Bagels and biking x2

You know it’s Sunday when you see bagels and biking in the title!  Here is  a picture of my trusty bike:

Nothing special.  Just an old Schwinn hybrid type that I got used about 5 years ago for $140.   You don’t need anything special to ride 100 miles 😉 , although it would be easier with a road bike.  I made myself a little protein drink and we headed to Panera.  We went a circuitous route today to add a few miles.  Met my mom joined us for bagels today!

Yum.  This was after 11 miles and I was quite ready to eat.

Then we headed home.  Total round trip was 19.5 miles, and average speed of 13.3.  Not too shabby for a breakfast ride 😀

Hit the ground running typing at work today.  I think a lot of MTs have just left job #1 company (or got fired) as there has been a backlog of work and they are hiring now.  That’s what happens when morale is down.  Maybe I will be one of those people soon (the leaving, not the fired, hopefully).

Lunch break!  Pumpkin and vanilla greek yogurt with Uncle Sam’s cereal in it.

Plus one of the last pears I have.  No more in stores, so I will have to put aside that favorite for a bit.

Do you want to see something really crazy?  In the comments from yesterday’s race is someone who did the same race as I did (AJH).  Read her recap post and check out the picture of her at the finish.  The man in the green shirt right next to her is John!  How about that for a coincidence??  Kinda spooky….

Latte in the afternoon.

I am drinking this sitting in front of the fan LOL!

Pixie just doesn’t know how to do her job.  She is supposed to scare the squirrels off of this bird feeder, and all she does is watch them.  That squirrel could care less!

Now that the Starlings seem to have moved on, the woodpecker is back, too!

I was pretty hungry for dinner.  Luckily John had cooked up some chicken earlier, so you know what I had to have!

Plus some strawberries on the side:

Lucky for you, I used up the last of the BBQ sauce and the salad mix, so I will have to come up with some different dinners this week :mrgreen:

I decided on a double dip ride again today.  Wanted to bike for a bit more tonight, so that meant yogurt!  I asked John how his yogurt was:

I guess his goal is to ham it up in every picture now,even though he knows they are going to end up on the internets.

I had pistachio yogurt, one of my very favorites!

Anyone have any good suggestions for an anti-wrinkle cream?  Seriously.

Total bike mileage today was 32 miles.  I so love my bike….  Just in case you are curious, today’s calories tallied up to 1710 (give or take a few).  I was surprised that it was that low, actually.  Big reason is because I didn’t nibble.  Funny how that works, isn’t it??

Off to foam roll and stretch!

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20 thoughts on “Bagels and biking x2

  1. Kimberley

    Maybe John is trying to be “discovered” by a Hollywood scout…is he interested in acting?

    Pistachio yogurt looks really good!

    No pears? What is going on over there? First no canned pumpkin and now no fresh pears…good thing you have all those nice bagels to keep you happy.
    .-= Kimberley´s last blog ..My Week Update 29 and Week 30 Goals =-.

  2. Tish

    Amazing about the blogger who happened to get your hubby in her finish line shot. Small world. We have fun watching the squirrels trying to access our squirrel-buster feeders. We call it “squirrel TV” because it’s so entertaining. Is that a Hairy Woodpecker? We just get the smaller Downy’s.

  3. Fran

    Amazing that John was in the picture as he looked familiar but thought: no can’t be.

    Great Sunday you’ve had. And love it that the squirrels come so close to your house.

    I use a anti wrinkle cream from my beauty salon but don’t think it can be bought in the USA. Gosh my face looks like it has to be ironed on some mornings 😆

  4. Andra

    You look great but I know what you mean. I recently invested in Philosophy’s Miracle Worker set. Retinol pads to rub on at bedtime and face cream. It has worked wonders smoothing, evening and getting rid of old sun damage. All very gently as I have extremely sensitive skin. It wasn’t cheap but having pretty skin is worth every penny.
    .-= Andra´s last blog ..Book Review- Vampires Dont Sleep Alone =-.

  5. Jody - Fit at 52

    I have tried so many wrinle creams that are “affordable”. I am convinced that without a dermatologist & those treatements which I can’t afford, I am doomed! 😉 Wish I could help more!

    That yogurt & bagel look so yummy! As for Pixie, she looks like she wants a piece of that though! 🙂
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Simple Food Swaps to Enhance Your Life =-.

  6. Carrie (Love Healthy Living)

    I just recently had a weird cyber-space situation where someone followed me on Twitter and I realized he was someone who I knew in real life (but we didn’t know each other in cyber-space). Very strange when those worlds collide. 🙂

    P.S. I think you’re an amazing, strong woman and you’re beautiful just the way you are! In other words, don’t focus on wrinkles or saggy skin. We all have our issues but we can’t focus on those things because it takes away from a positive self-image. Just a thought…
    .-= Carrie (Love Healthy Living)´s last blog ..Summer Fruit Crumble =-.

  7. Amy

    Thanks for the well wishes for my Dad! So far, so good…
    that is too funny about you and AJH running the same race – I had noticed that on my sidebar – but the fact that John is in her picture is really freaky! It reminds me of a high school English teacher I had whose hobby on vacation was trying to get in other people’s vacation snapshots. Now that’s wierd!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Fingers crossed =-.

  8. Pubsgal

    Hybrid bike riders, unite! I have covetous thoughts of road bikes, but maybe I just need a tune-up, clipless pedals, and some road tires. Especially after seeing this sweet red Colnago at a neighbor’s garage sale. It looked awfully out of place propped up next to the aged dining room set and the crufty desk lamps. He was looking to sell it for $3500…said he’d put $8K into it. Not sure about that, but it’s certainly possible with those high-end bikes. Droool….
    .-= Pubsgal´s last blog ..Weekly Update- 7-21-10 =-.

  9. Catherine

    Pixie is quite the “guard dog”! My cat Miles does the same thing. He’ll happily watch a bird outside the window, unaware that he’s supposed to be a predator! LOL And as always, I LOVE your food and exercise pics! – Catherine McCourt (FB friend)

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