Biking butt and scale manifesto

Woke up and wiggled the legs, which felt pretty good.  We decided to bike to breakfast!  I had a protein drink for some fuel.

Then we hit the path.  The bike path is a little bit longer and a little slower than the roads (due to rough surface), but so beautiful and quiet on Sunday mornings.  We got to Panera Bread and had an interesting exchange with someone while locking up the bikes. This man was sitting on the patio.  He was quite a large man, as well.

Man:  How far did you guys bike today?

Me:  It will be 17 miles total, 8.5 here, then home after breakfast.

Man:  Wow. That’s great.  Then you can eat whatever you want.

That is such a common misconception.  Burning an extra  few hundred calories does not give one license to eat whatever.  Too many people think this. I actually mentioned that this ride would not do that, but said how we had done 45 yesterday and could eat more because of that, but you can’t go crazy.  He was then saying how he did some walking and was trying to do more, which we encouraged.  I kind of wanted to tell him that I had lost 100 pounds and was now able to ride a lot, but sometimes it feels like bragging or being preachy, you know?

I was hungry by this time!  That protein drink lasted me about 2 miles.  Holdover from yesterday’s ride, I think.  My delicious bagel.

Nom, nom!  I really have kind of backslid on the types of bagels I eat.  I am eating less of the whole grain ones and more regular ones.  Part of that is that I dislike Panera’s whole grain bagel.  It has a strange fishy aftertaste to me (blargh).  Not sure what that is, but me no likey.

Then it was biking home and getting to what little work there was to do.

Couple of bike things.  Tish asked:

How did you learn about how to repair your bike? Did you take a class?

No. I actually can’t really do a lot of repairs on my bike, but I can do the basics. There is a good book out there by Susan Weaver called “A Woman’s Guide to Cycling.” I found it at my library. It helps to get to know your bike. Understand how the chain works. Most problems with bikes are either flat tires or chain problems. Anybody can learn to fix those. Other stuff can go to the bike shop. You really should have working knowledge of how to change a flat tire, cause it is going to happen.  Or at the very least, make sure you have your phone with you to call for a pick up.  😀

Ish also commented:

You must either have an amazingly plush bike seat or buns (literally) of steel.

It’s really the 2nd part of that. It just takes time. When I first got this bike about 5 years ago, I could only ride a few miles and man did my fanny hurt! It hurt just sitting in a normal chair after biking. Then I started getting used to it. I don’t have a gel seat or anything special; it is just the seat that came with the bike. In fact, I need to replace it soon and I am afraid to because it is so comfie. You need to ride consistently to get rid of the soreness. That means going out every other day. Yes, it will hurt at first, but that does go away. I promise. After the first summer biking I was fine, and then the next spring my butt hurt again, but not as bad. This year it didn’t hurt at all getting back on the bike. I have really built up whatever bone strength/callus I needed by consistent training. I now own padded bike shorts this year and can go even longer comfortably.   I did find my threshold for soreness, though, and that was at 95 miles.   Then I started to hurt.  Just like with anything in life, your body adjusts the more you do. You just need to be patient and consistent. (How many times can I use the word ‘consistent’ in a paragraph??)

Lunch break! Tried a new cereal with yogurt and strawberries. It’s Total Omega 3. Had a coupon, so gave it a shot.

Tasty! A little sweet, but very good.

Slow work day, so I got more work done on the cookbook and some outside stuff.  I am trying to patch our driveway, but it is really more crack and hole than asphalt left, so it might be a lost cause.

I was ready for snack time!

Then an hour later I was still hungry, so I had the last of the picked blueberries.  Wahhh!

Sometimes I really like what I write.   Things every once in a while come out sounding just like I think them.  For those that didn’t read yesterday’s post (gasp!) , I said this:

The scale is just a box with a number on it.  It does not tell me that I am strong and beautiful.  It does not know that I can bike 100 miles in a day.  It does not know that I can squat and deadlift in the weight room with the guys.  And I don’t care what it doesn’t know about me – because *I* know it.

Shelley called it my scale manifesto, and I fell in love with that term! (Thanks, Shelley!).  I need to put it on a t-shirt or a coffee mug or something.  Definitely going to put in the sidebar at some point when I have time to fiddle with the blog (I also note I need to change my age to *ahem* 42…).

Smokehouse run today, so we finally have meat!  John grilled up some awesome boneless pork chops.  Side of brussels and a mango tango pluot.

I really like the pluots.  So juicy and a mix of sweet and tart.  Yum!

I am also so excited – the drought is over because tonight is some football!!! Are you ready??  I  am!  I don’t care if it is preseason, I’ll take whatever 😀

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28 thoughts on “Biking butt and scale manifesto

  1. April

    I haven’t weighed since February!! My clothes started getting tight though so I know I need to make some changes. I’m not as disappointed that way.

    Mmm…that latte looks tasty!

  2. Andra

    I love the scale manifesto! I’m going to borrow it and make it my own, with credit to you and Shelley, of course. What a fantastic idea, everyone should have one.

  3. Sharon

    I’ve made this comment on your blog so many times you are probably tired of seeing it, but I am so jealous that you can just head out on your bike from your house. Our community is so NOT bike friendly. We have a great easy on, easy off bike rack, but the fact remains, we have to load em up and drive to get to a safe place to ride.

    Ironically, it is exactly 8.5 miles from our favorite greenway trailhead to Panera.

