More ride reflections and being small?

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my ride yesterday!  I woke up feeling pretty much fine this morning, surprisingly.  I did take Tylenol PM last night and got a good night’s sleep.  I actually was about 2 parsecs away from going to the gym to do some lifting, but then I figured a rest day would probably do me better.

I do have to say that one thing about me that is sore would be my abs.  When you bike up hills, if you pull on the handlebars towards you, your legs can get more power.  Of course, doing that contracts the abs (try pulling something towards you that is immovable and you will see what I mean).  So, I think having my abs pulled in so much during that long climb is what made them sore today.  Anyone who thinks biking is only for the legs is sorely mistaken!

I was hungry for brekkie today.

I made cream of wheat banana custard style and topped with 1 tbsp of Nutella.  I wish I could have slathered it in Nutella, but dang that stuff is almost more caloric than PB! I felt like some crunch, so I did a little sprinkle of granola on there.

I got right to work.  I actually had 2 days off from work, as I took yesterday off.  That was weird LOL!  A whole weekend.  I kind of forgot what that feels like.

Lunch break contained some of my yogurt mash.

Not pictured is the half serving of straight up protein powder I had mixed with water.  I was hungry and needed a protein hit, so I just slugged that.  I was pretty protein deficient yesterday.

Since I haven’t talked enough about the ride yesterday, I do have some more musings.  I have to say that I was surprised at the caliber of the riders yesterday.  At least on the longer ride.  John said there were others that seemed less fit (for lack of a better term) doing the 15 mile ride.  I really didn’t see anyone else as we started before and ended after the shorter distance riders.

I was also a little surprised at how aching my legs were at the end of this ride.  I honestly do not think I could have biked another mile.  I think it is because I truly pushed myself just about to my limit as far as intensity goes.  This ride was much harder than our 100-mile ride – isn’t that weird?  Makes me think I could do a little more pushing on my own.

I doubt that I would do this next year.  More because of the fundraising aspect of it.  I was a little uncomfortable hitting people up for donations, and I didn’t want anyone to feel badly if they did not donate.  I know I can’t donate to everyone that asks. There are just too many causes and not enough money.  I would rather just pay an entry fee for a charitable race and be done with it.

I also still have problems with body perception.   I was feeling like the biggest rider there (some ultra lean people were riding). When I went to pick up my t-shirt, the person at the table pointed out “The smalls are over here”.  I thought “What?” Then I looked at the medium (which is better than me usually grabbing a large) and I was holding them up to me.  John told me to get the small, then another woman said “Get the small, you are a small.”

I still don’t think I am a small. Of course, part of that is from my biceps :mrgreen:

I did end up getting the small because I think the sizes ran big.  You can see me holding up the small in this post.  So, guess I still have work to do there.

For an afternoon snack, I had a pumpkin scone (recipe coming tomorrow) with my latte.

Geez, I love pumpkin.  I mentioned this on Facebook the other day, but I contacted a rep at Libby’s and was told that pumpkin should be in stock by the end of the month and there was not a shortage anticipated (but I suppose you never can tell about that).  Let’s all do that happy dance!

Dinner time!  Using up the tag end of some things.

Baked crab cake.  I use hot sauce like some people use ketchup.  The bottle is mostly gone and I know that I had 99% of it.  Ooops.

Without a workout today, I had an extra hour and a half or so today.  I actually got some house cleaning done for a change.  Rest days can be good things!

Wish me luck on the football game tonight.  John and I are tied so far and dinner for the week is riding on the Jets/Ravens game.  I picked the Ravens.

Snack for the game?

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24 thoughts on “More ride reflections and being small?

  1. Shelley B

    I can relate to you on grabbing the wrong sizes – I still do that, and have to almost say out loud “you are not a large, do not even pick that up” – and yeah, when a small fits I still go into a state of shock. But hello – look at you, tiny woman!

    Glad you took a rest day from the gym. I’m sure your muscle fibers appreciated it!
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Awk-ward =-.

  2. Kim

    Thanks for explaining the sore abs thing. I biked 25 miles yesterday through rolling hills and my abs were hurting today when I was doing some crunches.

  3. cammy@tippytoediet

    I’m glad you’re not too terribly sore! I learned about that ab thing a few weeks ago when I found a series of hills to ride. I love walking because I can kind of zone out, but I really like the focus on balance and core that biking brings. Fortunately I have the opportunity to do both.
    .-= cammy@tippytoediet´s last blog ..Letters I’ve Been Meaning to Write =-.

  4. Leah

    How fun to be forced to get the small shirt. 😀 Glad you’re not too sore.

