Bagels and mastering long-term weight loss

Full 8 hours of sleep last night!  Guess I need to bike 40 miles in order for that to happen.  Legs felt decent, so we went ahead and bike to Panera Bread.  I forgot my jacket, and it was indeed very cold in there.  Oh well, that meant hot coffee with my french toast bagel.

Paper reading and chatting commenced.  Do you ever feel like your brain is all over the place sometimes?  Mine is.

Biked home and settled in for a day’s work.  Busy right from the start, too.

Lunch break and I wanted protein!  Chicken curry salad.

This is a tasty salad.  We went grocery shopping last night and are overrun with produce.  Not a bad thing.

Not sure if it is a hold over from yesterday’s ride, but I have been kind of hungry today.  I broke a little earlier than normal for a snack of iced coffee and some Lindt chocolate (touch of sea salt).

Good!  I was hoping to make it to dinnertime, but my tummy was growling a couple hours later, so I had some blueberries.

Frustrating work afternoon.  I was doing a 15 minute report (which takes about 3x as long to actually transcribe).  It was an admit for a newborn and the doctor began switching back and forth between he/she for the baby during the report.  There is no way to tell which sex a newborn is, as there is no name given (and that doesn’t always help).  So, I had to send it through with a bunch of discrepancy marks.  Funny how the doctors get irritated at the transcriptionsists like we are supposed to be mind readers. 🙄

I read an interesting article today on Tips for Mastering Long-term Weight loss. Evaluating how many of these I do:

  1. Learn to love exercise – done.
  2. Count calories the right way (quality, not quantity) – Mostly do.
  3. Fill up with fiber (whole grains, fruits, and veggies) – Done
  4. Control carbs – I do fairly well with this.
  5. Downsize your portions – Done
  6. Eat protein and take a multivitamin – Done and done.
  7. Eat dairy – Oh yes, do that for sure.
  8. Weigh yourself carefully.  This actually was confusing, because it said to weigh carefully, but then to use the clothing test.  – I am not weighing myself this month, although I would like to right now.
  9. Use a food diary – I use daily plate.
  10. Have a healthy attitude – I do fairly well at this, but could always improve.

Am I the only one that has trouble with using clothing as a weight barometer?  I find I can wear the same pair of pants with a wide weight range.

I was so hungry for dinner, so I needed something stat.  I had a ginger Altoid to keep from nibbling (this is working really well, btw).

Cheese omelet anyone?  Yum!  With some elderly brussels.

I need to work some more tonight.  This is starting to get hard, I have to say.  Why can’t I get paid (enough) to just blog my little heart out?  😉

Snack of some granola later, I believe, once I finish work.

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19 thoughts on “Bagels and mastering long-term weight loss

  1. Jo

    I really like this list. I am good with all of them except for skimping on protein sometimes. I am a stereotype on that as far as a veggie eater goes. Unless I’m cooking beans and rice for one meal a day, I’m falling behind. As for the weighing myself goes… I just hate doing it. But I know that I need to do it to maintain and keep myself in check. The pants check can fail bc some clothing really does stretch and loosen over months of wear and tear… My jeans have grown a little with me in the past… But I also had have amazing denial skills when it comes to them just not fitting, period.

    (I finally was brave enough to post my weight loss photos, see ’em here )
    .-= Jo´s last blog ..Recommended Reading 7-18-2010 =-.

  2. April

    I’m the same way with clothes. However, this week has been different. My jeans are really tight and it’s disturbing.

    That cheese omelette looks SO good!!
    .-= April´s last blog ..Ahhh…much better =-.

  3. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    That’s a good list! I’m okay with most of them. I can’t seem to develop a good habit of a daily multi-vitamin. I also don’t worry too much about carbs as long as they’re truly whole carbs (fruits/veggies/grains) and not processed stuff which I do control.

    I use the clothing test to some degree, primarily noticing CHANGES in the way things fit, not IF they fit. I’ve got too many stretchy things that would expand with my size. 🙂 For me, weighing carefully means not getting obsessive over every ounce and not letting it rule my life. And not weighing 3 times a day. 🙂
    .-= Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog ..Will Workout for Food =-.

  4. Sharon

    Hi Lori,

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and have really enjoyed learning your story. I am so impressed with the discipline you show in having such a wide variety of yummy meals, but being able to maintain portion control. Love your pics!

    I love riding my bike and am so envious of the fact that you can hop on and go directly from your house. If you’ve said where you live, I haven’t found it yet, but unfortunately, my community is NOT bike friendly for the most part. We can ride, but not directly from our house. A bike trip to Panera means loading em up, driving 3 miles so the safest place, then riding 7 more. It’s worth it, but like I said, I’m envious.

    Thanks for the time you spend on your blog.