    How do you do your Brussels? I like them just steamed whole, but your pics look interesting as well.
    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..Weekend Turmoil =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      We actually do have to ride in the street to get to the path, but you get used to it. Just need to pay ultra attention!

      I usually cook my brussel sprouts by shredding them up, then pan sauteing with coconut oil, salt, and pepper. I takes about 5 or 6 minutes since they are shredded. Fast is always good for me LOL!

  4. Tish

    Thanks for answering my question, Lori. I found a used copy for 30 cents (plus shipping) and have ordered it toward the end of knowing more about my bike. I really like the idea of being able to handle the basics myself. I do know how to put air in the tires & check the pressure, but beyond that, I’m ignorant–until I get my book.
    .-= Tish´s last blog ..Its WAR =-.

  5. Kathy W.

    We were in Panera the other night–they were out of the sourdough bagette and so I subbed the mutigrain. After a few bites, I turned to my husband & said:

    “Why does this taste like FISH??”

    Weird, huh? I also think Tim Horton’s coffee has a fishy undertaste…

  6. april

    I love the scale comment! I used to only care about what it said but now I could care less.. I go by the way I look now!

  7. Shelley B

    Glad you liked my term – I really loved what you wrote! I think a coffee mug is a very appropriate place to print it, too!

    As for that man, I think you could tell him that you’ve lost 100 pounds – it might give him hope, as he just saw you as a thin, fit person…he had no idea of how hard you worked to get there, and how much you still work to STAY there. Might give him some perspective. I know, too little, too late, but you never know when the opportunity might come up again.
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Friday Mishmash – Plus Protein Brownie Review! =-.

  8. debby

    Interesting info on the biking butt. Which, BTW, was a completely mystifying blog title to me.

    And I agree with Shelley on sharing with the man. But you only have a split second to make a decision in those situations. I have gone both ways.

    And I agree with Shelley again. Your words about the scale were classic. Manifesto is a great way to describe them.

    And, we can no longer be twins. I do not like football.

    But someday I am going to drive across the country and take a bike ride with you.
    .-= debby´s last blog ..This ‘n That =-.

  9. Fran

    I’ve read over your scale comment by accident but I really love it because it’s so true. Sometimes we get dictated too much by our scale.

    Seems to me you had another great day!

  10. Jody - Fit at 52

    Not a football fan but hubby is waiting for hockey!!!!

    Now, on that bagel, yum is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no more in the freezer so I have to go search some out soon!

    As I mentioned yesterday, I loved your scale comment! AND, I think if you had told that man you lost 100 pounds, it would have been great encouragement for him! No bragging, it is helping for a person that seemd to want to know more. You go Lori!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Germ Fighters – Home &amp Gym Help!!!! =-.

  11. Joanne

    I love it when people say that if you run/bike..exercise a lot you can eat what you want. It’s funny because the people who DO run/bike/exercise, are those that watch what they eat SO carefully. Weird isn’t it?!

    Yay Football! The best part about Fall/Winter. Do you go see the Giants at the training camp?
    .-= Joanne´s last blog ..A Taste of Utica Frog Eye Salad =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      Not a Giants fan. I am a Broncos fan and a Saints fan 😀

      It might be fun sometime just to see training camp for kicks, though!

  12. Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin

    I totally agree with your sentiments on the scale, but I can’t seem to get away from it. I’m trying not to let the number control my mood for the day/week, but its tough! It was such an important tool during the beginning of my weight loss, so now that I’m at the end of the journey its a hard habit to break.
    .-= Beth @ Beth’s Journey to Thin´s last blog ..Wedding Weekend Recap =-.

  13. meg @ Living in Luling

    When I first you post title, I thought it said bikini butt. Which struck me as odd, since yo don’t seem like the kinda lady who’d talk about her booty in a bikini.But I am glad you talked about bike booty. This morning sitting on hat spin bike, I was wonder in if my tush was going to get used to it. I am on it a few times a week so hopefully its enough.

    I really need to stop worrying over my scale number. But I do. I totally let it dictate how I feel some days.

    1. Lori Post author

      You are not the first person who thought I said bikini! Other than not ever wearing one, I really don’t talk about my butt too often on the blog LOL!

  14. kwithme

    Reading your blog encouraged me to bike to dinner last night. I have made a lot of excuses, some valid and some lazy. The valid ones, The route is dangerous for my kids to ride, lots of riding either on the shoulder of a winding road or through a heavily traveled commercial area, I am definitely not comfortable with them riding there. The lazy ones were concern about riding home after eating a larger meal like dinner. So, yesterday was a great test. My whole family was going so if I was too full, I could put my bike in the van and ride home. Hubby took the kids. It was only 3 miles but it felt great. My husband was surprised because I arrived before they did, he gave me a 10 min head start. I’ll definitely do it again.

    Thanks for the great example!

  15. Lisa

    Biking Butt is brutal. My advice? Practice! After going out every weekend for over a month to train for Reach the Beach, I got much better. My butt wouldn’t hurt as much. I never tried the special cream for it but I’ve heard it works too.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Veggie Pasta Salad Recipe =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      We have an espresso maker with a steam wand on it. The espresso isn’t the best, really, but the steamer makes the best foamy milk!

  16. Pubsgal

    I *love* your scale manifesto! That is awesome!

    I’ll have to hitch a ride with Debby; I’d love to bike ride with you someday, too!

    I enjoy watching a little football, but I’m more of a hockey girl. Yeay for fall!
    .-= Pubsgal´s last blog ..Weekly Update- 8-4-10 =-.

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