Bagels and brussels.

It’s the new bagel day! Slept in until about 7, which was really nice. Fueled up with a bubbly protein drink and biked to Cool Beans.

It was a very nice morning for a ride. I do have to say that my legs were actually sore after my workout yesterday.  I hardly ever get sore anymore. Must be the deadlifts.

Debby brought up a point about wondering the difference between a squat and a deadlift. If you use dumbbells, there really is no difference. When you move to the bar, you have the barbell on your shoulder shelf behind your back for a squat versus in front of you with the deadlift. When you use a barbell, those 2 moves feel very, very different from each other.

Ze bagel!

I totally refined it today with a sesame seed bagel.  It was really good.  I haven’t had one of those in years!  I got it because the other bagels looked really dinky.

Nice tailwind for the ride home afterwards.  I didn’t push or anything because of the sore legs.  I have a race on Saturday, so I am completely resting tomorrow.

Last day of the work week for job #1.  Yay!  The day went slow on that front though.  Plodded through files today.

Lunch break included something sent to me by Attune Foods!

I guess Uncle Sam is a brand by US Mills, which also has the Attune brand.  Didn’t know that!

This cereal is good.  It is not sweet at all (1 g of sugar per serving), so I think it would be good used as a breading for chicken or other savory dishes.  Might have to try that.  It’s got 10 grams of fiber per serving, too 😯

I also had the last of the blueberry muffins I made the other day.  This meal kind of looked like a breakfast LOL.

Watched more of the Tour in and out while working.  I wish Andy had been able to shake Contador, but no dice.  They both worked so hard.  It’s actually good to see no hard feelings between them. Think Contador has it pretty much wrapped up unless something drastic happens.  Now it’s back to watching Cavendish and Petaki (sp??).

Afternoon break of a latte and a Luna bar.

I was really hungry.  I must have jinxed myself saying I wasn’t feeling snacky lately.

I spent the next couple hours trying not to snack.  I was not hungry, but I think I was just wanting to avoid work.  I kept saying to myself to go ahead and eat, but then I somehow got a handle on it and waited until dinner.  (Who is this lady?)

Dinner was something different.  I wanted a BBQ chicken wrap, but decided to put it in the waffle iron to heat it up.  Sort of panini style.

Very tasty.  This pile of brussel sprouts was only 4 sprouts (is that what a single one is called??).  They were ginormous! Sliced thin and sauteed in coconut oil, salt, and pepper.  My favorite way to eat them.

I just finished up work for job #1 for the whole week, so I only have job #2 tomorrow.  Yay!  I will work some on Friday, but Saturday is my no work day ever.  The one day I have to spend with John, so nobody gets to interrupt it unless I say so.

Evening snack will be some bread with nut butter.  I just made up a loaf of maple oatmeal bread.  Yummers.

Be back tomorrow with some more garden blooms.  Couple new things popped open this week!

Question:  Have you ever tried Uncle Sam’s?

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19 thoughts on “Bagels and brussels.

  1. Lisa

    MAN! That bagel looks freakin’ awesome! It’s been ages since I’ve had a real bagel. While the bagel thins are nice and low in calories, they so aren’t the same….
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Is Walking a Workout =-.

  2. Miz

    I was so surprised too when I opened the box and saw uncle sams.
    I had no idea they were affiliated either.

    (loved the cereal but Im really plain that way. would never have thought of using for anything else. youre so creative!!)
    .-= Miz´s last blog ..Positive self-affirmations guest post =-.

  3. Pubsgal

    Wow, what a genius idea, using the waffle iron to make a panini-style wrap! Love that! And I can’t believe all that is only 4 Brussels sprouts! (Yep, mine were pretty small…if I remember correctly, they’re the petite frozen ones.)

    No, I haven’t tried Uncle Sam. I’m not much of a cold cereal eater. Sprinkling it on yogurt looks like a good idea, though.

    Good luck on your race this weekend!
    .-= Pubsgal´s last blog ..Weekly Update- 7-21-10 =-.

  4. debby

    that cereal looks Good!!! I am still trying to minimize wheat in my diet though…

    Thanks for the answer on the deadlift. One of these days I will use the bar.
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Various and Sundry =-.

  5. roxie

    The cereal looks and sounds great. Creative idea for use, as well. I’ve never seen it here. Cool idea for the waffle iron – I’ve used the George Foreman to make panini-style sandwiches.

    Good job on talking yourself out of snacking. That is so tough to do.
    .-= roxie´s last blog ..Peaches and Hamburgers =-.

  6. Andra

    Sesame bagel is my absolute favorite. The difference between a squat and a deadlift, for me, is the quad involvement. The front quads and inner thighs get much more of a workout when I do squats, whereas with deadlifts, I feel it deep in my glutes and rear upper thighs.
    .-= Andra´s last blog ..One of Those Days =-.

  7. Kimberley

    I have never tried Uncle Sam’s…being from Canada and all. I also imagine the products have gluten in them.

    The sprouts look so good. I had some roasted the other night and they were really well done…so tasty!

    Good luck on Saturday!!!
    .-= Kimberley´s last blog ..Worthy Cause Wednesday =-.

  8. Fran

    That bagel looks delicious! Never tried Uncle Sam’s as it is not sold here.

    What you have on Saturday is Sunday for me. It’s the day that’s for me. I never do any housekeeping on Sunday or work. If we want to we can work the whole week but I was born to live, not to work 😆

    Have fun tomorrow at your race.

  9. Joanne

    It seems so long since I checked in with your blogging life, Lori. Still offering up some great looking eats. Maybe your snacking took a back seat but I’m sure when everyone else looks at the food offered here, the tummys start to rumble.

    As for Uncle Sam’s, never tried it. I’m not a cereal person unless it’s oats. If I do have cereal, it’s usual Kashi original. How boring am I?! TGIF and happy day off Saturday!
    .-= Joanne´s last blog ..So many miles and Chicken or Bean Casserole =-.

  10. Tish

    I’ve never seen Uncle Sam’s, but I confess that I sort of put blinders on when I go past the cereal and bakery sections of the store, so as not to be tempted. I get my vicarious kicks reading all the delish looking yummies on your posts. Can’t wait to see your garden pix tomorrow. We have giant sunflowers springing up under the birdfeeders. I noticed they’re 3 for $10 at the store and I’ve got a bumper crop.
    .-= Tish´s last blog ..The Next Step =-.

  11. Jody - Fit at 52

    I must check out that cereal! Great ideas for it too.. like Miz, I would not have thought of that. I bet that does not surprise you! 🙂 Hey, can you send some bread my way!!! YUM!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful flower pics!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Egg Bites – Versatile Recipe! =-.

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