cups of spring mix.

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22 thoughts on “Cold eats

  1. debby

    Hi Lori, where do you find this stuff? I think konjac powder is what was missing in my soupy energy bars–haha!

    Good for you on a good eating day to recover from yesterday.
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Flower Show =-.

  2. Miz

    I giggle that at 40 I still LOVE getting those weirdfruitshapes.
    Before our child Id save em to show the husband when he got home from work 🙂

  3. Megan

    My oldest loves things like the double strawberry. It just cracks her up. Did you know that yesterday is the anniversary on 3mi island? Or is a coincidence?

  4. Ex Yo-Yo Debbie

    Yum! That bagel looks good…

    Your post yesterday about maple syrup was lovely! Have you ever had maple sugar pie? Basically, it’s the maple cream you mentioned, except they bake it into a pie shell – deadly good!

    Almost 10 years ago, on the day I got my Lifetime Membership at Weight Watchers, do you know where we ended up having brunch? A maple sugar-shack, just like the one in your photos. I was at goal weight with a WW Lifetime membership for about an hour…that’s it! (In Quebec, they give you pancakes, bacon, eggs, potatoes, and baked beans…all slathered in maple syrup…)

    Ah, the memories!

    Great that you had a little trip over to Vermont…in some places further north you can take a ferry across Lake Champlain 🙂
    .-= Ex Yo-Yo Debbie´s last blog ..How I Survived The Beginning (148 lbs) =-.

  5. Susan

    MARSHMALLOW FLUFF!!!! Lori, you are a woman after my own heart, swoon! 😉 On top of protein pudding too. I’ve been eating that every single night for weeks now.

    The strawberries are so wonky this time of year. Always good for a few kicks.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Strength Training at Home =-.

  6. Leah

    That’s it. I’m coming over. Your salad looks wonderful and I’ll have a latte as well. LOL

    I bought lots of strawberries today and thought of you. All here, but my son, love them and I’m so glad it’s berry time. Question: Do you freeze them and then eat them alone after thawing? I can’t remember if they are good like that. I usually freeze them and use them for smoothies only… hhmm…
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..Jumping In – Day 3 Update =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      I never get a chance to freeze the berries, as we eat them all within a week! I actually don’t care for frozen berries unless they are in a smoothie or I have cooked them.

  7. Kelly

    You are a girl after my own heart-I think I could eat strawberries at every meal. I had some tonight at dinner with some fat free cool whip. I can’t wait until they hit the peak of their season and the prices go down a little. Right now I’m still buying them because I can’t resist but I have to ration them. Frozen berries just aren’t the same! What do you do in the winter when they are not as readily available?

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