Fall ride and more cheese, please!

Happy Thursday!  It was a really nice fall day today.  I knew I had a bike ride planned for later after it warmed up, so I got up and made some warm brekkie and coffee.

This is Almond Joy Oats:

These tasted so good to me.  I also burned my tongue on them because I was impatient.  Ooops. 😳

I worked really hard this morning and was able to finish up one of my jobs by lunch time!  I debated on what to have (while I nibbled on peanuts) and ended up with the tuna:

I checked in with the other job and it was really slow, so I figured I would get my ride in after lunch before the rains came.  I had a quick snack:

Then went out for a 13-mile ride.  My goal today was to have a relaxed ride and enjoy the colors.  This was a ride along the canal. Join me, won’t you?

One of the signs the season is over:

Can you tell I was loving this ride today?

Sometimes is is just so nice to go out and not worry about how fast you are going or how far you are going and just enjoy the moment.  My legs felt so good during this ride.  Goes to show that lifting really can make you tired on a low level all week.

After I got back, John made lattes and I paired it with a balance bar:

And I had to get back to work… booooo….

We tried to register for the duathlon online and found out it was closed.  It was supposed to be open through tomorrow – so I don’t know what is up with that.  I hope they aren’t full (which would be really, really surprising).  I have a message in to the Towpath people to make sure we can still  register on race day, but have not heard back.   We don’t want to show up early Sunday and find out we can’t register.  Regardless of whether we do that specific duathlon or not, I am going to do the distance on my own this weekend  if it is not open.  I’ll keep you posted.

John cooked up some pork burgers for dinner with some Cabot cheese.  Cabot sent me samples of a new cheese that will hopefully be in stores soon.  These are new products and I am honored that they gave me samples before they hit the market!  I love Cabot reduced fat cheese and this will be the new product:

Individual snack size.  I am actually not that big on all the extra packaging material, but the nice thing is that these are portioned out (like string cheese), so a block of cheese won’t get all dried out.  Not that we ever have that problem…  There are non pepper flavors, too – I just love the heat!

All melty on my burger:

Cabot is really the only low fat cheese that melts and tastes good.  I have been on the cheese wagon this week LOL!

Tonight is Project Runway and some quality time with John and the heat-seeking lap missile.

Pink item of the day:

The Breast Cancer Site
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18 thoughts on “Fall ride and more cheese, please!

  1. A Sparkle A Day

    WOW Lori! what a beautiful ride…THANKS for taking us along.
    and have you posted how to make that almond joy oats???? that sounds perfect this week!

    I found a knitted pattern for tiny candy corn. I thought of you. I think I might try and knit a few. cross your fingers!!!!

    and good luck with getting registered. I hope you can compete! You’ve worked so hard getting ready but I love your attitude on it!

    Have a great night! I’ve got some YOGA on my agenda still..Can’t wait!
    .-= A Sparkle A Day´s last blog ..How to cook dinner while you are at work =-.

  2. Ishmael

    Don’t know what looks better — your ride, your food, or your cat! Probably in the end Pixie wins, but only by a whisker! Great photos, thanks so much for sharing. Brings me back to my bucolic country childhood. Love the fall weather when it cooperates. That looked like a ride to feed the soul and the senses; what could be more perfect? I too like the idea of a portion-controlled low fat cheese, as long as I can keep myself from eating all of them at once.
    .-= Ishmael´s last blog ..Run 5k Check =-.

  3. Shelley B

    Thanks for taking us along for your bike ride – the pictures are great, and nothing like we see here…ok, we have ducks, but not the pretty fall colors!

    The new cheeses look wonderful! Hope they hit my stores soon – I love spicy cheese. 🙂

    Weird about the duathlon closing early – probably just a computer glitch. Hope you get in so you can get your t-shirt! 😉
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Wednesday Workout Update =-.

  4. Helen

    One of my bucket list places to visit is the Cabot Creamery in Vermont. How sad is that?

    I will say that I prefer the 50% over the 75% reduced though. I sure hope they are going to make that in their Chipotle flavor!
    .-= Helen´s last blog ..The Best Thing I Ever Did =-.

  5. Fran

    Oh Lori what a beautiful track you had your bike ride. I’d wish I could have rode it with you.

    I hope you can still register for the duathlon, fingers crossed.

  6. Pubsgal

    Oooo, hope you can still register for the duathlon! Maybe there was some computer glitch or something.

    I *loved* your ride along the canal – thanks for sharing it with us! You sure do live in a beautiful place. (Although I probably would have gotten teary, seeing the ice cream place closed for the season.)
    .-= Pubsgal´s last blog ..A Tale of Two Pieces =-.

  7. Jody - Fit at 52

    So LOVED the pics Lori. Thank you! I miss the colors of the season so much! Love fall! Loved that candy corn too! 🙂

    Hey, is that a new Balance bar flavor. I don’t do bars too much anymore between my homemade ones & my homemade cookies.. and BTW, the bars are your protein cookies (the ones with soy protein) but made in to bars since I use whey. I modified them to use more protein powder in them & it works for me! Love them & actually good to know my ingredients.

    And of course you know I love a Pixie pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sent it off to my friend who wants to me a surrogate mommy to Pixie! 🙂
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Happy Anniversary to Me =-.

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