That’s Fit and more on lifting.

Fun Stuff!  I was featured on AOL That’s Fit today!  So welcome to new readers from this as well 😀  It’s funny, I don’t like the title that I ate whatever I wanted.  Remember the Shape Magazine article and the cover that said how easy I lost 110#?  What is up with that anyway?  Maybe nobody really wants to know that losing and maintaining weight loss actually does take work…

Anyway, it is always a little scary to have your story out there in front of thousands of complete strangers.  I always feel like my blog is my home turf and we all can talk about food, weight loss, and life pretty freely.

I headed out to they gym to do my run after I drank some quick protein.  I am not hard core enough to run in the rain.  Especially 35 degrees and rain.  No thank you.  I did 3.5 miles gradually increasing the treadmill from 5 to 6 miles an hour by the end.  An easy progression and I barely noticed it.  If I do the Jingle Jog 5K in December, I might make my goal to get below 31 minutes.

Upon arriving home, I cooked up some soaked steel cut oats banana custard style and topped with cashew butter and fig jam.

My tummy was loving this bowl today.

Settled down to work.  I am very close to leaving one of the part-time jobs and going full time with the other.  Not sure why I need the safety net.  Actually, I know why I keep it.  In the transcription world, accounts can come and go and work can come and go, so I could just as easily have no work at all in an instant with either job.  Such is the world of production work.

I am glad I don’t have to commute in this, though:

Makes it a day for blanket wearing while working.

I had the strangest lunch today.  I thought about a green smoothie to use up more baby spinach ($$$).  I put in spinach, whey isolate, honey, cinnamon, and water in there.  Should have used ice.

This was lame LOL! Watery with spinach chunks at the bottom.  I did drink it down pretty fast.  Savoring and mindful eating? I think not with this drink.

The Luna bar saved the meal, though.

Lisa brought up a question yesterday that I thought I might address here as well:

How did you learn about all these weight lifting techniques? Did you take a class or work with a trainer?

Pretty much all self taught. I read a lot of books and watch online videos and then practice, practice, practice!  Best books out there are New Rules of Lifting for Women and books by Brad Schoenfeld (Body Sculpting for Women, 28-day shapeover). I’ve never worked with a trainer, but I would if I could afford it.  I decided to go ahead and show myself doing moves on my blog because I am just an average person lifting weights.  I get intimidated watching videos of fitness models doing the moves, so I figured other people did, too.  My videos can show all those little bloopers and form issues that happen to real people while working out LOL!  Disclaimer, too, that I am not a professional.

Snack time!  The precious latte.

And a couple dark chocolate mint cups.

Gosh these are good.

Dinner included some more chicken that I cooked up yesterday.  Just fast and easy.  I changed up the brussels, though – I sauteed them with some chopped matchstick carrots for some variety!

I was ekeing out the very last of daylight for this photo.

I had proteinapalooza today – 119 grams!  Should have had that on the lifting day yesterday LOL.  Oh well, it’s all good.

Off to rummage for a snack!

On a business note, there is another foobuzz ad in the side bar.  Let me know if the site causes problems and all that.  My plan is to get the blog cleaned up so it is more streamlined, but I use the foodbuzz revenue to pay for hosting 😀

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30 thoughts on “That’s Fit and more on lifting.

  1. debby

    That was a nice article on you Lori! Yuck on that green smoothie! I think the best way is to make it a fruit smoothie that just happens to have spinach added. Then it is green or brown, but tastes like a fruit smoothie. Oh well, gotta try new stuff, huh.

    Where did you get those mint candies–they do look yummy, and I do like mints.

    And, your dinner looks yummy too. I have been craving chicken today, but I can’t find any in the freezer. I’m pretty sure there is one in there somewhere. Oh well…
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Astounding Oatmeal =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      I kind of like the green smoothie with fruit, but I had already had a banana for the day and didn’t know what else to put in it. I should have done pumpkin. It definitely needed ice, but the weather is too cold for that!

      The dark chocolate mint cups are the store brand. I know Safeway has them and Hannaford. They are soooo good!

  2. Lisa

    Isn’t it funny that the magazine articles take out the best part of the story–like HOW you lost the weight?? My magazine article never really talked about how I lost the weight. Strange!
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Zombies Invade Portland! =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes, they have to sensationalize the story somehow. My story is really rather boring. I changed how I ate, exercised and it took a long time. That won’t sell many copies, I guess 😛

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  4. Heidi

    I completely agree – so many magazines try to glamorize weight-loss. I can’t count how many titles are like “Walk away 20 lbs.” “Tone your whole body in 5 easy moves!” I think they are partly to blame for so many people giving up on their goals. It’s awesome that your blog is a testimony to how much work you actually put in!

