New biking kicks!

Woke up to a rainy, dreary day.  I slept until 7, which is pretty late for me!  Felt like a nice warm bowl of oats.  Gingerbread oats, to be exact!

With a wee bit of fluff 😀

Then we packed up some old computer stuff to recycle at Best Buy.  Then it was off to get me some clipless pedals for my bike!  I really would like a new bike all together, but budget wise for now I am just upgrading piece by piece my current one.  We stopped at Blue Sky Bicycles in Saratoga.  There were a lot of drool worthy bikes there, and some affordable ones, as well.  But, I was on a mission for shoes and clips.  The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful today.  Surprisingly, the best shoe for me is a mountain bike shoe.

The cleat is sunken below the bottom of the shoe, which makes walking off bike easier.

It also is not as stiff soled as a road bike shoe, which would fit more of the type of biking we do from a comfort perspective.

The pedals that I got to go with are a dual pedal, with the clips on one side:

and a regular pedal on the other.

This way I can hop on the bike to go to the gym without having to wear the clip shoes.  Yay!

I would rather have a different color shoe, but these fit the best.  I cannot believe how comfy they are.  I was expecting something super tight and rigid, but these feel great!

After this, we went on to Chipotle for lunch.  I had a chicken salad.  Skipped the rice so I could get sour cream and cheese (love those 2 items).

I also needed bike shorts.  I am confessing to you all that I do not have padded bike shorts.  I have biked 50 miles with no padding and it doesn’t bother me!  It’s either my bike seat or my personal padding, I don’t know.  However, with a 100-mile ride planned, I think I  had better pad it up.

Hello loose skin 😀  I tried on this bike jersey, too.  Not real crazy about this, but I liked the color.  Didn’t get the shirt. I did get the shorts.  It’s like wearing a diaper.

Latte break!

Plus these cool larabar-type nuggets made by a local company.

Got home and put the clips on the bike (as seen in above pictures).

My and the new shoes!

Work it, baby!  They do give me a stubby leg look (okay, I had that look before…. never mind…).  Short test run followed.  I did good getting in and out of them.  You just need to twist your foot a little to the side and it pops right out.  The hardest part is getting the 2nd foot in the clip while going.  That will just take practice.  It forced me much more to the front of my foot than I normally ride, so that will take getting used to.  The other thing?  I am going to have to raise the seat on my bike!  The height of the clip combined with the extra height of the shoe and being more on the forefoot and I probably need an inch raise or more.  I thought I was going to eat my knee.  It felt so weird.

I really like these shoes.  It is supposed to improve your efficiency by 30% and I believe it.  Even with not having full strength in my leg, I could tell how much more power I had and an evenness to my pedal stroke.

Dinner time!  Small baker with ground beef and BBQ sauce and laughing cow.  It was quite good!

Too bad the weather is so bad today, or I would go back out and try the pedals again.

I will be having a cookie tonight:

With a cup of tea.

Have a happy Mother’s day tomorrow!  I am taking my mom out for a bagel 😀

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16 thoughts on “New biking kicks!

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  2. Biz

    Congrats on getting new shoes! I agree – some bikes are just over the top expensive – I like your idea of upgrading in baby steps!

    I actually just went to Chipotle for the first time over Christmas – I got the chicken in a bowl – and I actually loved the rice – it tastes like it has lime in it?

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
    .-= Biz´s last blog ..Prom Pics and BSI – Cashew! =-.

  3. Susan

    You went clipless!!! That is very, very exciting. I love your dual pedal, and am actually kinda jealous of it 😉 What kind of seat do you have? I have mega padded shorts and even short rides are still killer on me. I definitely want to get a woman-specific seat before I plan any long rides.

    Have fun getting bagels with your om tomorrow!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Out For Good =-.

  4. Shelley B

    Interesting shoes/pedal system. I’ve heard of clipless but never actually seen it close up. I’ll bet my husband will be wanting to go that route pretty soon – he’s kinda getting into biking ever since our duathlon. Oh, and I don’t know how you’ve managed w/o padded biking shorts! Glad you got some – you need an uber-cool racing jersey now!
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Friday Catch Up =-.

  5. debby

    I’ve never heard of padded biking shorts, or clipless pedals or any of that stuff. I guess I’m WAY behind the times. As far as padding goes…I don’t think that’s anything i need to worry about any time soon…
    .-= debby´s last blog ..The Good Eatin’ Edition =-.

  6. Ron

    I have never tried the clips and shoes, and even tho I have biker shorts… I don’t find my bike seat all that comfortable!
    .-= Ron´s last blog ..The weekend =-.

  7. Jody - Fit at 52

    Lori, like you, I buy shoes for how they fit & feel. With my feet, I don’t have a lot of choice so I take what will work.. even though I wish I could have nicer looking ones! 🙂 Hey, I also still have some gingerbread bagels in the freezer & snuck a bit of that yesterday!!!!! YUM!

    Yahoo for ne biking gear. How fun is that! Love your pose too!

    Have a super day with your MOM!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Happy Mother’s Day! =-.

  8. Joanne

    Congrats on the clips! You’ll like them but they take a bit of getting used to and a lot of communicating with your biking partner.

    I know what you mean by the padded pants. A bit weird feeling and, personally, I can’t tell whether they work for me or not because I’m STILL sore after wearing them.
    .-= Joanne´s last blog ..A Review of the Willows and a Rain Run =-.

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