Thanks and a little more running

Happy Memorial Day!  A big thank you to all who have served and our going to serve our great country.

I have to work today (not complaining, though, seriously), but it still feels kind of like a holiday, you know?  My gym is closed today, so no strength workout.  That means brekkie a little sooner 😀

After letting breakfast settle, John and I went to the track for a run.  Feeling optimistic here:

I figured I would let my leg be the judge.  For the first mile, I was concerned about even doing 1.5 miles.  My left leg is fatigued.  But, I kept going.  It was strangely smoky out, too.  I think someone was burning brush.  I thought that was slowing John down, because he only passed me a couple times.  It never dawned on me that I might actually be going faster than I did the other day (duh).

After 10 laps, I was actually running okay still, although my leg was tired.  I talked to my body.  Heart said “Doing fine, this is slower than normal cardio anyway”.  Right leg said, “Doing fine, as long as you don’t ask me to carry the load of the left leg.”  Left leg said “Geez, Lori, I am pretty tired, but I will give it my best shot.”  So, I kept going for the final 2 laps.  My gait was starting to look a little funny by the end and I pep talked my way through the last lap with “Come on leg, you can do it!” “Just a little more.” “Don’t give up!”  John said he heard something, but didn’t know what I was saying.  Probably a good thing.

Anyway – I did 3 miles!  In 34:45.  That’s only about 5 minutes off my normal pace, so I couldn’t be more pleased.  I am almost back.  Or like John says, I am in the general vicinity.

Post workout drink:

Got to work and it was busy, surprisingly.  I kind of had that mental expectation that it would be a slow holiday and got a shocker.  Oops!  Does that ever happen to you?

Lunch break!

John made these wheat rolls for the picnic on Saturday and they are perfect for a little egg salad sammie.

And fresh blueberries at a good price.  It’s about picking season!  I can’t wait to get the first 4 pound bucket of blueberries again so I can be in an antioxidant coma with blue teeth soon…..

One thing about living on the main road in town, we don’t have to drive anywhere to see the Memorial Day parade as it comes right in front of our house!  It’s kind of nice. This is the view from our porch:

A bazillion emergency vehicles, which they love to do around here:

And then the little league teams that throw candy:

Very short parade (small town), but cute.  John made lattes when it was over:

and I had a bar:

Regarding what I was saying yesterday, 105 is *not* my goal weight.  I just wanted to clear that up.  That was what I was told it should be when I had lost weight in my 20s.  I was so bummed that I still had 45 pounds to go (when I actually looked pretty good), that it seemed insurmountable.  So I gained more :D.  Now my goal is actually 135, which is quite a bit more reasonable, and truthfully, there really is no reason I shouldn’t shoot for it at 5’2″.  That way I can keep my muscles and my curves (and my food).

Dinner time!  John threw a couple of ears of corn on the grill in the husks.  So good.  I love grilled corn.  It adds a little extra sumthin sumthin to it.

This is how Pixie spent the holiday:

She just barely opened her eye as if to warn me not to disturb her LOL!

Evening snack:

Plus we are going out for a coffee.  😀  I am paying the piper for the run earlier (this is my new favorite saying).  I have no strength in my leg left because I used it all up.  Oooops.  Guess tomorrow will be an easier day.  I’ll recap May and set new June goals tomorrow.

Question:  How did you spend Memorial Day?

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32 thoughts on “Thanks and a little more running

  1. Kimberley

    At work…your day seems like it was much more fun.

    Great job on the run! Soon you will even forget you injured yourself and will be back to running like the wind.
    .-= Kimberley´s last blog ..Lobster Fiesta! =-.

  2. Deanna

    I also had to work. I could not believe the number of people that either did not realize it was a holiday, or just think everyone should have to work, but them on a holiday. LOL.
    .-= Deanna´s last blog ..Day 13 =-.

  3. Tina @ Gotta Run Now

    How fun that the parade goes right by your house! We live on a street close to a park so there are runners, walkers and bikers going down our street all of the time – inspiration! Happy you were able to talk your legs into a good run!
    .-= Tina @ Gotta Run Now´s last blog ..Run + Ride = Fun =-.

  4. South Beach Steve

    It doesn’t seem like too bad of a day for having to work. Your pics of the parade remind me of those we have around here.

    Good work on the run! It sounds like you are really doing well.

  5. cammy@TippyToeDiet

    You’re progressing nicely with your recovery! I hope “leftie” doesn’t rebel!

    I love that you had a parade in front of your house, no matter how small. We had lots of local events, but no parade that I know of.

