I slept in some today!  Yay!  I woke up around 7 am, which is pretty late for me.  Had a pre workout snack of half a sandwich thin spread with some Nuttzo.  That’s unsweetened nut butter that is crunchy with seeds!

It was almost 50 degrees, so I laced up and went down to the track to run.  No school this week, so I could run without feeling like a stalker.  While the track can be boring, I do like it because I can just go on autopilot and think.  No worries about traffic or crossing the street or getting too far from home.  Just me, my tunes, and the early sun.  I did 4 easy miles.  I really need to do speed work (note how I keep saying that…), but I am just kind of lazy about not doing it.

It started to cloud up as I finished up and now it is raining!  I have been thinking s’mores a lot lately, so I had to find some way to incorporate that into breakfast without going overload.  So I present the sm’oats!

  • 40 g of Multigrain hot cereal (130 cal)
  • 5 g of dark cocoa powder (10 cal)
  • 1 small banana mashed (90 cal)
  • 2 egg whites (30 cal)
  • 12 g of Fluff  (40 cal)
  • 1 square of crumbled graham cracker (35 cal)

I mixed the cereal and cocoa powder and added to boiling water with the mashed nana.  Cooked until almost done and tempered in the egg whites.  Then topped with fluff and graham cracker!  Total calories for the bowl is 335 calories.  I carefully measured everything, because it would be so easy to go overboard and pack on the calories.  That’s pretty much why I weigh things, because if I go by teaspoons and tablespoons, I get a bit generous and still call it the lower number.  Not sure who I think I’m fooling that way 😉

Lunch time included some more leftovers.

Stuffed shells – I hadn’t had those in years, but they were on the Easter menu and I forgot how good they were.  I don’t eat a lot of pasta anymore (being a volume eater and all), but I do like it.

And this was the tartest kiwi ever!  Dang I think they crossed the tree with a lemon or something.  Hope the other 2 aren’t quite so tart.

Update on the downward scale movement.  I lost a net of 1 pound in March.  The turtle is back!  I don’t know why I sometimes put myself at odds with myself by working heavier weights and then expecting the scale to go down.   Some of my snacking isn’t all that conducive, either LOL!  Working muscles harder and I get so hungry, so I eat.  I’ll just keep trucking along.  If I lost a pound a month for 6 months, I would be happy.

Snacky time!  John made me a protein latte, which I paired up with some dark chocolate.

Lattes, chocolate and rainy days are made for each other, don’t you think?

This morning, I pulled out what I thought was chicken to drop in the crockpot and found out it was pork.  I decided just to do that anyway.  I added some homemade salsa (from one of our customers) to the cooker and dropped in the pork loin.

Delicious!  Paired with the usual 😉

Tidbit:  On yesterday’s post, I mentioned doing lower weights and higher reps.  The reason for that is periodization.  I did 4 weeks with lower reps and heavier weights, now I am doing at least 1 week at higher reps and lower weights to help with endurance (slow twitch muscle fibers) to help with my bike riding.  Now that warm weather is here, likely to change up some routines!  It’s so hard to do all I want to do in a week of workouts.  I need to focus more on what I need to do to reach certain goals (i.e. 100 mile bike ride.)

John and I went out for a little together time tonight.  He wanted to go to the library, and you know I won’t turn that down or the coffee afterwards.

I was going t to get the 2nd Twilight book out.  I finished the first one.  I am not totally sure I liked it, but I can certainly see why they are popular.  All of the others were checked out, so I got a Stephen King short story book instead 😀

Snack while updating this post:

I love butter snap pretzels.  They are even better when paired with chocolate chips, although I restrained myself 😀

Have a great night!

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17 thoughts on “Sm’oats!

  1. Jinx!

    Ha! I finally just watched the Twilight movies. I’ve never read the books. I tried to watch the first movie a while ago and only made it half way thru. Just didn’t hold my attention. But i tried it again and got past the halfway point and it got pretty good. Then i watched New Moon and really liked it. Guess i’m hooked now. 🙂 Looking forward to the next movie.
    You and your workouts and weightlifting always amaze and inspire me girl. I just can’t stay with the weight lifting although running has become a way of life. Weights i start and stop , start and stop. Way to go girl!

  2. Fran

    I prefer my speedwork on the treadmill. I found out that when I do it outside I’m just not running much harder. On the treadmill I can controle the speed.

    Of al the Twilight books New Moon is my less favourite, same for the movie.
    Next week I’ll get my copy of Breaking dawn in Dutch in the mail. Counting the days 🙂

  3. MB

    MMMMmmmm…your sm’oats look delicious.

    I enjoyed the Twilight series but be warned the second book is really slow moving ’til you get about 1/2 way through it. I just watched the second movie and was laughing so hard. Are they meant to be “B” movies? They seem so sappy and the actors are not anything like the pictures I have in my head. The movies are never as good as the books.

    I’m not a huge Stephen King fan (can’t read scary stuff) but I recently got one of his books of short stories, Just After Sunset, and really liked the “Stationary Bike” story.

    I hope you’re out enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

  4. Susan

    Ahhhh, waffle pretzels! I just gave a bag of those to my coworker because having them in my house proved to be dangerous (especially when dipped in peanut butter – don’t even try it! :P)

    Sm’oats, Lori, you are a girl after my heart <3
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Pigs n’ Bunnies =-.

  5. michelle

    I’ve been doing lower weight/higher rep too and am really enjoying the change.

    Butter snaps! My girls are having those with chicken salad for lunch today 😉 So good with sweet or savory.

  6. Mallory

    I wish I could get up at 7am and feel like I’ve had a sleep in…I’m the grouchiest, most blearry eyed non-morning person ever, but the rare occasions I can get up early and get in a workout, have a stretch or even sit down to eat breakfast, I feel great.

    That Sm’oats dish looks excellent! LOVE S’mores!
    .-= Mallory´s last blog ..#76. Watch the Sunrise =-.

  7. janetha

    those oats look super good, but even if they didn’t.. i would make them solely to use the adorable name. SMOATS! i am also digging those shells. yum.
    .-= janetha´s last blog ..two Q tuesday! =-.

  8. Mabelle

    Hi Lori–I love the way in which you incorporate your “cravings” in to part of your meals (ie: the low cal s’mores dish for breakfast). I think thats the perfect way to never feel deprived yet still be able to eat what you wish! I like it 😉
    .-= Mabelle´s last blog ..Early to Rise! =-.

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