Flashback Friday: The Pixie edition.

Happy Friday!   Had another nice workout today.  I went to the gym and the owner was there, so I showed him the Shape article.  He was pleased to see a member in there!  He took the article and set it out in the waiting area so other members can see it.  A little embarrassed there LOL!

I hopped on the stationary bike and rode for 15 minutes.  It’s getting easier – I might have to try the real bike this weekend.  My knee stings now, which is weird.  It’s constant, too.

The iron:

  • Stiff legged dead lift:  3 sets of 10 with 45# bar
  • Incline Barbell chest press:  3 sets of 8 with 55# bar
  • Rail squats:  3 sets of 10 with body weight only
  • Dumbbell pullover:  3 sets of 8 with 25# DB (surprised this one felt fine)
  • Military press:  3 sets of 10 with 15# DBs
  • Crunches on a bench:  3 sets of 15

Then I did 10 more minutes on the stationary.  Felt good.   Slow progress, but progress nonetheless!

Happy to be working out again.

Came home after thinking about creating some gingerbread custard oats during the last bike session:

1 tbsp of molasses cooked with the oats, along with ground cloves, then stirred in the egg whites.  Topped with some crystalized ginger bits from Ginger People and 5 toasted pecans.  Ah-mazing!

Here is a little backstory on Pixie for the Friday Flashback.  This was 3 years ago.  We had a cat already (Chloe), and she was pretty much a 1-cat household kind of feline.  I had spent a month working on befriending an injured stray cat outside and finally getting it into our house.  She had a lame front leg, at some point she must have been hit by a car. We named her Moxie and I set about finding a home for her.  We got a home for her and I burst into tears when she left, because I had grown very attached to her, but it wouldn’t have been fair to Chloe to bring another cat into the house (not to mention John being allergic and all).  Moxie needed to be an indoor cat because of the lame leg.   John felt so bad that he bought me a little stuffed kitty.

Look familiar?  Right about that time, a thin, raggedy, and desperate cat with giant feet came meowing up to the door.

She had ticks on her face and had fleas, not to mention that she was pregnant (which we did not know because she was rail thin).  John said I could feed her, but she couldn’t come in (hahahaha – famous last words!!!).  She stayed in our shop behind the house, and then miscarried kittens a couple weeks later, which was sad.

I took her in to get spayed before we were going to find a new home for her.  Here she is recuperating next to her doppleganger:

Isn’t that the most amazing coincidence?  I say that John brought her to me with that stuffed kitty.  After she was getting better, I kind of made up my mind to keep her.  Pixie adored me and seemed very needy, so I didn’t want to give her to a stranger.  The problem was breaking the news to John.  I don’t think he was very happy with me, but I thought she could live in the shop and then come into the house after Chloe passed away.  It worked out pretty well, and she lived out there for a year and seemed perfectly happy.  When Chloe passed away at age 18 last year, Pixie moved into the house with us about a month later.  She’s all fat and happy now:

And John doesn’t seem to mind so much:

It’s amazing how time flies, isn’t it?

Time for lunch!  I had a deconstructed BBQ chicken salad because the lettuce was like lettuce soup (ewwww….).

After lunch I finished up the rental house cleanup.  All fresh and sparkly clean.  Not sure if we are closing Monday or not, as the lawyers didn’t set a time yet.  Sigh….

After that, it was time for lattes:

Plus some mini ginger snaps:

These are tres delicious, which could be a problem!  Since it is the start of John’s weekend and the middle of mine, we decided to have a cheap dinner date.  That always means pizza!  John biked, and I drove.  I think 10 miles would be a bit much for me right now, although I am really starting to want to move.  The greens:

And a cheeze pizza wrap on a wheat wrap.  So good!

I lurve cheese!

I may or may not have had more mini ginger snaps when I got home.  Just sayin’

We are still trying to decide what to do for the evening.  Either some shopping or movie time.  It’s the weekend!

Question:  Tell me all about your petsHow many do you have?

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22 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: The Pixie edition.

  1. Rachel

    I think if I was to come back in another life as something else, it would have to be Pixie. She seems like she has the being fat and happy thing down perfectly! So cute! I have two dogs: Kharma is a 50lb Belgian Malinois (shepherd) mix…she’s too smart for her own good and loves to hunt birds at the dog park. Darwin is a 60lb Husky mix…he’s not nearly as smart but he’s about as cute as they come so it makes up for it! I wouldn’t give my 2 mutts up for anything! (There are plenty of pictures on Facebook of them if you want to see the cuteness)
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..What a Croc!!! ~ Rachel =-.

  2. Shelley B

    What a great Pixie story – yes, she was destined to be your cat! Love the pic of her sleeping in the crook of John’s arm – she sure is content and loved!

    At one time we had four cats – yes, it was a bit crazy! Unfortunately we lost two, so are down to Kip and Henry, and of course Paco the Wonder Dog…all adopted from our local animal shelter.
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Friday Mish, Mash, Mush… =-.

