Biking and Bettie’s Cupcakes

Ahhhh…. glorious coolness!  Wonderful breeze coming in this morning through our new windows 😀

I was up early, as per usual, but John was sleeping in after a poker night.   Normally on Saturdays I eat when I get up, then John eats a couple hours later and we go biking.  I would get hungry really early in the ride.  So, I figured I would eat a snack and have a later breakfast.

Toast and jam!  Yum.  I am loving this bread I’ve been eating over the summer.  Doing endurance things really makes me crave carbs (cause I need them).

I poked around blogs and puttered around outside for a while.  Then John got up after a couple hours and I made brekkie.  I am all about the pumpkin after seeing those yesterday! 😀

Pumpkin custard oats topped with some light cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar.  I threw in about 1/4 cup of frozen cranberries while cooking the oats.

This bowl is sitting by a couple pie pumpkins I picked up yesterday.  John said I was taking oats to a higher art form.   Did you know it is National Better Breakfast month?

Packed a few items and headed out to Saratoga.  It was really windy today.  Strong headwind on the way down to the tune of 15 mph.  That adds a *lot* of resistance to the ride.  We stopped around 10 miles in for a little snackie.

I was trying to take a picture of the date I was going to eat, but the camera was focusing on the date I was with 😀

John took some action shots of me:

I look like a badass, but I am really not.  I just play one on the internet.

Just passin’ by! Bike shorts just aren’t flattering.

After 20 miles, we reached our destination. We were going to go to the Cupcake Lab as per usual, but they were closed for the weekend!  Ooops.  So, we headed to our other favorite – Uncommon Grounds.

I had a banana walnut bagel.  (Coffee roaster in background). Yum.  We walked around a little, and John ended up buying a ring to kind of match mine (since he has lost 2 wedding rings now).

It’s a little nicer than mine, what is up with that?  Anyway, 3rd time is a charm for rings, right?  Good thing he doesn’t go through marriages as fast as he does his wedding rings….

So, you didn’t think there wouldn’t be a cupcake on this ride, did you?  We stopped at Betties – which I believe is going to be on the Great Food Truck Race on Food Network.

Sorry Shelley – I know you are seeing these everywhere!

I had trouble deciding, so I got a peanut butter/chocolate cupcake and a mini thin mint.  The small ones are about the size of a bon-bon.

Very good.  Very dense, too.  The frosting at Bettie’s is much more rich than at Cupcake Lab.

With cupcake power inside (sitting like a rock), we headed home.  It was cloudy and started spitting some rain on us – yay…..  At least we had somewhat of a tailwind!  Stopped after mile 30 to have some coconut water.

Then the last 11 miles home.

Ride stats:

Distance: 41.6 miles

Avg speed: 13.3 mph

Calories burned: 1275

Awesome! I was feeling great.  My legs feel strong.  I didn’t have any chafing issues today (sorry).   Next week’s ride will be tough, but I know I have the distance in me.

I have all of this energy after that ride.  I think it is the cooler weather or something.  The heat just saps out so much energy from me.

I headed on out to the Smokehouse to pick up meat.  I love buying local!  Boneless chicken breast for $2.89 a pound.  Can’t beat that.

John cooked up chicken and I had to make my classic.  Need some veggies/protein after that carb fest I had earlier today.

Tonight is going to be porch sitting with my hubby and drinking some coffee (decaf).  Starting to feel like fall…..

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18 thoughts on “Biking and Bettie’s Cupcakes

  1. Amanda @ BakingWithoutABox

    Love the dates! And the badass biker chic shot!
    All your food looks so good tonight. I knew better than to read your posts while hungry. Lol.
    My honey’s ring is too big now that he’s lost a couple pounds since the wedding. He wears it to work but says it flies off now and then. No way for him to wear it while running.
    .-= Amanda @ BakingWithoutABox´s last blog ..The Disneyland Fabulous 5k! =-.

  2. debby

    Yum on the cupcake. That looks like really good butter frosting, which is what I like best about cakes. I guess I’ll have to start riding 40 miles so I can justify eating cake more often. I feel the urge for a bbq chicken salad coming on.
    .-= debby´s last blog ..I Made a Pickle! Tee Hee! =-.

  3. Fran

    I’m so jealous: I want a cupcake shop here too. Can’t you move to Holland and open one here? I promise you I will be your number one buying customer!

    Lovely ride you’ve had, love the action photos of you and don’t complain girl: you look fantastic!

  4. Jody - Fit at 52

    I want that bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You knew you would be teasing me Lori! 🙂

    We bought a very cool cupcake for my hubby yesterday. Going to blog about it Friday along with some cool treat cookies for me! One in particular, you are going to LOVE!!!!!

    Cool pics of your ride & really neat about John & the new ring. You guys are so cute!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Grilling Safety Tips and Cancer Prevention =-.

  5. Alissa

    I have been commenting on your posts that I wish we had a cupcake shop like you always have pictured here- I just found out something like this opened sort of near me! I can’t wait to try it out. What a great bike ride- we’ve been focusing on running lately and I really want to start going for longer bike rides again. 🙂
    .-= Alissa´s last blog ..Our 2nd 5K =-.

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