What’s blooming and blueberry bonanza!

Fabulous Friday!  I am still working on the IE/ME post.  I was hoping to get that done today, but it is taking me a while to write.

I did not go to the gym this morning because I don’t want to do a strength workout the day before the big bike ride on Saturday.  We are going to shoot for 80 miles…. gulp!  At least it shouldn’t rain 😀

I had a craving for carrot cake, so that’s what I had for breakfast.  In oatmeal version! (recipe here)

After breakfast, I called the blueberry farm and they were open for the first day of the season.  Yay!

Rows and rows of bushes:

These berries didn’t make it into the bucket…..

There were still a lot of immature berries.  This place is going to be exploding in a week or 2.  I still managed to get a nice big bucket full of berries!

6 pounds of blueberries:

You just can’t get blueberries like this in the store!  $2.25 per pound.

I was not all that hungry when I got home because I was snacking on a ton of blueberries, but I knew I needed some protein.  All-bran, greek yogurt and… well…

The garden is still in full bloom.  A couple new flowers popped open this week:

Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy (the ones I got early this spring)

White swan echinacea:

Another clematis bloom that is climbing up the porch post:

The monster yellow clematis (the one that ate Cleveland) leaves the coolest buds behind after the flower fall off – don’t they look like truffula trees?

It was such a gorgeous day today, too.  78 and sunny and low humidity.  It’s just perfect!  I like it when my days off coincide with good weather 😉

Dinner time and we grilled up some fresh corn with cube steak and brussels.  This was really tasty!

I do like red meat.  I stopped at the smokehouse to pick up ground beef for the picnic on Sunday.  We usually bring the meat it seems lately, but that is because we are picky that it be local meat and don’t mind doing it.

I had some peanuts while dinner was cooking, and I am trying to pay attention to whether I am hungry or not tonight to see if I need a snack.  As of now, I don’t feel hunger.  That may change in an hour.

I’m off to peruse some blueberry recipes!

Question:  Have you ever picked your own berries?

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17 thoughts on “What’s blooming and blueberry bonanza!

  1. Shelley B

    Man, those blueberries look out of this world good!!! You are so cute to be there on the day they opened for picking…girl loves her blueberries!

    I think I picked some berries as a kid – but I remember getting scratched up, not the berries. I just picked (up) some strawberries tonight (at Sam’s Club, lol).

    Hope you have a fantastic bike ride tomorrow – safe travels!
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Friday Mishmash =-.

  2. Kim

    I used to be sad when my clematis stopped blooming, but now I’ll just think that I get double the blooming time. First time the big beautiful purple blooms and the second time I get truffula trees. My glass is all the way full now:)

  3. cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Thanks for the oatmeal recipe! I’m going to try that next week!

    I don’t usually pick my own berries, because the farms are several miles out of town. Since I don’t buy that many at a time, it seems more eco-smart for me to get them from the farmer’s market or the local produce shop. 🙂
    .-= cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog ..Happy Independence Day =-.

  4. Fran

    I love blueberries and it’s so great that you could pick them yourself.
    I used to pick raspberries and strawberries in my Grandma’s garden when I was a kid.
    I know there are places in Holland where you can pick your own cherries and apples from the tree but never have been there. Maybe I should one day.

    Have fun with John at the bike ride today.

  5. michelle

    Blueberries! I think they are my fave berry. I love strawberries but love blueberries “pop-in-your-mouth-ability”. We have a berry farm close-by but I don’t think they do blueberries …

    Your flowers are gorgeous. I esp. love the Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy! Breathtaking.

    Have a great Saturday Lori!

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