Goblin Gallop roundup.

Happy Halloween! I was up way too early for my Goblin Gallop on Saturday. Finally a race that is about 4 miles from home, so I can sleep in, and I woke up too early. Sigh…

Last pink item of the month! My jammies 😀

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I made up a pre-race breakfast of banana custard oats topped with PB and blueberry jam.

With a couple cups of coffee.  It was nice to sit and relax before going out for the race.  I dressed up as a bumble bee again this year!

It was cold, you can see my clenched fists.  38 degrees at race start.

I was going along pretty well and finally got warmed up.  This is the same exact route as last year.  I felt really slow.  Know how that happens?  Same thing with this race last year, and we think the course is a little long because they do 2 loops in the neighborhood and how could that be exactly 3.1 miles?  Anyway – I really pushed it for the last 1/2 mile or so.  I finished in 31:33!  I was so not expecting that time.  Slower than last year, but more than a minute faster than my last 5K.  Yippee!!

Happy finishers:

John finished in 27 something.  So fast!

My mom came out and supported us today:

There were a ton of snacks afterwards.  I took a picture, but it was totally fogged up because my camera was cold from being outside:

I could not resist the candy corn cupcake!

Since today was my only full day off of the week, we decided to go out to Starbucks and have a sit and just chill out:

I just get one of these a week (days off, not coffee)!

We wanted to get some apples at a local orchard, so off to Saratoga after lunch:

We were going to go picking, but it was $6 per person and we did not need $12 worth of apples (we already have some).   But we did get a few.  Check out the giant bins of apples!

Some huge apples, too.  This was in John’s hand:

I like my apples smaller, so I went for the macintosh.  We also had to have a small cider donut:

Delicious and fresh.  Dunkin Donuts has nothing on these! Some man saw me taking a picture of this and said “Taking a picture so you can remember how good it was?”  LOL.  Something like that, I guess.

We bought some local honey:

And then browsed around:

Goose neck squash gave me a laugh.

Then it was home.  I did win the football picks last week, so John took me out to dinner.  I chose Wholey Crepe.  I had a crepe with egg, feta cheese, and bacon:

Very good!  John had a salmon crepe with dill/wasabi sauce, which he did not like at all.  Poor guy.

I like crepes because they don’t make you stuffed, which leaves room for splitting dessert!

Yes, it was that good.  A scoop of chocolate mousse on top of the crepe.  They didn’t charge us for the dessert crepe because John didn’t like his meal.  That was very nice of them!  This place is so tucked away of the main drag that I fear they won’t make it, which would be a real shame.

Saturday night also included pumpkin carving!

We don’t have children, but we do love doing the carving and handing out the candy.  It’ s messy, but fun.

The results?

Hope the treaters enjoy!

Can you believe this was all in 1 day?  I was beat after all that LOL!

Happy Halloween!

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28 thoughts on “Goblin Gallop roundup.

  1. Jody - Fit at 52

    OK, the pj’s are cute, the outfit is cute, the pics are amazing, the candy corn cupcake looks divine along with all the other food, the carved pumpkins – fantastic AND you did amazing in that race!

    What a wonderful day Lori & congrats on the race!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..GIVEAWAY Post Happy Halloween! =-.

  2. Fran

    Well done on the 5K but please tell me you wore pink underwear 😆

    I love the pumpkins! I would definitely trick or treat at your house when I saw that.

    The dessert looks delicious!

  3. Ave

    I love your bumble bee costume and the carved pumpkins. Just wondering where did you get your pumpkin pattern papers? Online? 🙂 I didn’t find it in the local stores.

  4. Ishmael

    You were galloping alright! That’s good 5k time — I hope some day to be able to do that. I’m still a loooong way away from finishing close to the 30-minute mark. The pumpkins are fantastic. Love them.
    .-= Ishmael´s last blog ..HOT HOT HOT =-.

  5. dawn

    Loved all the Halloween fun you had. You look terrific in your bee costume. I love carving those pumpkins too didn’t do one this year though. Glad the race went well. Wow that was a lot of apples.

  6. cindy

    Your pumpkins are awesome. I tried to carve one with a cat on it and it was a disaster, even broke the little carving knife and stabed my finger.

  7. debby

    No I can’t believe that was all in one day! Oh you are making me want to go to Apple Hill!!!!

    Great job on the run–to me that is such an impressive time. And you look fantastic as a bumble bee!

    I just saw your comment over on Lynn’s blog about ‘not wanting to be miserable maintaining a lower weight.’ And had to say I SO agree. I wrote about this tonight, but I didn’t include that reason for choosing to maintain (for now) at a higher weight.
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Quilts and Maintaining =-.

  8. Joanne

    Great job on the race. You look so cute as a bumble bee!
    You’re pumpkins turned out really nice. We weren’t in the spirit
    this year. Ted was able to get out our Mr. & Mrs. Fall people on Sat. but not much more decorating around the house than that.
    I can’t wait until this busy times takes a rest. PHEW!
    .-= Joanne´s last blog ..CNYEats A Taste of Utica Chicken Marsala =-.

  9. stacy

    One question…how can you run three miles + after several cups of coffee! One cup in the morning keeps me close by the ladies room for a while if you know what i mean!

    1. Lori Post author

      I don’t know why, but coffee never bothers me at all. Maybe because I drink it every day, but I also have iron intestines – seriously LOL!

  10. Amanda @ bakingwithoutabox

    Gorgeous pumpkin carvings! So well done. And I love the bumble bee costume. Great job on the race! Foggy food lends a spooky Halloween aspect. And apples! Yay for fresh apples and cider donuts. Wow, I was tired just reading it. What a happy Halloween fun-filled day!
    .-= Amanda @ bakingwithoutabox´s last blog ..Halloween Fun =-.

  11. Helen

    Great job on your 5K!

    Your visit to the orchard looks almost identical to mine at the Cider Mill a couple weeks ago, big apples and all. Except for the crepe. I don’t know why but that dessert crepe is making me want to lick my monitor 😉
    .-= Helen´s last blog ..In the Pink! =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      You don’t know what a cider donut is? It is a donut made with apple cider in it, then rolled in cinnamon sugar. Don’t ever get one, or you will want more…

  12. Pubsgal

    All of a sudden, I’m really glad that the only apple cider mill/donut place I know of is Parmenter’s in Michigan. Yum, yum! (Sounds like Debby knows about one here in California, but it’s probably too far for us to drive to for the day. If it isn’t, well, la-la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-youuuuu-Debby!)

    What a great day! I’m a little jealous that you got out there for a 5K! I blew that this weekend. 😛 Too much other stuff going on. I love your bumblebee costume, too! And I’ve always loved carving pumpkins, though I have to admit I don’t like cleaning them out. I love the fancy design ones; I especially like your spider holding a pumpkin! Bet the treaters loved those.
    .-= Pubsgal´s last blog ..Thanks Quick Update =-.

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