31 miles round trip to India

Saturday is bike day!  I was up pretty early, so I had a piece of toast and pear/cranberry jam.

I don’t want to say that I was waiting for John to wake up because he noted that I seem to write that a lot on my blog.  So, we will just say I was up early, okay?  😉

After a couple hours, it was time for breakfast!  Suzie had also sent me some samples of Cacao Bliss.  I have seen this stuff on the internets, but it is not in the stores here in small town USA.

I made banana custard oats and put half of this packet on there.

Can I say that this tastes *exactly* like a melted Mounds bar?  I wish I didn’t know that.  I wonder if I can recreate this at home…  Time fer some ‘sperimentin!

We lounged for quite a while today, as a shorter ride was planned.  Instead of going south towards cupcakes, we headed north for Indian food!  Last week it was to Ireland 😀

It was pretty windy today, but that just adds a nice challenge to a ride.  We got to the lake after 15 miles.  The fall colors are just starting to peep.

There was also a speed boat show going on.  They are noisy 👿

There is always something going on at Lake George.

Not a speed boat:

Do we look hungry here?

Yes – it was time for lunch.

A Taste of India.  We had a 20% off coupon (I loves me a bargain).  John had the tikka kabobs (which arrived totally sizzling and drool worthy).

I had the aloo matter – which is a potato and pea dish with other veggies in a tomato based sauce, which seemed a bit creamy.

With rice – and yes, I ate a lot more than this 😀

Delicious!  We were talking to our server and he seemed really amazed that we would bike 30 miles in a day.  It’s funny when you become an endurance athlete (yes, I am going to go ahead and call myself that!), the idea of far distance gets really skewed.  I was standing up when I was talking to the server and he sort of gave me an up and down look a couple times.  The old me inside assumed he was thinking “Really? *You* can ride 30 miles?”  Of course, I really have no idea what he was thinking at all and it isn’t my business what he thinks of me.   Funny how old hurts and feelings just never really go away.

There was also a little craft show going on here.

A booth was selling fudge, which had a big line.  And those blasted sugared nuts!  Those are like kryptonite to me, and then John says they were really priced reasonably.  However, I did not partake in any.  Hooray for me!

That’s cause I knew I was getting something later.  We headed on down to our next stop, which was 10 miles later at the library!

Like I need any more books out.  I had 7, now I have 8. 😳

Then we walked over to the Chocolate Mill.  Lots of lovely desserts in the case.

I ended up choosing a carrot cake cookie because it was on the smaller side.  After all, we were only slated for 30 miles today LOL!

Tasty!  With a cup of coffee on the side.

Then it was to home.

Ride stats:

30.5 miles

Top speed 22.9 mph

Avg speed:  12.7 mph

Calories burned:  949

It felt really good to ride today.  I wasn’t even tired when we got home.  There are only a couple months left of biking weather, if that.   I think I am going to buy one of those indoor trainers to put my bike on for the winter time.

Stay tuned on Monday morning for a review and giveaway!

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20 thoughts on “31 miles round trip to India

  1. suzanne

    Sounds like an awesome ride!!
    I knew you’d like that packet 🙂 It would almost be like the homemade nutella i made this week with some coconut in it.
    Hope you and John have a great day.
    .-= suzanne´s last blog ..Weekly goal update =-.

  2. Fran

    Don’t you bike during winter because of rain/snow or because it’s too cold?

    Girl you go all around the world on your bike trips, India this week. I love the food and love the desserts even more.

  3. Jan

    Hey don’t rip yourself off for the extra mile you odometer says you did.

    I would love if you could recreate the bliss. It is nowhere to be found around here either.

  4. Dawn

    I loved the almond butter Suzi sent me and because of you and her I ended up making some chocolate almond butter of my own. It was yummy though I’m sure yours is better. Maybe next time I will add some coconut to it, mmmm. Way to go on the great ride. Mike and I love Indian food but boy we can eat to much there for sure lol. Last time we went we let the owners son (our waiter) pick our dinner for us. It was cool trying new things. What you got is something I love there. I love Indian rice pudding too mmmm. Can you tell I haven’t eaten yet after my 12 mile walk? lol Sounds like you guys had a great day. I soo get the thing about those old feelings creeping up when the guy checked you out. But I’m sure he was checking you out lol.

  5. Roxie

    What a great day! Love all your food treats, especially good Indian food. I was shopping for bike gear today and saw one of those trainer thingies! I was also lamenting the pending fall/winter, and while I live in Texas and can ride longer into the year, the lack of daylight through the week will make that impossible. I’ll be interested to see how your trainer works out.
    .-= Roxie´s last blog ..Real Food Wins =-.

  6. Judith

    Thank you for sharing the photos. What a fun day! I really enjoy how you seek an active lifestyle. Instead of taking the car, take the bike!

  7. debby

    I am envious of your wonderful bike rides and adventures. I hope that I will have time to do some of these things once I retire. But I will always have to drive somewhere to find a safe place to ride. I’ve seen a biking club in the area, though, so am hopeful.
    .-= debby´s last blog ..The Other Side of Weight Loss =-.

  8. Charlotte

    Been lurking for awhile and finally am posting. Okay, like everyone said, I think the waiter was checking you out. Also, as someone who is a complete newbie to exercise, the idea of riding a bike 30 miles is amazing. The guy was probably thinking that too (and judging by the pics I’ve seen – wondering how you could ride that much and still look so fresh!) Love your blog.
    .-= Charlotte´s last blog ..Epiphany at the Chocolate Lounge =-.

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