    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..Farmers Market Bounty =-.

  5. Tish

    Nice post. We just got back from an after-dinner ride with our 8 yr old grandson. He’s visiting and we bought him a bike. He’s still pretty shaky, but we went 3.1 miles in our mostly flat, quiet neighborhood, DH ahead and me behind. DH and I settled him in front of Toy Story (One) and went out for another 10 miles. We’re going to work him up to 5 miles a day before he leaves.
    Love your food pix. Chicken curry sounds yummy, and I’ve already had dinner. I hate it when someone gives you something unclear that you’re supposed to craft into a finished produce. I’ve been there. Not fun.

  6. Marisa (Loser for Life)

    I haven’t been weighing lately. I’m trying hard to release my expectations of the scale, but I’ll admit that I’m nervous about whether or not it’s a good plan! I have a large weight/size range, too!
    .-= Marisa (Loser for Life)´s last blog ..The Recipe Hoarder =-.

  7. Shelley B

    Nice checklist – glad to see I’m on track for the most part, although I go off and on with food journaling. Currently off, but will begin again tomorrow.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to make a living from blogging! Sign me up!!! Will you be able to drop job #1 soon?
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Friday Mishmash – and Sof Sole Winner! =-.

  8. roxie

    I can’t use clothes as a stopper. Well, I could, but it’s not a fine-tuned enough instrument for me. I do like the list and do pretty well with most of them most of the time.

    Thanks for the chicken curry recipe. I may adapt it in some fashion to make an egg white curried salad.
    .-= roxie´s last blog ..One Thousand Posts =-.

  9. Pubsgal

    I like those tips! A little vague on the amounts (eg, for dairy, and what do they mean by “weigh carefully?”) but good points. I’m pretty solid on all but 2 and 9 (quality good, but burned out on calorie counting-experimenting with photo journaling)), and I seem to constantly need refreshers on #5.

    The big difference for me this time is learning to love exercise! Never thought it was possible.

    Glad you both enjoyed a nice weekend!
    .-= Pubsgal´s last blog ..Weekly update- 7-14-10 =-.

  10. Run Sarah

    I’ve never had a French toast bagel – it sounds delicious! I think I may have done the he/she thing when dictating before. Thanks for the reminder. I think those tips are all sensible – especially number 1!
    .-= Run Sarah´s last blog ..Sunshine on a Sunday =-.

  11. Fran

    Nice list, I’m doing most of the things on it.

    I don’t use clothing as a weight barometer because the size of clothing also is about the fitting. Sometimes a dress or a skirt looks better on me in a bigger size. So I’m not into sizes that much only that I refuse to wear anything bigger than size 44 (European size). Right now I’m at size 42 with most of my clothes.

    Hope you can drop job #1 soon so you won’t be that busy anymore.

  12. Jody - Fit at 52

    That bagel looks delish!!!! I do that list although I don’t need to log my food anymore. Have that down even when I have to play around with it due to “the change”! As for clothes, I have a pair of jeans that fit pretty snug so they tell me exactly what is going on.. so I have no prob with that! The clothes & the scale but I use the clothes & how they fit a lot!

    I heard a new study quite a few places about how a daily multi may not be best for you long term. I will find the link & get back to you BUT the jist was to supplement with only those vitamins/minerals you may thing you are deficient in. Like for me, I can’t do dairy although I eat greek yogurt so I take a calcium/magnesium supplement. Hope I can fine the link!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Calling all Glutes – That is Your Booty-Butt-Buns! =-.

  13. Desert Agave

    Interesting list. I think I do all of those except for keeping a food journal. Since I tend to eat the same things at the same times every day, I don’t bother with a food journal. It would look almost exactly the same from day to day!
    .-= Desert Agave´s last blog ..Saved by a Run =-.

  14. megan

    Looks like y’all are still getting decent strawberries. I’m still buying them but they aren’t lasting long. But I did buy a lb and froze it for later.

  15. Susan

    I hope I never rely on my blog for money – cause then it will feel like WORK! 😛

    The clothing thing – I find this is actually my best way of measuring my weight. But that is because I hold all my weight in my stomach. I’ve gained close to 5 lbs in the last two months (um, have you seen what I’ve been eating on my blog? no wonder! :P) and all my pants dig into my tummy and leave marks around my waist. I don’t think it would be the same if I held my weight in my butt and thighs. It’s a good motivator to clean up my eating though – I can’t afford new pants!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..A Picnic Fit For Bloggers =-.

  16. WaistingTime

    I really, really love bagels and have given them up for now. I just could not handle eating them in moderation. But someday, I look forward to enjoying them again. Toasted cinnamon raisin with cream cheese, or pumpernickel with lox. Yum!
    .-= WaistingTime´s last blog ..Today’s Lucky Number =-.

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