Post picnic and pizza.

Hi all!  I basically skipped a breakdown post for Saturday.  I had the blueberry sauce post scheduled (or so I thought) and when I got home last night, it hadn’t.  So I just uploaded that and decided to take a blog break.   I was pretty fatigued after our Memorial weekend picnic.  It’s amazing how a houseful of  people can make you so tired, even when it isn’t even your house!  I ate way too much yesterday.  Didn’t win this throwdown:

I also ran yesterday morning for a longer period of time.  I went out for 2.5 miles.  I was doing pretty well until the last 1/4 mile, then I just had no strength in my left leg at all and I started having a galloping run.  No pain during running, which was good.  I stopped then because I didn’t want to put undue stress on my right leg (and make it any bigger than my left than it already is!).  There is hope for a race in 2 weeks, I think.  I will be 2 weeks stronger in the left leg.

Anyway, on to today.  It’s bagel day!  We biked to Panera Bread (and we were up way early, too).  It was a gorgeous morning.  Blueberry bagel:

Nice relaxing morning since we had extra time and were early.  Unlike most people, I have to work today and on Memorial Day, but that’s okay.  We found a wallet on the side of the road on the way home, too.  It had all these credit cards, driver license, and business cards in it, although it was kind of exploded on the side of the road.  I called the number in the wallet, apparently it is a police officer, and am waiting to hear back.  Person lives in NYC, not sure what the wallet was doing 6 hours north!

It actually was really busy with leftover work. I think a lot of doctors uploaded dictations before leaving for the holiday weekend.

Lunch break and I was feeling undecided.  We had an ultra ripe banana, so I just decided to make cream of wheat with that.

Still having a little trouble snacking today.  Blueberries, chocolate chips, crackers.  Not sure what is wrong with me the last couple days.  I certainly have not moved forward in my goal to lose 3 pounds this month.  I really struggle with what goal is because I have never really been at goal.  My smallest adult weight was actually about 15 pounds heavier than my current weight when I was in my mid 20s.  I was told my goal weight then should be 105 pounds.  (Can you believe that??).  Of course, I never made it there and just went back up.  I have bounced around in a 10 pound range for the last couple years, and maybe this is just where I am supposed to be, even if I feel like I should be lower, and certainly look like I could be lower.  I am glad that I have maintained it so far, but I don’t know why I can’t officially call it.

Anyhoo, John made pizza for dinner.  I piled my pan roasted broccoli on top of it 😀

This was so good.  I am a lucky, lucky girl.

Making more soap tonight and a trip for a malt 🙄

Somebody needs to kick my butt for me.

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15 thoughts on “Post picnic and pizza.

  1. kalli@fitandfortysomething

    having people in your home can be very exhausting even though it is fun too. oh i hear you…..i have been having trouble with my portions lately and i am scard weight will creep up…….just keep doing what you are doing and hopefully you can get rid of that snacky feeling. you should NOT be 105 pounds-how crazy!
    .-= kalli@fitandfortysomething´s last blog ..The Bean =-.

  2. Shelley B

    We both know that 105 is a stupid number. Why can’t you just call it? Maybe because you’ve been dieting your entire life? How can you be done? (same questions I ask myself). The fact that you’ve maintained for a couple of years is fantastic and you should be so proud of yourself – you lost the weight, kept it off, and still get to work in things like malts and bagels and cookies into your meal plan – that’s pretty fantastic if you ask me!

  3. Kimberley

    I think you look great just the way you are and if your body isn’t wanting to let go of any more weight, maybe this is where you were meant to be.

    Nice pizza…I am thinking of trying pizza in a dish. Gluten free sauce, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, ham and pineapple all topped with cheese and baked until melted. Must try that soon.
    .-= Kimberley´s last blog ..Lobster Fiesta! =-.

  4. John

    I worry about the same thing when I get closer to “goal” weight. My lowest adult weight is around 260. Lowest weight I can remember was 188 when I was 17. They say my ideal weight should be 179 or lower…..not likely!

  5. roxie

    Maintaining for a couple of years is a huge, huge thing. Think of all you’ve learned. Maybe you are just waiting for the next wave of inspiration to hit. Maybe you are done. 105 is a stupid number – I’ll say it for you. Anyway, when/if you are ready to make a move again, you will. Otherwise, like Shelley said – maintaining a weight for two years with a lifestyle that you relish with a food plan that makes you happy is a VICTORY!
    .-= roxie´s last blog ..The Sun Has Ris’ And The Sun Has Set =-.

  6. Miz

    Im all about the admiring the maintaining.
    people dont rave enough about it (it isnt sexy enough I guess 🙂 no magazine covers dedicated to the AMAZETASTICNESS OF MAINTAINING A WEIGHT LOSS!!!! inside) but in my opinion its a bigger feat than the shedding.

    a bigger CHALLENGE thats for sure.
    .-= Miz´s last blog ..MizFit Memorial Day confession (video post) =-.

  7. Jody - Fit at 52

    Lori, so happy that you keep getting better, leg wise! Good for you! Congrats!

    OK, I have to mention the bagel as it looks so YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them bagels too!

    The whole weight thing & maintaining vs. losing a bit more can be a struggle. I have a post coming up, I think Thursday, that talks to some of this about me….. don’t know if it will help you at all.. but some of my random thoughts on it. Yup, if I don’t do things ahead, I don’t get them done.. I may do them out of order but oh well. I am just way slower at this blog stuff than most!

    I think it would be fun if we could work out together. We could kick each others butt! Ni bike riding for me though! 🙂
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Risks of Sunscreens: New Report =-.

  8. Susan

    How tall are you Lori? 5’2? 105 lbs seems so small even for that height! My best friend is 26, 5’2″ and 108 and she is teeny tiny with no muscle mass. I could put her in my pocket. She could actually use to have a little extra sumthin’ on her 😉
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Hometown Runner =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      105 is not my personal goal weight (135 is), but 20 years ago I was told that was what it should be. That was very depressing to me. No wonder I gave up and gained it back LOL!

      I am 5’2″, btw.

  9. MB

    I always laugh when I see what the charts say I should weigh. It’s just crazy. I think you look amazing now and you should “call it.” Maintenance is the one thing I haven’t been able to do. I’ve “lost it” many times but have never been able to hold onto it. You are healthy, fit and look GREAT and shouldn’t worry about those last few vanity pounds.

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