Snack parade

Okay, I don’t know where to start, from today or last night?  I guess I will give you a little recap from yesterday.  John chose Pizzeria Uno for his birthday dinner.

Little known blog fact that we lived outside of Chicago for 5+ years.  We loved the deep dish pizza there.  So, that is what he wanted.  I actually decided I didn’t want pizza and I was really surprised at all the wonderful things on the menu!

Here is John’s pizza:

Yum.. Nothing like that buttery, crispy deep dish.  I decided on a warm goat cheese salad with blueberry pomegranate dressing.  The goat cheese was coated in crushed nuts and it was fabulous!

I would so get this again and again!  We then hit the theater to see Inception:

This was quite a good movie.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Not quite as good as Memento (also done by Christoper Nolan), but better than a lot of other movies out there!  Dinner and a movie.  That is the kind of date night we just never have anymore.

Fast forward to this morning and I could not make myself go out in the humidity to run, and I didn’t feel like going to the gym and treadmilling it, either.  I can get pretty lazy at times, too.    Actually, it is just the running thing.  I am having trouble getting really back into it again.

Anyway, I made breakfast and started working.  Here is the other new bowl I got the other day.

I like small bowls because they make my breakfast look even bigger, which makes my eyes happy 😀

I have to say that today I am really feeling the pressure of the 2 jobs.  I feel like I have been working all day.  Well, okay, I have been working all day.  Not to mention that this week has felt a little crazy, too.  I broke for lunch:

Then came the snack parade.  I had some blueberries:

and the last cupcake:

No latte today because we were out of coffee (I can’t even believe I wrote that!!!).  So without the latte, I managed to have some granola:

Count that bowl a couple times.  Pixie was like “Are you going to stop eating already??”

I think some of it was stress from working and just feeling a little out of sorts.  Finally at dinner time I took a break from work.  I did manage to not snack while making dinner :mrgreen:   At least that habit is going well LOL!  I had some Buitoni pasta that we received a coupon for from Foodbuzz.

It was shrimp and lobster ravioli.  John had some the other day and the garlic cream sauce was sooooo strong that I decided to leave it off and just use tomato sauce on the raviolis (which were quite tasty).

Then we decided to go for a ride.  I needed to decompress and get some exercise in today – so we hit a 12 mile ride.  John’s new jersey!

With his jersey and me in Rosie, we certainly are not a subtle couple on the roads LOL!  We hit up the frozen yogurt place.  It is so sticky and steamy out.  I had butterscotch yogurt.

Cool and refreshing.

So, there was a less than stellar eating day.  Actually, if I blank out the time between lunch and dinner, it would be fine LOL!

I am posting this and getting back to work.  I have a little more to do and really feel beat.  Gotta finish up to watch Project Runway!

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21 thoughts on “Snack parade

  1. Tish

    Not so bad, Lori, I’m sure the biking in your muggy weather offset the after lunch calories. Do you think part of it was not having your coffee fix? I know that when I’m thwarted in something I want food-wise (like when someone else ate the last peach before I had my breakfast!), it makes me restless in the kitchen. It’s hard to get into running when the weather is so awful. I’m looking forward to cooler weather in a few weeks.
    .-= Tish´s last blog .. =-.

  2. Jane

    As usual, your food looks fabulous, especially the goat cheese salad. We also went to “Inception.” I liked it, but though “Salt” was better–A. Jolie played kind of a female Jason Bourne. It’s good to have a night out.
    .-= Jane´s last blog ..THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD =-.

  3. Shelley B

    Blueberry pomegranate salad dressing? Wow!!! Your salad looked great – heck yeah, I’d choose that over pizza!

    Love that you and John are so out there in your bike jerseys – would you ever have believed five years ago that you would be *that* couple sitting in those jerseys with your bikes nearby, eating some frozen yogurt?!?
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Wednesday Workout Update =-.

  4. debby

    I second Ron’s comment! We all have those days sometimes. Hey that combo on the salad is interesting, because I bought some goat cheese at Costco that was fabulous, and of course, now I can find it nowhere–it was Celebrity International Goat Cheese with Blueberries and Cinnamon. That stuff was just fantastic on my salads. So sad I can’t find it any more.
    .-= debby´s last blog ..I AM NOT HOSTILE =-.

  5. Fran

    The pizza looks like a pie 🙂 I’ve heard good things about Inception.

    John looks hot in his new jersey.

    I admire you that you went for that bike ride on a day you really didn’t feel like exercising. I’m even lazier than you because I would have done nothing 😆

  6. cindy

    That salad looks great but I love Uno’s pizza. I got hooked on it when we lived near Chicago, now I’m in Texas and there is no Uno’s.

  7. Susan

    Happy belated birthday to John!!!! I went to see Inception on Monday night, it was alright. I’m not really into “thinker” movies, although the eye candy in the film was nice! 😉

    Okay. I leave for Chicago on Friday. The only thing that I absolutely MUST do while there is get a serious deep dish pizza. We’re staying on Michigan Ave – recommendations?
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Macronutrients- The Daily Jigsaw =-.

  8. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Deep dish pizza is one of those things that *looks* like I would love it, but I never do. I do love P.U.’s thin crust, though.

    Sorry you’re feeling a bit stressy. May things level out for you soon.

    On a personal note, thanks so much for your super kind words, on my blog AND on the AOL article. In addition to admiring you, I appreciate you!
    .-= Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog ..It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time =-.

  9. Jody - Fit at 52

    Stress can be such a downer for sure! You are handling it pretty darn well in my eyes! I have worked jobs that involved 60++ hour weeks & it is dang horrible! Glad you don’t have to drive to an UGH office for sure. That is no fun!

    Glad you enjoyed for the bday boy & had some R&R for that! Pixie might have been mad that she did not get some of that yummy yogurt! 🙂

    Love your bowls! Like you, I use small plates & bowls!!!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Operation Beautiful &amp Random Thoughts =-.

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