Walking of sorts

Hey y’all!  Ha ha, can a yankee girl say ‘y’all’??  Just to let you know I am feeling fine today.  I got over my annoyance from yesterday and just am going with the flow.  Still unsure as to the actual closing on the house, but it will happen.  I didn’t stress eat yesterday.  I had a piece of toast with nutbutter and jam for a snack last night and that was it.  Phew!  Sometimes I actually have some control 😀

The morning didn’t start off on the right foot, though:

Overflow!!  That’s what happens when you try to make coffee before you have had any coffee!  It took all my self control not to lick the counter.

Breakfast was protein waffles topped with a mixture of plain greek yogurt, raspberries, and honey.  It was good!

I got right to work and finished up early today, seeing as I started early.  Lunch time was wrap time.  This is a egg/egg white combo with laughing cow and hot sauce!

Mmmmm…. lots of hot sauce:

It’s cold (38 degrees) and rainy today.  It actually snowed a little bit 😯  Doesn’t mother nature know it is almost May?  I took a walk this afternoon and listened to the latest 2 Fit Chicks and a Microphone podcast.  While the rest of me is progressing really well, the walking front is still difficult.  It is kind of painful and I don’t have any speed yet.  I think running is still at least many days away.  When I try a couple jog steps, my knee does not support me at all.  No hurry, though.  I want to make sure I am fully ready.  Here is a beautiful crabapple tree I saw on my walk!

I was feeling the stirfry for dinner tonight.  We used a Kikomann ginger teriyaki sauce.  Loves the proteiny shrimps!

I cut my pear different, too – just to be a rebel.

Pixie was singing in the rain.  See – she does open her eyes!

Sometimes I have some concerns about how well I am going to heal from the sciatica.  I know the doctor said 6 to 8 weeks and I am halfway there, so there is time.  The numbness of half my knee coupled with the burning pain it gets is just so weird, especially since the injury is actually in my back and not my knee.  There is nothing to do but wait and see what happens.  The day I can run will be the day I know I am back to normal (or what passes for that around here!).

Off to get some coffee and chillax tonight!

Question:  If I do a video blog, what would you like me to talk about?

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24 thoughts on “Walking of sorts

  1. Susan

    Do a vlog of you roasting coffee!! I want to see how you do it in the popcorn maker 🙂

    You are definitely doing great for being halfway through recovery. Just think of how much better you’re doing now compared to when it first happened!! Nothing but a minor bump, that’s all 😉
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Confessions of a Part-Time Blogger =-.

  2. debby

    I like the coffee roasting video demo idea too! Or, it is always fun to hear how people lost their weight, what their motivation was, etc.

    Hmmm, I think 6-8 weeks is pretty optimistic. But when I think about things I have hurt seriously, and now it seems like it never happened, its amazing. After all, a body can actually recover from a BROKEN bone. It just takes a little time. I think it seems like recovery time takes longer for someone like you, whose whole life revolved around your body moving and working well, if that makes sense.
    .-= debby´s last blog ..What’s it All About, Anyway? =-.

  3. Shelli Belly

    Your food looks so beautiful. I’m going to start Tweeting my meals for accountability. My food is usually not that pretty so I’ll just write about it.

    Some days start out rough. Even when you are stil so merry. Love the flowers. Alaska is on its way towards spring it was 60 degrees today.

    Bring it!
    .-= Shelli Belly´s last blog ..Day 231 – Spring Challenge =-.

  4. Fran

    I love the tree, it’s beautiful. I hope your injuries heals well and soon.
    I’ve got something to cheer you up: visit my blog when you have the time. I guarantee you it will make you smile!
    .-= Fran´s last blog ..Hello world: I’m Bella =-.

  5. Jody - Fit at 52

    OK, I might not have survived that coffee thing!!! I love my coffee too! And that tree is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Very “scary” on the walking & injury front. I hope all is well in that 6-8 weeks. Take it a day at a time.. all you can do, I guess. I am impatient with injuries so I should not talk! 🙂 I just hope you keep getting better!

    Are you sure that is Pixie & not some look alike! 🙂
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..New Exercise Moves; GIVEAWAY! =-.

  6. paula

    Hello Lori

    You’re funny about the coffee but I know what you mean… I look forward to that cup as soon as I awake. I know you miss running and its smart for you to take it slow and one day at a time. You’ll see, in a few weeks, you’ll be feeling way better.

    Really enjoyed the blossoms and pixie’s pic.
    .-= paula´s last blog ..Imagine my surprise… =-.

  7. Pubsgal

    Ooo, a vlog! Yes, definitely do one of those! I’d also be interested in whatever you feel like sharing.

    And of course you can say “y’all!” I love it, and I’m a California girl. (I did live in North Carolina for 6 months, and was tickled to learn that there’s a plural form, “all y’all.” Which seems kind of redundant, but I guess it’s just being *extra* you-inclusive.)
    .-= Pubsgal´s last blog ..What are you doing here…. =-.

  8. Alissa

    I hope that you can be back to running in no time! That must be so frustrating for you. 🙁 I hate it when the coffee maker overflows- ugh! Such a mess to clean up too.

    I want to let you know again how much of a role model you are to me. I’m always telling my husband how Lori did this or Lori did that, in regard to fitness, etc. Because you have been where I have been and it’s so motivating to me to see how far you have come. Your encouraging comments on my blog are so appreciated.

    I’d love to hear a video post about more of your experience in losing weight. Some of the struggles or just little tips. 🙂
    .-= Alissa´s last blog ..Weigh In Day =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      Thank you so much, Alissa – I sure don’t feel worthy of being a role model, but I am so glad that it keeps you motivated 😀

  9. Robin/Orlando Turtle Runner

    Oh, Lori.. the coffee! LMBO!! Can sooo relate! 🙂

    Love, love, love the egg white wrap. That looks especially appealing to me. Food in general has just sounded so… boring/unappealing lately, though we had fresh asparagus lightly sauteed the other night – tasty!

    Glad you’re listening to your body, friend. Oh, and yes, you are right – seems I keep getting sick before race days. FAIL. I’ve had an unusually sickly school year this year, which has been more obvious to me since I started blogging and have a tangible record. Imagine if I didn’t take care of myself at all. Yikes!

    A vblog? Hmmmm… not sure. ???
    .-= Robin/Orlando Turtle Runner´s last blog ..Wednesday Winner – Meet Janet! =-.

  10. Carly

    We have the same coffee pot and it overflowed every freaking time. E figured out the secret – unscrew the lid a little before settingit! Apparantly, when it’s closed all of the way, it makes some kind of crazy vaccum, and the coffee can’t enter the carafe.
    .-= Carly´s last blog ..Link Love: Finals Edition =-.

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