    I started the day with a nice long walk and then spent the rest of it shopping, napping, and overeating. But not regretting! It was a great holiday. Real world starts again…right now.
    .-= cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog ..Can’t Get More Random Than This =-.

  6. Shelley B

    Yay Lori – what a great run! You, coming off of an injury, are as fast as I run, uninjured! So good job, woman! 🙂 You are getting closer and closer to your old self…nice!

    Love that the parade goes right by your house – that is just so fun.
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Weekend Recap =-.

  7. debby

    How did I miss a post?? Oh, well, catching up after work. I worked today, but it was super easy, and we were overstaffed so I got to leave a 3pm. Guess what I did? Stopped at the gym on my way home–whoopee!
    .-= debby´s last blog ..The Done List =-.

  8. John

    Nice to see the leg slowly getting better! It’s just a normal day up here so work it was for me. It would seem to me you’re in a blueberry coma already. Don’t I see blueberries on waffles every day here? 🙂

  9. Tish

    I spent my day relaxing with DH and hiking on several little trails in and around Rocky Mountain National Park! At one of the more remote trails there were two s little American flags stuck in the ground near the trail head with a penned note in memory of Richard Beers who gave his life serving his country. The note was from his siblings and parents. I enjoyed the parade pix–it makes me remember past year celebrations when everybody would take lawn chairs to line the main street and celebrate our service members with our neighbors and friends.

  10. Black Knight

    Glad that your leg is getting better. Nice pictures!
    About the question: …I live in Italy and we don’t have a memorial day. The only celebration is the end of the WWII but here it was a bloody civil war.

  11. Miz

    It was a nice day here.
    Just hanging with family and friends and looking forward to the day (next year?)when the Tornado shall weave streamers through the spokes of her bike and join in a parade.

    (Yea, my fantasies are 1950s esque but youll have that 🙂 do kids even do that anymore?!)
    .-= Miz´s last blog ..MizFit Memorial Day confession (video post) =-.

  12. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    My eyes went RIGHT to that whole wheat roll. John made those? Do you mind sharing that recipe? Or John? 🙂

    Our town doesn’t have a parade on Memorial Day, but we have the annual Autumn Leaf Festival which attracts every fire truck in a 100-mile radius…lol I love small-town parades.

    Thank you so much for all your encouragement and for showing me recovery WILL happen. You’re blazing the path for me and I appreciate it. Hope the leg feels better today.
    .-= Lynn Haraldson-Bering´s last blog ..How Bad Do You Want It? =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      It came from the book “Healthy Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day”. He loves this book. It’s nice because you make the dough and store in the fridge, then just pull off the size hunk you want to bake.

  13. Jody - Fit at 52

    Lori, so glad you are getting better with that leg. Very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!! My gym was open so I got to do my normal workout & love the Monday one as it is all weights & no cardio! 🙂

    Love the pics of the parade & that little town feel that I do not have here. And Pixie, she is CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    105… YIKES, I have not been there since who knows when & way too hard for me to get there & stay. I hear you on that! I talk about this & other stuff in my Thursday post on the things I am fine with….
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..2 Year Old Smoking Boy =-.

  14. Ex Yo-Yo Debbie

    All of your food pics look good…ALL of them! Was your corn really small or were the strawberries really big? (Or am I nuts?)

    There was no Memorial Day for us here in Russia…I got to see a parade via your blog-thanks!

    Blueberries…do you pick them too, or just buy? 4 quarts is a lot of picking 🙂
    .-= Ex Yo-Yo Debbie´s last blog ..Major Indulgences (157 lbs) =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      The strawberries are huge. Some science experiment, I think. Although, we do buy smaller ears of corn.

      I will buy blueberries when the price is right, but there is a blueberry farm about 12 miles from where we live and I go there to pick my own and get a big bucket (multiple times).

  15. Susan

    Three miles is amazing!! Jeez, 34 minutes is a great speed too. Almost like you’re not even recovering from an injury 🙂

    It wasn’t a holiday here in Canada yesterday, but it was my dad’s b-day. I spent the evening hanging out with him and talking about bikes (he’s an h-core road cyclist).
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Hometown Runner =-.

  16. MB

    The smoke wasn’t from your neighbors burning brush, it was smoke from the massive forest fire in Canada. We were up in VT this weekend and it was so hazy and smokey it was hard to stay outside.

    Hope your leg is feeling better.
    .-= MB´s last blog ..Summer Challenge 2010 – Week 1 =-.

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