Allons’y a Montreal!

I know you are all excited to see how the trip is going :mrgreen:   I was up way to early *again.*  I woke up at 5:45.  I laid around for a while and then just decided to go for a workout.  I won’t give the full recap, but I ran 2.5 miles and did a lifting routine.  Then I was hangry for some breakfast!  Custard oats Almond Joy Style:

Then we packed up the car, kissed Pixie and headed out the door.  It was a gorgeous day.  We headed through the Adirondacks:

Then stopped for lunch a couple hours later at a local diner type place called Gus’



We had the bikes on the back of the car on the rack for about 3/4 of the trip:

We ended up take them off and putting them in the back of the wagon because they were bouncing up and down and making both of us nervous.

Then we hit the line for customs.  Hooray…

An hour in the customs line.  Booooo….

Then we arrived in Montreal at our bed and breakfast:

I’ll get more pictures of it tomorrow, but we wanted to explore.  It is probably 100 years old and very charming.

We hit the streets in search of dinner.

Stopped at a place called Cafe du Fino

Carb fest anyone?

Montreal is so very diverse and charming.  We walked all over the place.  China Town:

The Bixie, which is the bike rental system at $5 a day.

The Notre Dame basilica :

A Christmas Wonderland store:

The old part of Montreal with cobbled streets:

We found an amazing maple store where everything had maple in it!  Of course, had to try a maple tart:

I was on overload in the store.  I had trouble deciding on what to have LOL!

We spent more time walking around and getting acquainted with the city.  Tonight is a fireworks festival and we are taking a time out before heading out to watch those.

We are so excited to get the bikes out and ride tomorrow.  Going to hit the botanical gardens and a bunch of the bike trail

(Hilarious note, we are watching Galaxy Quest in french right now.  It is even funnier that way.)

Until tomorrow!

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  2. Fran

    So cool that you share your stories with us. It sure is a beautiful city and your B&B looks lovely. Have fun at exploring the city by bike.

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