Lifting and destressing.

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Seems like about half of you like tofu and half don’t!  It seems either all or nothing as well.  One of those polarizing foods.

Killer work out today.  No biking, because it was still rainy and breezy when I got up 🙁   Tomorrow, though!  I had a protein snack before leaving the house.

After a treadmill warm up, I did the following:

  • Chin ups:  3 sets of 2
  • Barbell squats:  Warm up of 10 at 45#,  set of 10 at 75#, set of 8 at 95#, set of 6 at 105#, set of 4 at 115#!


  • Incline barbell chest press:  3 sets of 8 at 55#
  • Reverse lunge/forward reach:  3 sets of 10 with 8# DBs


  • Walking lunges:  3 sets of 8 (each leg) with 15# DBs
  • Push ups:  3 sets of 10


  • Front raise:  3 sets of 10 with 8# DBs
  • Triceps kickback:  3 sets of 10 with 15# DBs


  • Reverse crunches:  3 sets of 15
  • Lower back extension (machine): 3 sets of 10 at 100#

Then I got on the treadmill again, thinking I would do some HIIT or a little jogging, but I was completely wiped from that workout.   It took about 45 minutes to get through that routine.  I felt really weak, too.   Lifting can do that to you! After 10 minutes, I got off and picked up John for bagels.

I did not try this coffee, but I found the name intriguing.

It’s probably 1/2 caff, which is never on my morning agenda.

I was so hungry that I snarfed my bagel before a picture:

After I ate this, my stomach felt like nothing had even gone in, not even the large coffee!  One of those bottomless pit days, I guess.

Got to work right away with another web conference.  They have been conferencing us out this week!

Kashi cereal sample arrived in the mail (I heart Kashi):

I incorporated it into lunch with greek yogurt, vanilla protein powder and strawberries.

I used half of this sample.  I really, really liked this cereal – which is a problem for me, as I am sure you all know how I have a cereal snack problem.  I don’t know if I would dare have a whole box of this in the house.  The little sample came with a $1 coupon, too! 😯

The sun has been trying to peek out a little today, with little showers.  It’s definitely spring!  I was looking at my garden bed today and more and more things are showing their heads.  Yay!

Snack time!

Plus the last of the 100 calorie organic cookies:

These were also good.

Finished up work early today.  I have scaled back my schedule a little bit.  I was trying to hit a certain $ amount each day with lines and because we get paid more for certain lines than others (speech recognition versus straight transcription), I would never know when I would finish for the day, which was getting annoying.  Plus, you just burn out after too many lines.  I was giving myself some undue stress about it.  With selling the rental house, it is not so imperative to have every line count.  So, I have just been hitting the company minimum and it has made me much, much happier.

Dinner time!  I was still feeling like a bottomless pit, so I sauteed up 2 cups of broccoli to make a stir fry with.  Gotta bulk it up!

Yum!!!  I hope I never get tired of broccoli.

Relaxing evening on tap tonight.  We have an MST3K movie from Netflix to watch.  I just love that show – it cracks me up.  Which really cements my geekdom, I’ll tell you.  😳   This is one of the reasons I will have to keep John around forever.  All of our shorthand jokes based on this show and The Simpsons would be too hard to train  a new husband in. :mrgreen:

Question:  Is your job stressful, and if so, how do you relieve that?

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22 thoughts on “Lifting and destressing.

  1. Alissa

    My job can be very stressful because I have people yelling at me all day. Sound fun, huh? 🙂 I really need a new job. Lately, I’ve been finding that a nice run outside helps me destress.
    .-= Alissa´s last blog ..Weigh In Day!!!! 😀 =-.

  2. Kimberley

    Great workout and it was hilarious that you ate the bagel up before you could take a pic!

    My work is very stressful and today I just wanted to eat, eat, eat. But I did not, not, not. I stuck to the food I had planned for today, but it was tough!

    I am doing a lot more self talk eg. “food will not make you feel better, seeing a loss on the scale Saturday will make you feel superb.”
    .-= Kimberley´s last blog ..Worthy Cause Wednesday =-.

  3. Fran

    My job has been stressful lately but luckily I’m not a stress person so I can handle it fine. It helped that I have my own office since 3 weeks. My boss told me the other day that I was working harder now I didn’t have irritation with my co worker anymore. I relieve stress days with running after work or go to the gym or take it slow by watching some tv at night.

    Great workout! I’m so impressed with you.
    .-= Fran´s last blog ..A day in my life: Tuesday March 30th 2010 =-.

  4. debby

    My job is stressful, of course. Over the years I have consistently refused to work overtime, and have scaled back my hours slowly. Lately, I have paid attention to just getting some sunshine. Even if it means I just go stand by the windows in the hallway. I find it to be very relaxing. If it is nice outside there is a short loop I can take. I don’t try to make it exercise so much as just enjoyable.

    I have a question. After a workout like that, don’t you want to get more protein in? Or am I bagel-ignorant, and there is some protein in the bagel and/or the cream cheese. Sometimes I don’t really know all the exercises you are doing but I recognize most of those, and that was a HARD workout. Ouch!
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Me and Africa =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      Debby – you are right in that I should be having more protein for breakfast on a lifting day like this. I just love my Wednesday bagels! So, I make sure I get in protein before I work out, which isn’t the same, but it will do. I also have milk with my coffee – so I get in some protein from there.

