End of the heat wave and Date night!

The heat finally broke!  Lots of rain rolled through and it was much cooler this morning, although still a bit humid.  Cool enough to have breakfast and  coffee out on the front porch this morning!

Early mornings are the best time to sit out here because there is less traffic.  We live on the main road through town, so all the trucks and cars go by.  That will be a big bonus when we get our new windows in the house – less street noise.

It was a nice relaxing morning of reading after breakfast, then catching up on blogs and watching the Tour de France without interruption!  Another good stage today.  I can’t believe how long they go without any breaks.  So many miles day after day.

Lunchtime involved a chicken bbq wrap with laughing cow.  Really good!

After goofing and making sure the rain was gone for the day, we decided on a bike ride.  Just a short 17 mile ride today.  It’s amazing after doing those long rides that 17 miles is really nothing to do.

It’s all about perspective.  17 miles used to be a big deal!  Anyway, 10 miles into the ride, we stopped at the Chocolate Mill for an afternoon snack – delicious display case:

There was a little tart in there made just for me:

Would you like a closer look?

Delicious.  Enjoyed outside with a glass of iced tea!

Another of the Adirondack decorated chairs:

We walked around downtown a bit. Then we biked home.

John wanted to take me out to dinner as a thank you for all my hard work this week watching the business and doing my jobs.  I wasn’t going to say no to that!  Decided to make it a date night and look nice 😀

We went to Wholey Crepe for dinner:

Sat outside on the patio because it was the perfect night.  Cloudy, so no sun, cooler, and no breeze.  Just perfect!  It is so nice to be able to spend time outdoors again without melting.  I had the Oscar special, which was a locally made chicken and pesto sausage in a crepe with peppers and onions.

Delicious!  Of course, when going to a crepe place, you must have dessert.  John and I split the s’mores crepe.

Filled with marshmallows, hershey’s chocolate and graham crackers:

Dang this was good.  I can’t imagine eating a whole one, unless it was as a dessert only with no meal… and after a long bike ride….

John said the nicest thing to me during dinner.  He said I looked so happy and that I was the definition of radiance at age 42.  Awwww…..

And to show me an even better time, he took me grocery shopping after dinner!  Yay!  :mrgreen:   We didn’t need much and I want to bike to breakfast tomorrow, so we picked up stuff tonight.

Here is another shot of Pixie awake:

There was a neighborhood cat under our car and she was having a fit about it.  She used to run around outside when she first came to us, but not anymore.  Indoors only.

More time to spend on the porch on a beautiful night!

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20 thoughts on “End of the heat wave and Date night!

  1. Catherine

    What a sweet thing John said! And so true. Glad you guys had a nice date, and that Pixie is keeping things under control at home 🙂

  2. South Beach Steve

    I am with you on the temperature – it is nice when it is comfortable enough to enjoy being outside. It is still hot here, and we haven’t had any rain to speak of in weeks, so right now I am a bit jealous. 🙂

    1. Lori Post author

      I used cooked chicken and spread a wrap with a laughing cow wedge, some BBQ sauce, and chicken. Then I usually put in in a frying pan to toast it up a bit and warm it up.

  3. Amy

    yay! no more heat! we have a couple more days before it’s supposed to break here…waiting patiently!
    Your husband is very sweet – love his wanting to take you out for a treat!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..More Birthday Partying =-.

  4. roxie

    Outside dining is the best. Whether it be those lovely crepes or just morning coffee, there’s something about being outside that makes it more mindful, you know?

    And you do look the very definition of radiant! Love the date night and John wishing to thank you for holding down the fort. Quite special.

    Enjoy your ride today!
    .-= roxie´s last blog ..Tour de MudPants =-.

  5. Desert Agave

    Sounds like you had a great date night. And the two of you looked great, too! I bet 17 miles really did feel like a casual jaunt after all your super long rides. How cool is that?
    .-= Desert Agave´s last blog ..Freaky Good =-.

  6. Jody - Fit at 52

    How sweet your hubby is with words & acts of kindness! You two looked so cute & happy! And yes, the food pics.. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So loved that Pixie pic too… very funny!

    As for you main road.. a back road here in southern CA, :-), BUT I do understand that need for windows. Ours are super old & it is like sleeping with the windows open when they are closed and it is NOISY here!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Aspartame Sweetener – Safe or Not =-.

  7. Jen, a priorfatgirl

    what a wonderful day you two had yesterday! I love that you both spend so much time together, being active and just enjoying life. I think that plays into why you have so much radiance 🙂

    Although your dinner looks delish, I am glad we don’t have one of those restaurants close by. Not sure I could handle all that temptation!

  8. Susan

    Awww!! Y’all are so cute!! That tart shot is awesome, I saw that on your facebook and I’m happy I finally know what it is 😉 Both of those crepes also sound delicious. You’re right, when going out for crepes, dessert is always necessary!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Late Nights in the Tee Dot =-.

  9. Fran

    I love your day! And John is totally right! It also shows from your posts day after day that you’re a happy person and that’s one of the reasons I like your blog so much.

    We’ve watched a bit of the Tour this afternoon too. I have so much respect for those men who ride so much in only 3 weeks.

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