Time for more keyword fun!

It’s time for another keyword fun post!  Looking at my google analytics for the last few months to see how people get to my site.  I am always amazed sometimes at what people type into search engines and how my site comes up for that LOL!

Dr Oz protein pancakes. Not sure if he made a version like I do?  There were a bunch of Dr. Oz searches, too.

This egg has a brilliant radiance coming off of it – fascinating

Food controls happiness. It shouldn’t. Food has no control.  We do.

Giant nose – ahhhh!!!

Food experiments on hats – Sounds fun!

Glad to ride my bike again.  Yes, yes I am. Truly.

Hot jogbra pics – Okay, knock it off creepers!  Stay off my site!

Mom told me I was normal – I don’t know as my mother ever has told me that LOL

Radiance of pi – What would that be?

Richard Simmons riding a bike – Nope, don’t want to go there.

Too many snacks – who, me?? 😳

peep brulee – From my easter post LOL.

250 pound woman pics… sigh

A 30 day plan to finding happiness – I think it takes a little longer than 30 days.

Apple and cinnamon have a race together – Who won?

Chicken run’s comments – I am dying to know who chicken run is, and what those comments would be.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee burp.  ????  Some people have too much time on their hands.

And tons of radiance hits.  Lots of people still looking for radiance.

Psssst – look inside, not on the internet…..

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12 thoughts on “Time for more keyword fun!

  1. janetha

    hahaha.. i love search terms! they crack me up every time. p.s. i just caught up on 10+ posts of yours. the poochie stuff was the best, and nice job on gaining strength!

  2. John

    That’s a wide array or ways to find you. I’ve been hit mainly on 4 key terms: challenge myself, Garmin, couch to half marathon and gait analysis. Pretty boring unlike yours.

  3. Susan

    Cinnamon definitely won 😉

    I have tons of people find my site through a variation of “girl tight shorts.” I think it’s from a post where I talked about how I hate tight workout shorts. Ewewewew. I’m contemplating taking it down.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Tips For Staying Healthy in College =-.

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