      The rest of the day, I make sure I get in more protein for the other 2 meals and snacks so I can hit my goals for the day. Not the most nutritionally sound way to do it, but until I decide to change my bagel habit, that’s the plan 😀

  5. Kat

    Ok, the yoga coffee cracked me up for some reason. I guess I don’t think about yoga and coffee together. But I am a fan of both! Your workout looks so fierce! We got a temporary membership to a gym today because it was raining really hard and it was a c25k training day. I am going to try out some of the weights over the next week. Right now the heaviest dumb bells I have at home are 12 pounds and I know I could benefit from more lifting…Hope you are having a good week.
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..Loretta’s Spring Challenge =-.

  6. Amy

    I’m just catching up on your blog and am sorry you had a bad experience with the tofu! I happen to really like tofu, but it does make a difference how it is prepared – baked is really good…and I think it is one of those things that grows on you. Don’t give up on it yet! I’ll see if I can post one of my yummy tofu rucipes in the next couple days for you (just a bit busy right now because my sister and her family arrive here on Saturday morning and I am trying to get everything ready). Thanks for the leg advice – I appreciate it!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Salad of the Day and Good News! =-.

  7. Miz

    I am luckylucky and shall say NO.
    My editors are freakin amazing.
    My bossathome is far better now that she’s four 🙂

    little stress for me which is how it needs to be as, these days, its LOTTTTSA STRESS for the husband.

    lack of tufulove,

    .-= Miz´s last blog ..Middle Management (guest post). =-.

  8. MB

    I spent the last 11 years stressing out in a big lawfirm. The last year I was there it got so bad that I was literally physically sick every single day I got off the elevator. I was so stressed out that it was affecting every other part of my life. The only relief I got is when I got that pink slip in November. I’m so happy I got out of there but now I need to decide whether I want to go back to work in a lawfirm and make a decent paycheck or find something else to do that doesn’t pay as well but won’t stress me out. Decisions, decisions ….
    .-= MB´s last blog ..Muscle Soreness or Injury? =-.

  9. Susan

    “It’s probably 1/2 caff, which is never on my morning agenda”

    Amen Lori. Half caf is for the birds.

    I got the same free sample from Kashi Canada, I always find it so fascinating how the packaging is different in countries. I wonder why? I guess they have to make everything bilingual here… I didn’t care for the cereal though, I’m iffy when it comes to freeze-dried fruit.

    My old reporting gig was SO stressful. I had to come back with stories every single day NO MATTER WHAT. My breaking point came when I was sent to cover a protest in the middle of the woods, chasing crazy environmentalists through the trees thinking to myself “Minimum wage doesn’t even come close to making this crap worth it.” My current job as a communications writer can be stressful when I get tons of assignments on my plate, especially when met with a lot of hard deadlines. But hammering through assignments at my desk is much easier than tearing through the streets in a news car.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Strength Training at Home =-.

  10. JEM

    My job is stressful, but my life is usually stressful too. More than my fair share of drama these days.

    I used to eat to comfort myself. Now, I am trying to spend quality time with my husband and go biking. Its been hard because the urge to eat is so stong but I have been able to hold off, at least the last 6 weeks.
    .-= JEM´s last blog ..Stress =-.

  11. megan

    I understand about not wanting to have to train a new husband. I dont think I would have the energy.

    My can be stressful but rarely is. I just don’t enjoy it much. Getting up in the AM to go is hard because of that. If I can get a run in before I go, normally I feel better about it.

  12. Leah

    I was an MT for two years and that was the most stressful job I had. I loved the work, but the company we were working for started pressing for high lines AND quality even on crappy dictators. Also, the best hours (per the company I worked for) were my first shift of SUn-Thurs 9pm-1am, or my last shift of 4am-8am. My daytime shift fit my life perfectly and allowed me rest, but when work was low it always hit daytime people worst.

    It’s a job I would do again, because I really enjoyed the work, but I’d have to have a different company I think.

    That was only a few years ago and I have worked in school since and loved it.

    When I”m stressed I tend to gripe at my husband about it and talk about it WAY TOO MUCH. I’m learning to let it go and put my focus on my family and not let a stressful work day ruin the rest of my day. Thankfully, I don’t eat when stressed..I used to only eat to stay awake on the late shift. That’s another story for another time.

    Gosh..that was a long comment. Sorry. I just can relate to your job and I’ve been wondering for months if you were an MT. 🙂 It’s a great line of work that’s not as easy as people think.

    Have a good last day of your week!

    1. Lori Post author

      Yep – MT here. It can be stressful to have the production and quality having to be so high. I like working at home, but not sure this is the best job for me.

  13. paula

    My job can be very stressful at times but then there are those moments that I can come in, make my coffee and eat my breakfast at my desk. My schedule all depend on the student’s schedule so there is some overtime (love the extra money) but its hard to plan—at least in March thru May. However, in the summers, I’m off by 4 pm.

    Can you tell I love my job?
    .-= paula´s last blog .. =-.

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