    I have started with my autumn baking and will be stocking up on pumpkin as well. Thanks for the info. 🙂 I love the recipe of one dry spice cake mix + one can of pumpkin for muffins. So light and so yummy! Had one this morning with coffee as a matter of fact.

    Have a great post-ride week!
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..Habits- Rules and What To Do =-.

  5. Deb

    Lori i didn’t get a chance to tell you yesterday but i’am so proud of you!!! You did wonderful! After a road race like that did it make you rethink your choice of a hybrid over a road bike??? Just asking cause i’m still in the market. 🙂 Congrats again girl! You look awesome!

    1. Lori Post author

      No – I never rethink that choice on the hybrid. I am not a racer, and the super thin tires are something I just am not comfortable with at all.

      The hybrid really suits my style of riding to a T. You just can’t expect to be as fast as a road bike, but I never was built for speed 😀

  6. Destination:Athlete

    I am sure that your body appreciated having a day off to rest. 🙂

    And you are definitely a small!! 🙂 I think you look great, no matter how you feel you look…but as I suffer from the same mental perception issue, I know that doesn’t help. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the pumpkin scone recipe!
    .-= Destination:Athlete´s last blog ..blarggghhhhhh… =-.

  7. Fran

    You are small! But I can understand that it takes some time before you believe it yourself. When people tell me I look great because I lost weight, I think to myself “yeah right” We are the biggest critics ourselves when it comes to our body.

    I think I would prefer paying a fee for a charity ride too than raise the money myself. I see people all over blogland asking for donations, I’d be poor if I give everyone a donation (which I would like)but I can’t. So I donate to my favorite bloggers to whom I have a connection. I think you know enough now, don’t you?


  8. Jan

    I didn’t know that about the ab work on a bike. I don’t have many hills where I ride but I am going to pay attention to that next time I encounter a hill.

    I also hate asking for money. It makes me very uncomfortable.

    I hope you don’t run into a pumpkin shortage again. We were lucky here in Canada. There was always pumpkin on the shelves. Every time I see it in the store I think of you. 🙂

  9. Jody - Fit at 52

    I bet you worked those abs!!! AND YOU ARE A SMALL!!!! 🙂 Isn’t that exciting that others told you so!!! Good job on it all!

    I cannot wait for that scone recipe! I hope it is easy enough for me to try! 😉

    PS: The friend I send your garden & Pixie pics to…. we both agree that we want to come back as Pixie & have her life! 🙂
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Kickboxing- Boxing- Meet Holly &amp FREE STUFF! =-.

  10. debby

    WHAT did you put on top of that pumpkin scone? I don’t like pumpkin as well as you do, but last fall when I made my pumpkin scones I couldn’t leave them alone. Don’t know if I will make them again this year or not…

    Looking forward to seeing your recipe!
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Simple Weekend Recipes =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s topped with cream cheese frosting, plus some crystallized ginger. I have to be careful with the frosting because I can just eat it with a spoon!

  11. Lisa

    Be proud of your accomplishment! Losing a lot of weight is hard work and you’ve kept it off. Of course, it’s easy for me to say–I haven’t learned how to do it either. I still compare myself to other runners/cyclist. But in the end, who cares if they are faster or skinnier? As long as I’m doing it!
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Fixing a Disasterous Dinner =-.

  12. Susan

    Ha, I asked for a medium Simply Bar shirt last weekend and I was swimming in it. Weird, I still think I’m a medium, when the clothing says I’m a small! One of the (many) reasons why I’m getting out of group events and races is I don’t like the self comparison that goes on. For me, in my fitness journey, it’s not beneficial to be timed and compared on a list to others.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Ready- Set- Blog! =-.

  13. Kandy


    I just wanted to let you know how truly inspiring you are to me and my husband. We have just started a weight loss blog in the hopes it will keep us motivated for the long haul. To look back at where you started and to appreciate the long journey you have been on we just wanted to say thank you so, so much for blogging this part of your life. We tried the pancakes this weekend that you have posted and we love, love them too, lol. Can’t wait to try the scones!!!!

    God Bless You
    .-= Kandy´s last blog .. =-.

  14. Amanda @ bakingwithoutabox

    So happy for you! Well done!!!
    So glad you’re not too sore. I totally understand the shirt thing. I ordered mediums in my coaching shirts. Now three months later of wearing them at least twice a week, I’m finally agreeing with my hubs that maybe I should have gone with a small. The size thing is just so hard to get. Plus the clothing people keep messing with sizes to make it harder on us.
    But you definitely look like a small to me! Yay! Maintenance is awesome.

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