    I love the cooking idea for the brussel sprouts. I always steam mine so I clearly need to switch it up!
    .-= Heidi´s last blog ..Stress =-.

  5. Fran

    Love it that you were on That’s Fit Lori, you deserve that as you are such an example, inspiration and motivation to others, including me!

    I like your approach on your weight lifting, it’s how I do my strength too, I use a book, make a copy of the exercises and bring it with me and look, look, look at the gym what others do and your video’s are helpful too.
    We always have at least 2 trainers in the gym and they correct me when I do something wrong which is nice. They can also make a schedule for me but I prefer to do things my own way.

  6. cammy@tippytoediet

    Congrats on the feature, Lori! Exposure is kind of scary, but survivable. 🙂

    (P.S. Imagine my delight when I saw your name pop up in a book on soapmaking I was reading. I had one of those “I know her!” moments and then looked around the library to make sure no one was listening. 🙂
    .-= cammy@tippytoediet´s last blog ..The Low Price of Success =-.

  7. Helen

    The first marathon I ran too me 5:51 (that’s hours and minutes!). FIVE HOURS of that was in the rain, THREE of them in POURING RAIN. I don’t like running in the rain either so I completely get that.

    Congrats on your feature, even if the title is not so good.

  8. deb

    People always want to know how i lost the weight…..until i mention that it was thru diet and exercise…….i almost always lose them immediately. They just want to hear the word ‘magical pill’ or surgical procedure, ……..

    I think the magazine knew more people would read it if they thought it was easy. People just don’t want to hear that they have to change their life not just pop a pill. And its hard! Probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. But one of the things you’ll be most proud of.

  9. Susan @ Home Workouts

    Wow I love that I can cut up brussel sprouts and saute them. I have NEVER thought of doing anything but keep them whole. And that’s no fun! Also, add some fruit and nut butter to the smoothie. That way you won’t taste spinach and you also won’t have to buy protein powder, which probably has more crap in it than you should be drinking anyway. You would also be able to skip the Luna bar, which also has a ton of nastiness you really shouldn’t eat. Thanks for the brussels tip!
    .-= Susan @ Home Workouts´s last blog ..Awesome But Healthy Chocolate Fudge Recipe =-.

  10. Ishmael

    The AOL story is great — I kinda got a sense of how you lost the weight (counting calories, working out) but then again maybe I filled in the backstory a bit without realizing, since I already read your blog. But it was great, either way! I also noticed something I hadn’t seen before on your before/after pics — how tiny are your forearms and wrists! Wow. It’s not an area most people focus on, I guess, but it caught my eye and I suddenly got a new perspective on how much of a difference your weight loss made in your overall size. Such a feat! It is amazing, and you are right, it’s very important for people to hear about the work you do to keep it off.
    .-= Ishmael´s last blog ..Words You Dont Want in Your Vocabulary =-.

  11. Biz

    That’s so exciting Lori! I’ll go check out the article!!

    Hope you have a great weekend, and btw, the buffalo powder I bought was brazen buafflo blue cheese seasoning! 😀 I laughed at the thought of actual “buffalo” powder!
    .-= Biz´s last blog ..My name is Biz and I am Obese =-.

  12. Jen

    They take out the hard work and dedication, because unfortunately people don’t want to read that. They want to think it will be easy, but it’s NOT…not at all!

    .-= Jen´s last blog ..November Goals =-.

  13. Pubsgal

    Woo hooo!!! Glad to see that story, Lori! But ugh, you’re right, what a misleading title, although the article is a bit clearer on “whatever she wanted” means. I, too, would rather have a tiny gem of mini-cupcake perfection than an entire grocery store cake.

    And d’oh! I should have tried making custard oats this morning. Oh well, maybe this weekend…
    .-= Pubsgal´s last blog ..2010 Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Run =-.

  14. Susan

    Yay for being featured on That’s Fit! Although, I have no idea why people are always saying there’s an easy way to lose weight. There isn’t. And maintaining weight loss is MUCH harder.

    I think your lifting moves of the week are fabulous 😉
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Grateful for Cafe Gratitude =-.

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