Snack attack.

One of those snack kind of days.  It was bound to be that way right from the start.  I had a poor night’s sleep and woke up at 4:30 am unable to get to sleep.  I finally got up at 5 to at least go do some work instead of staring into the dark.  Proof that Pixie really does sleep all.the.time is that she was sleeping when I got up.  So much for thinking she plays all night :mrgreen:

There was work to do, so I started right on that.  My stomach was really rumbling, so I had a Luna bar while I worked (not pictured).

John got up a couple hours later and we headed on out to bagels.  Decided on Panera Bread today instead of the other place.  It was cold bike ride! 39 degrees.  😯  Brrrrr……  I swear we hit every red light on the way there, too.  I put on my technical turtleneck and fleece,so I was toasty warm for the ride.  I was totally ready for coffee, though!

It really felt like Sunday because of being at Panera, complete with grounds in my coffee…  Nothing like getting really out of whack for the day, right?

Blueberry bagel.

Got home and settled back into work.  My stomach was rumbling more not long after.  This always happens when I don’t get enough sleep (thanks ghrelin).  I munched on granola, then took shower.  I decided to eat lunch, as it was noon by then.

This is a piece of the bread leftover from last night’s dinner under my egg.  Lots of hot sauce, which meant eating sammie with fork.  What do you call a sandwich that you eat with a fork, anyway??

After lunch I felt bottomless *again* and had some nuts and chocolate.

By this time, I had that sinking feeling I was going to be battling this all day.  I had more of this mix with my latte, too.  Along with some other nibbles.

I actually closed my eyes and dozed off sitting up, which is really weird for me.  I usually cannot do that.  I think I will have trouble staying up tonight to watch Project Runway!

John cooked dinner tonight while I was working.  Love my hubby.  He did chicken marinated in Mojito Lime from McCormick Grillmates.  He also made up brown rice on the side.

The broccoli was my contribution.  😀

Now I am sitting here kind of full.  Maybe that will last me the rest of the night?

Definitely need to have a good clean eating day tomorrow – and a good night’s sleep!
Ending on a fun note – here is Pixie chasing her tail. She gets a lot of enjoyment out of it. Yet another cheap toy 😀

Mums a bloomin’ for the garden pics tomorrow!

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26 thoughts on “Snack attack.

  1. Vee

    I wanted to eat all day too, but didn’t. Just … nothing sounded good. Nothing I can eat, anyway.

    I ate a huge salad for lunch, and that shoulda kept me, but I kept thinking about how I shoulda put peanuts in the salad, and now I want some peanut butter and chocolate. But not really. And a huge glass of milk but can’t drink milk.

    Wonder if your metabolism is funky today.

    Vee at
    .-= Vee´s last blog ..Low-Carb BLT on FlaxBread =-.

  2. Pubsgal

    Did you lift a little harder than usual yesterday? I notice that I always seem to have trouble getting to sleep on my CardioSculpt days, my muscles get really sore.

    And oh, the snackies! I feel your pain. They hit me big time yesterday afternoon.

    Such a cute video of Pixie! Thanks for sharing it!
    .-= Pubsgal´s last blog ..Weekly Update- 9-9-10 whoops- a day late! =-.

  3. Shelley B

    I cannot get over that picture of you with a turtleneck…for contrast, I wore a sleeveless shirt this morning!

    Love the pixie video – she is so cute. Does she get embarrassed when she realizes you’re watching her play? My cats do.
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Wednesday Workout Update =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      Pixie has no shame ever. When she sees me watching her, she will come over and get in my lap. I have to sneak pictures of her so she doesn’t notice 😀

  4. debby

    WALNUTS! YOU NEED WALNUTS! debby shouts from her seat at the nut-a-holics meeting. (They’re supposed to have something that helps you sleep.)

    I hate it when I don’t get enough sleep. Feel crappy pretty much all day long. Oh. (thinking to self) maybe that’s what happens to me every single day at work…
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Enough =-.

  5. Amy

    I know what you mean about not sleeping well and then having the munchies the next day – I get this too. I always think my body is trying to compensate for being tired by taking in more calories to have additional energy, and it is hard not to give in.
    By the way, an open sandwich with egg on it is called an “uitsmijter” here – and yes, we eat it with a fork, too!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Crazy =-.

  6. Fran

    When I don’t sleep well I want to eat all day too. I think you did great on not snacking too much and today will be a much better day, I’m sure.

    I love seeing pets play, Pixie is cute.

  7. South Beach Steve

    I find it odd when I have those days where I can’t seem to get full. I hadn’t thought of that being related to sleep, but I’ll pay more attention going forward.

    BTW, I have always wondered what makes a cat chase their tail. So weird, but oddly entertaining. 🙂

  8. Kim Zepp

    I need my eyes checked – I thought your blog title for today was “SNAKE attack.” Oh, I was so worried you were going to talk about a snake in your flowers. Get me to an eye doc!
    Anyhow, how do you keep your fingers and toes warm enough on a bike ride when it’s only 39 degrees? I have some thin gloves, but it’s still hard to shift with them on.
    As for food, I have been eating NON stop this week! I figured I burned over 4000 cals on Sunday, and can’t stop snacking (my snacks have been big, too – more like meals.) 🙂
    .-= Kim Zepp´s last blog ..Rev3 Cedar Point 703 DONE – Race Report =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      I have a pair of those magic gloves – the ones that look really tiny, but stretch to fit your hand. I wear those underneath my fingerless gloves and can do okay. Sometimes I need a pair of gloves even over that if the temps are in the 30s, but it is hard to ride that way.

    1. Lori Post author

      Hi Jenny – yay, a fellow hot sauce addict!
      I love coffee and do roast my own. Right now drinking some from guatemala, which is one of my faves.

  9. cammy@tippytoediet

    I recognize the day you describe quite well! Those days I do believe I could sit in front of the fridge with a fork and work myself from bottom shelf to top and still feel hungry. I try to be outside as much as possible on those days. So far, I haven’t felt so hungry I resorted to eating dirt or grass. 🙂

    Open-faced sandwich! I knew it would come to me if I thought of something else. 🙂
    .-= cammy@tippytoediet´s last blog ..Who Needs Lean Cuisine =-.

  10. Joanne

    Hope you have the booties to put over your bike shoes. It’s getting to be that kind of whether. Ted got his the other week and wore them today. It seems you can keep your whole body warm except your toes. Those cycle shoes have a chill affect.

    Love the blueberry bagel. Good choice.
    Pixie…. what a card!
    .-= Joanne´s last blog ..Obstacles and Fettuccine with Basil Pesto =-.

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