More keyword fun – part 3

It’s been a while since I have done the keyword search on my site.  I love seeing what brings people to my site and there are some doozies!

Number 1 is always “finding radiance”  – which is pretty cool.  Lots of hits from Dr. Oz and Shape magazine still.  Of course a billion hits from pumpkin, NROLW, oats, bagels and biking.

The more unique ones:

addicted to oats – okay, multiple times this has been searched for.  Is this an unknown problem in society??

losapalooza – not sure what this is?

rode my bike, lost weight, ate granola – in that order??

lori – that is pretty nonspecific, don’t you think?

250 calorie breakfast – okay, that is about 1/2 the calories in my normal breakfast LOL!

after lifting is drinking coffee and eating a bagel good for you – I sure hope so!

brussel waffle – ewwwww!

can I have my jury duty cancelled if I am a type II diabetic – I don’t have diabetes, but I did have a jury duty summons.

eating a bagel too fast –  guilty! 😳

finding happiness through fitness –  interesting.

foods that marie antoinette ate – I know she had cake, but did she eat oats and bagels??

how many candy corn are in 15.8 miles – so specific, this really intrigued me. What does it mean?

there is no telling how strong she will become – One of my faves!

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8 thoughts on “More keyword fun – part 3

    1. Lori Post author

      It comes from google analytics. You can use something like and set up google analytics to run. They give you the code to put on your blog to track. It’s pretty nifty, I have to say.

  1. Jan

    Hehehehe…..those just cracked me up! My fav? “rode my bike, lost weight, ate granola – in that order??” 🙂

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