Welcome to your new life Mr. Bike.

What a gorgeous morning.  It was nice and cool overnight.  I got up and made some banana custard oats with the soaked steel cut technique

Topped with some homemade fluff and peanut butter.  I then took the bowl and my coffee and sat out on the porch to eat.  It was cool enough to need a jacket out there.

I also saw my first hummingbird of the season!  I heard this loud buzzing noise and I was about the freak out at what I assumed was the world’s biggest wasp, but looked up and saw the hummingbird!  He buzzed around the feeder (which had old syrup in it) and flew away.  I quick ran inside to put fresh stuff in there, so hopefully they will be back through.

Today was a long ride day.  This is the first typical type ride with the new  bikes. We loaded up the backpacks since we are still waiting for the replacement bag frames to arrive.  Still have the bike bags, just not the rack to put it on.  1 week ago today and our bikes were stolen.  Still hurts.  Since we got a later start than usual, I had a Luna bar before leaving the house.

It was a gorgeous day.   I swear every Saturday has been so nice this summer.  We didn’t end up stopping for any snacks, as John had a late breakfast and I had that Luna bar.  I did need to stop around mile 15 to put on some more anti-chafing gel.  😳 My bike is so clean.

I need to save this look for posterity.

I don’t know if I will name the bike or not.  I never did name the old one and I had it for almost 6 years.

I’ll have to see if a name comes to me.  Right now I still feel like it is Mr. Fuji since we are still getting to know each other.

20ish miles later and we arrived in Saratoga at the Cupcake Lab!

This is getting to be a habit.  I actually was pretty hungry by this time.  I saw the perfect sammie for me on the menu, which I think was new.   Ham and brie with granny smith apple panini-style.

This was sooo good!  It had honey mustard on it.

John had the mac and cheese.

This was good and very, very rich.

We sat around and chatted and then had coffee and dessert.

This is our coffee being brewed individually:

Of course.  I chose a raspberry cupcake.

It had a raspberry filling in it as well and so delicious.  I think it is my new favorite.

John had a S’mores cupcake.  It was good as well, although hard to eat with the marshmallow on top.

It was cloudy by the time we left for home.  It was definitely cooler today as well.  We stopped at the usual point around mile 30.  I just drank a little water as I didn’t want the same nausea I felt the last time I drank too much at this rest stop.

My bike was zooming up the hills and the flats were easy peasy.  This bike wants to go!  I actually was holding back some.  John was finding his seat to be pretty uncomfortable after 30 miles and started to not enjoy the ride.

This is my seat:

It is not as wide as my old seat, but actually fairly soft.  I think I will keep it for now.  It’s just chafing, which is more of a problem with my shorts than the seat and I do have the Lanacane for that.

I hate my water bottle cage.  I got an adjustable one and it has a sharp edge on it that scratched my thigh when I would get on and off the bike.

I had even more scratches by the time I got home.  That has to go.

After mile 36, we stopped at a drive in  for some coconut water. 

Enjoyed in the shadow of this man:

Finished up:

Total miles:  42 – this is actually not quite right.  I think I have the tire size too big on the bike computer as this ride is actually more like 45.

Top speed26.2 mph

Avg speed:  14.0 mph – much faster than the old bikes.

Calories burned: 1339 – woohoo!

I am feeling a lot more comfortable on the bike.  It is just going to take time.  It is much more responsive than my old bike, so I tend to over correct a little bit, which makes me slightly nervous at times.   The brakes are also much touchier, so I have to be careful not to hit them hard and fly over the handle bars.  The first of many long rides in the books.

I have no appetite now.  Not unusual after a long ride.  Had a light dinner of toast with laughing cow and some blueberries:

I’ll eat some chocolate later to get in a few more calories.  Doing 40 miles is like running a 1/2 marathon.

Question:  Did you do something fun today?

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20 thoughts on “Welcome to your new life Mr. Bike.

  1. April

    Wow, John had a great day. Macaroni and cheese plus a smore’s cupcake! 🙂

    I’m glad you’re getting to know Mr. Fuji!!

    I went shopping and actually bought some new clothes!
    .-= April´s last blog ..Flaunt it Friday! =-.

  2. debby

    I’m stuck on the first hummingbird sighting of the season. Wow. I guess its because you are so far north? We pretty much have them year round here, if we remember to keep food out for them. Why am I using ‘we?’ I guess I’m talking about me and all my friends who have hummingbird feeders.

    Anyway that sounds like a great ride. For some reason I am over my cupcake obsession, even though I never did have one. I guess that’s a good thing, because I am certainly getting plenty of frozen yogurt…
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Crumbling =-.

  3. Tish

    Fun report, Lori. How about Mount Fuji? I love seeing your food for your ride. I made DH come and look so he knows what sorts of things I’m expecting when have our biking weekend getaway!
    .-= Tish´s last blog ..Pride Goeth =-.

  4. Kim Zepp

    Thanks for the link to your older post about how to “soak” the steel cut oats. I had been meaning to ask you how you do that! I always buy the quick oats, but I was eyeing up the steel cut ones at the grocery this week (because of your posts.) I’ll have to try those when my current container is empty!
    My fun today was a nice long bike ride, too. 🙂 (and thankfully I was done before the STORM! – did make me ride faster)
    .-= Kim Zepp´s last blog ..2 week training update =-.

  5. roxie

    My day was fun just like yours (well, with lower mileage). I went for an early morning bike ride and later on, went to Sprinkles in Dallas and had a cupcake. I had the red velvet cupcake and it was divine. I’d been to other cupcake places and was less than impressed, but this was just yummy!

    John’s mac and cheese looks pretty yummy, too.
    .-= roxie´s last blog ..Feelin Groovy =-.

  6. Shelley B

    I like Mr. Fuji – sort of a respect thing. He can call you Ms. Lori in return! Ouch to that bottle rack – that’s gotta go. Glad you had such a good first long bike ride with your new friends! The cupcakes looked wonderful, but wow, so did your sandwich!

    As for doing something fun today? Does cracking myself up while writing a blog post count?
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Friday Mishmash =-.

  7. Amy

    Glad your first big ride with Mr. Fuji went so well! I love that your coffee was made with the same kind I filter I used everyday here at home – how funny!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Mobile Weekend =-.

  8. Fran

    Another great bike ride Lori and as always a pleasure to read/watch.

    Today I had a lazy Sunday, yesterday I went to a race to watch R. race his motor bike.

  9. MB

    Those cupcakes look amazing.

    Glad you and Mr. Fuji are getting to know each other. I would take that water bottle cage off STAT. It looks like you were in a fight with an angry Pixie.

    Saturday was a day full of fun. We did the Great VT Corn Maze in record breaking time (1 hour). I also got to sample the most delicious maple peanut butter and stock up on enough for a week or two, cooked dinner on the open fire, ate the most delicious fresh picked corn and toasted giant marshmallows while hanging out with my guy and best friend. It doesn’t get much better than that.

    I was planning on taking my bike for a little spin Sunday but Mother Nature had other plans.

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