  3. Carrie (Love Healthy Living)

    I love your story about Pixie! Also, I can’t believe your other cat lived to be 18. I hope hope hope my kitty babies live to be that old. I have two cats right now. Roxy (the older one) is 13 and just got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The vet has assured me that this condition is common in older cats and easily treatable. Isn’t it amazing how attached we get to our pets? I LOVE them and they provide me with laughter and affection every day.
    .-= Carrie (Love Healthy Living)´s last blog ..Slow Cooker Chunky Cinnamon Applesauce =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      Chloe did live to a ripe old age. She was pretty spoiled, too 😀

      It’s amazing now that we have better care for animals that we see all the ‘human’ health problems crop up in them. But like your vet said, all treatable.

  4. debby

    Haha! I might make your blog explode if I told you about all my pets. But I will tell you my stray kitty cat story. I moved into this house 24 years ago with three dogs. After about 3 or 4 weeks (it was winter) I saw a stray raggedy cat hanging around, and I started feeding her. Sometime later I looked into an old deserted shed on the property and there was a sack of cat food and some cat litter–the previous tenants had just abandoned this cat when they left! And, of course, she was pregnant….so I kept her and the kittens. It was the country… then the next Christmas, there were some stray cats hanging around my neighbors, and they thought they were mine, so they fed them on my porch!!! More kitties, and more pregnancies…well, there came a time I had to take a few to the local shelter (oh, I forgot, most of the cats were semi-feral) and that was a terrible ordeal. I felt terrible, even though it wasn’t my fault. But then things evened out, and for a very long time I had 15 (spayed and neutered) kitties that I enjoyed taking care of. And when the last one died, the mice moved into my house ONE WEEK LATER. I am not kidding.

    Right now I have one useless outdoor semi-feral cat who lives on top of the hot water heater. I say useless, because I still have the occasional mouse in the house. I can’t get any more cats yet because she does rouse herself enough to chase them all away.

    LOVE the picture of John and the caption.
    .-= debby´s last blog ..What’s it All About, Anyway? =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      Haha – if I didn’t have John in my life, I would totally be one of those cat ladies with 50 of them!

  5. Leah

    We only have a little frog who lives in his own little ecosystem world consisting of living gravel, a bamboo “tree” and a rock…oh and soon he’ll get another snail friend to eat up the gunk he excretes. Other than that we are not pet people. Almost tried to talk hubby into a dog until we moved here and the pet deposit was $500 – definitely knew better than to ask for a dog for the kids.

    I’m fine with enjoying others’ pets and not having any thing outside the ecosystem of our own. 🙂

    Glad you’re moving around a bit more and getting some workouts in. YAY for progress!!
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..Weigh-In … Getttin With It Update #4 =-.

  6. Sandi

    My hubby is allergic to cats too. That is very sweet that your husband takes the allergy medicine and even lets the kitty sleep on him. I’ve been kind of wishing I had a dog to jog with, but then I would be less motivated to get the family out and they need it too.

    So glad you are feeling better. Before you know it you’ll be back on the bike.
    .-= Sandi´s last blog .. =-.

  7. Susan

    Awww, I love this!! I didn’t know that’s how you ended up with Pixie! I remember Moxie too, 18 years is a pretty good cat life if you ask me 🙂 I love both those cat names too!

    Well, if you reeeally want to know about all my pets: We had a beagle/german shephard mix named Prudence (Pru) when I was really young. She passed away after eating a razor clam bone on the beach. Then we got Basil Magnus the basset hound. He was the BEST dog when I was a kid. They’re so laid back, and I had tons of fun playing with him. He passed away with epilepsy when I was 11, and it was kind of traumatizing. A few months later my parents surprised me with Archie, who is currently curled up at my feet! We also got a cat, Fergus (Fergie), when I was 12, but he passed away this year with cancer. He was a rockin’ fat cat and totally owned our neighbourhood 😉
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Flashback Friday – One Year as a University Grad =-.

  8. Ishmael

    When you tell a Pixie story, I get the exact same feeling of excited anticipation I used to get during story time hour at my local library when I was a kid. I couldn’t wait for the librarian to open the book and start reading, b/c I knew it was going to be something magical! I am a crazy cat lover, but really…Pixie is the most fascinating creature! I loved your story, thanks for sharing. And I’m glad John adjusted; from that picture, it was a very difficult transition for him. (LOL!)
    .-= Ishmael´s last blog ..Remembering Nana =-.

  9. Kimberley

    What a lovely story about Pixie. She is such a pretty cat.

    I have no pets and doubt I ever will. I don’t like anything hairy as I have an aversion to hair. Maybe I should get some fish?
    .-= Kimberley´s last blog ..An Earth Day Giveaway =-.

  10. Amy

    I love Pixie’s story – wow.
    We currently have a little hamster named Bubbles who came to us when my neighbor’s son couldn’t keep him anymore because he got a rat instead. So we adopted Bubbles. He’s a very quiet and easy pet to have around but you don’t get too much in the way of mutual affection from a hamster! (but my youngest son loves him!)
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Blog Your Run Challenge =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      No recipe, that was from the local pizza place. It’s just a wheat wrap with mozzarella cooked in the pizza oven, so probably doable at home!

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